Welcome Magenta families, today we have had a wonderful start to this beautiful day with different indoor activities. We were so excited to choose songs from the iPad, dress up in our favourite dance gear and move the body to rhythm with our teachers. While some of us dance to our favourite tunes, others were busy building roads and tracks with different blocks. At home corner, some were busy making food and patting the babies to bed.

After morning tea, we gathered for the morning group time with Donna, Komal and Daniel. We talked about the weather, days of the week and the we had a discussion about easter.

At leaning centre time, we did an activity with Komal to make different colours on a foil using basic colours. With Caroloina we decorated Easter Bunnies and with Daniel we made easter eggs.

Throughout the day we loved joining in with painting, reading books, drawing, and dressing up. We used our problem-solving skills to solve puzzles and match animals. It’s been a very fun day indeed!

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