Hello, Crimson families. Monday, the start of a new week!  Children looked very happy to see their friends and played nicely with them.

In the morning, Adeline was seen as a teacher, talking to India and Isabelle K. Adeline asked them what they did over the weekend and after, she read a book for them.

For learning centre time, Platypus and Possum groups engaged in activities on decks. First, they were asked ‘What are your interests?’ and ‘What topics would you like to know more about?’, Belian and Oscar said ‘Sea animals.’, Nicky said ‘Shark’, Thomas HP said ‘Dinosaur’, and Adeline said ‘How babies are born.’. As Several children seemed interested in sea creatures, we decided to look at graphic books together. After that, children were invited to draw sea animals while referring books and models.

In the room, another group of children listened to the story ‘The magic hat’ by Mem fox. They seemed to like the story very much and listened intently. After that, children worked very hard to create art piece inspired by its story. They reproduced a page from a book by pasting stars on black paper. Various coloured stars were pasted on so it turned out to be a very colourful and lovely piece of work.

The children had a very creative day, today!  See you next tomorrow.

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