Another great day spent in the Magenta room, and we were thrilled to see Donna is back this morning from her holiday. We started our morning with lots of indoor play today. Molly and Pasha started their morning playing with potato family while Teresia and Alison were pretending that they are going for shopping to buy books and cloths. Noah, Elliot, and Matilda were playing at the doctor corner and Dr. Noah and Dr. Elliot were treating a sick patient (Tilly). Pretend play helps us to increase language skills, increase vocabulary including expressive and receptive skills. Outside in the sandpit some were busy playing with cars, and some were working on their baking skills.

After morning tea, we gathered for our usual group time, and we had a little chat with Durshi about how to be responsible as a big Magenta girl or a boy. Then we were divided in to three groups with Donna. Komal and Rosanna. We talked about our weekend and then read few books together.

At Show and tell:

Matilda: “My mommy gave money, and I bought the Dr. Emma book. It is about a hospital”

Molly: “I like this dolly. My mum gifted it to me. I like to play with her hair. Dolly’s name is Elsa”

Sophia: “This is a dinosaur egg. A big dinosaur is inside the egg. I bought one for me and one for my sister”

Alice: “I like beach. I went on holiday with granddad and Anna, I played with sand and made a sand cake”

Teresia: “This is a fish, I can squeeze this, it can swim in the water”

Rory: “This is an aeroplane. It came from my holiday”

At literacy group time we were invited to many activities. Sandra invited us to paint a pig and Durshi invited us to wash and drain rice. She said we can help our families to prepare rice for cooking next time. Sensory play encourages the development of motor skills.

In self-selected activities, we enjoyed threading, colouring, cutting, sand pit, Legos, home corner and blook corner. The self-selected activities allow us to reflect our self-identities as well as our sense of agency is promoted.

What a wonderful Monday.

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