Welcome Magenta families, Today the Magenta explorers started their morning of with many new and wonderful indoor activities. The home corner is always a big hit and today was like no other. Isla, Chloe, Charli, Chelsea, and Alison cared for the dolls. They made lunch for them and patted them in their bed. Rory, Jack, Salvador, and Noah were very busy at the car corner with their favorite car tracks. William, Alice, Cassidy, and Sophia B was getting creative with logos at the Lego corner with Soni.

After morning tea, we all gathered on the mat for our regular group time. Today we had three groups with Komal, Durshi and Carolina. We practiced the new “How are you” which we learnt on Monday and then read few books followed by a quiz time with Durshi.

In learning center time, we were invited for may activities with our teachers. Most of the friends really enjoyed the measuring activity at the table which Donna setup. They used their hands to feel, measure and fill into containers. They loved the feel, and it was a great way to engage everyone in sensory exploration. We continued the same “Go blue” craft activity from yesterday with Durshi. Isla, Elliot, and Violet were trying to advance their scissor skills on the cutting table while Iyla and Charli were making shapes using play dough with Donna.

In show and tell, Sophie talked about her ballet dress and Isla talked about her toy.

Another great day at Magenta. See you all tomorrow.

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