Welcome back to another lovely week in the Aqua room! We are starting off the week with some fabulous weather for outdoor play, and that means learning about putting on our sunscreen and hats!

We had a lovely morning of yoga in the shade of the trees and the children were excited to move their bodies to kick start the week! We practiced our favourite poses; butterfly, snake and downward dog!

With Easter coming up very soon, the children have started to learn more about the holiday by reading ‘Spot’s First Easter’ and helping him to find the hidden eggs. Today we talked about Easter eggs and used paintbrushes to decorate some polystyrene balls to look like beautiful Easter eggs!

Later we used our fine motor skills to glue and stick different coloured tissue paper onto our own Easter egg. The children were engaged for a long period of time using the glue sticks and picking out little pieces of paper one at a time to stick onto their eggs.

What a lovely day we have had exploring the garden, building towers with the big wooden blocks and the duplo, painting bunny rabbits and solving big floor puzzles!

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