Hello, Crimson families. It was another day of blustery weather, but the children came to the BBC in full energy!!


After morning tea, all the children gathered in Crimson yard to celebrate Kruti’s birthday. Children with siblings in other rooms were also very happy to see them. We are so impressed with how nicely they sat on the mat and also, they used their big voice to sing a Birthday song. Well done, Crimsons!!!

At learning centre time, children were divided into two groups and engaged in group time.

In the room, children in Kookaburra and Koala group extended their interest in the story ‘The magic hat’. They had a great discussion about what they would do if they could use magic. One child said he would get superpowers and become a superhero who would defeat the bad guys, while another said she would magically produce a lot of sweets and eat them all. Good on you all for being so imaginative!!!!!! After discussion, children were invited to use their creativity to create the art pieces. They used watercolours and eye droppers to colour the paper.


On the deck, Platypus and Possum group were busy exploring all the learning spaces. Construction is always hit. Children used their imagination to build car spaces, houses and castles with magnetic panels. I the other table, Thomas, Liam and Jack worked very hard to complete puzzles. When they struggled to find a piece, other children were also happy to help them.


The children had a fantastic day. See you tomorrow!



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