Happy Tuesday everyone!

Upon arrival, the Magenta friends were invited to different activities. For instance, we enjoyed looking at stories with Rosanna at the sofa, meanwhile, some friends decided to play at the sandpit.  At the block corner, Sophia and Amelia expressed their creativity with blocks.

After morning tea, we all participated to the group time and Durshi reminded the Magenta Room rules and how to be responsible for our belongings. Today our teachers choose two friends for the “caught good” award. Elliot and Matilda R got to choose their awards from the lucky dip.

Durshi said today is world Water Day and she explained the importance of clean water for a healthy life. She said we use water every day of our lives and it is required in almost everything we do. We need water for drinking, bathing, cooking, washing, and other countless activities. Then we discussed how we get water, how to save Water and how to avoid water pollution. We were divided in to three groups with Komal, Rosanna and Daniel. We read books and discuss further about World Water Day.

Then it was show and tell time and many friends happily participated in show and tell.

Amelia: “This is my bunny, and it has a ribbon on his neck, so I won’t lose it”

Elizabeth R: “Eddie gave this card to my daddy for his birthday, mum bought it”

Chloe: “It is a gift for my baby brother’s birthday”

Henry: “This is special because I like Dinosaurs, mummy bought it”

Poppy: “My cousin James gave this to my third birthday”

In activity time, we were invited to make a swan, an activity abo

In self-selected activities, we enjoyed drawing, dancing, Legos, keyboards (pretending at work in office) sand pit and lots of physical actives. The self-selected activities allow us to reflect our self-identities as well as our sense of agency is promoted.

What a beautiful day and see you all tomorrow.

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