It’s Monday! Welcome back to the start of another week in the Aqua room 😊 We have lots of fun activities and learning experiences planned around the children’s interests this week!

Today the children had a lot of fun outside! The rainy weather held off for the day and we practiced yoga outside!

Nita created a wonderful ‘Bear Hunt’ experience for the children with a sensory tray. Everyone was so excited to sit down and use the binoculars on the bear hunt. They talked about the tall wavy grass, the thick mud and the dark cave!

We then painted our own binoculars to use later on that day (and for future use) on our bear hunt! The children love to follow each other around the garden singing “We’re going on a bear hunt! We’re going to catch a big one, I’ve got my binoculars, I’m not scared!” They used their gross motor skills, imagination and language to “Swish” through the tall grass, “Squelch” through the mud, “Splash” through the river and “Step” through the cave!

Today, we had a lot of fun helping to make the playdough, building towers and reading books!

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