Happy Friday everyone! We have had a very fun day learning lots about fruit and helping to make a lovely banana smoothie!

The children gathered round the table to talk about what they would be doing today and how to be safe when cooking! We talked about the different ingredients that we would be using in our smoothie today – banana, milk, yoghurt and vanilla extract for extra tastiness!

Everyone took it in turns to help Nita cut the banana and add the milk and yoghurt to the blender to mix it all together. It made a loud noise!

Then we tasted our fantastic smoothie and everyone agreed that it was “delicious” and that they “love banana”!

Cooking or making food with children is a great way to encourage them to try new foods and enhances their motor skills, language and scientific thinking!

The rest of our day was spent doing puzzles, reading books, playing outside and using our binoculars to spot bears and other things like birds and aeroplanes!

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