Good day Magenta Families,

It was beautiful weather in the morning and had a very lovely time in the yard, basking in the sunshine. Henry, Sophia E, Thomas, and Violet helped Durshi and Daniel to clean the yard and setup activities. Working in the garden can heighten all senses in us. We can feel the dirt, flowers, leaves, and seeds, see the vibrant colours and sizes of plants, hear leaves rustling, smell the flowers.

After morning teatime, we gathered on the mat for our regular morning group time with Durshi discussing how to be responsible for our own belongings and to discuss Magenta rules.  Then we were split in to three groups with Arturo, Komal and Rosanna.

At show and tell:

Elizabeth (Book): “It’s about a bus, it has three wheels, Mummy bought it for me, A monkey, lion, hippo, and a giraffe sitting on rain drops.

Isla S (Doll): Mummy bought it for me and it’s a barbie, her dress is blue.

Isla H (Book): I want to read the book, my mummy bought it, It’s about superheroes.

Alison (toy): A butterfly but is red and has two wheels, it has lots of colours.

Ethan: (It’s a ball), my dad bought it, I take it to bed with me.

Matilda: It’s a puppet, she sleeps with me.

Following the morning group time, we spent learning centre time in groups. During learning centre time, we were invited to many activities with our teachers. Arturo invited us to do stamping, Daniel invited us to make a rain cloud and Durshi invited us to learn about water pollution and marine life.

We enjoyed all sort of gross motor activities in the yard including running in the yard, climbing small trees, balancing on our play equipment etc.

In self-selected activities, we enjoyed drawing, Legos, sand pit, car corner, home corner and the zoo. The self-selected activities allow us to reflect our self-identities as well as our sense of agency is promoted.

What a what a wonderful Wednesday. See you tomorrow.


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