Today we have started with our favorite nursery rhymes. Children were dancing and singing to familiar songs. Dancing is a great way to improve social skills and gross motor.
Children in nursery love group time. Today we sat to sing some songs followed by very popular book “Never Smile at the Crocodile”. Group time is very effective method of developing social skills, solving tricky problems and communicating.
Right after the group time, children were invited to participate in few different activities. Our older children explored the shaving foam and worked on their sensory skills as well as gross motor skills by running and collecting beam bags. It was a great way to improve listening skills as well as they needed to listen for the sing to go.
Inside, we had a chance to polish our fine motor skills whilst playing with the playdough.
We also continued to prepare for Holi by doing some painting with the sponge and bright colors.
During our free play, some of the children have decided to do some drawing with pencils, whilst Hugo was more interested in building with the blocks.



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