It’s Thursday! Unfortunately there has been no change in the weather so we have spent another day indoors. But that’s ok because we always have plenty of fun activities and learning experiences to do!

We started off our day with group time! Today the children really wanted to read our favourite Spot book and interact with the puppet! We always give him a cuddle, some high fives and sometimes even a kiss! We see if we can wave Hello like Spot, or clap our hands like Spot and touch our nose like Spot before tucking him into his house and singing ‘Twinkle, twinkle’ to help him sleep!

Puppets are a great way to encourage social interaction, empathy and care!

We continued with our Easter craft by using glue sticks and coloured paper to decorate an Easter egg!

We found a very big piece of cardboard and sat together to complete a big group drawing! The children had fun making marks on the paper and recognising different coloured crayons!

The children have also explored the play dough today! We used our hands to roll the dough into a long snake and then used the knives to chop it into smaller pieces! 😊

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