Bubble play is the best way to start our day, so fun but also beneficial. Chasing bubbles-crawling, walking, reaching, climbing- and trying to catch and pop them helps children strengthen muscles and develop gross motor skills.
We love group times with Jasmine. She always introduces new props and toys to us during her group time. We learn new words in different languages, we practice our fine motor skills and explore sensory baskets which helps us to enhance our imagination.
Nursery children loves music and enjoy dancing with their peers.
Our little ones had a great time playing in the sand. Playing in the sand is terrific for developing motor skills, building hand-eye coordination and strengthening muscles. It also helps children learn about textures and develop fine motor skills.
Ella and Chloe loved pushing the cars on the play mat whilst our youngest ones explored the yard and sensory baskets.

Have a great afternoon everyone and see you tomorrow! 

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