It’s Tuesday! We have had a super fun day making Easter baskets and learning all about oranges!

We started off our day with group time and yoga – part of our morning routine! The children gathered round and made a lovely circle by holding each other’s hands before sitting down. Together we listened to our favourite stories and sang lots of songs.

After, we moved our bodies on the yoga mats to encourage gross motor skills, balance and coordination. The children love to show off their yoga poses and enjoy joining in with our yoga ABCs, where we do a different pose for every letter of the Alphabet!

The children have been busy learning all about healthy food! We have started with fruit 😊 We encourage the children to eat fruit with every meal in the Aqua room and slowly we will start introducing the children to new fruit! Today we looked at oranges!

The children sat at the table and told Nita and Robyn how much they like oranges! We cut them into segments together and tried some. Nita and Robyn showed the children how to make a funny monkey face with their orange – Everyone tried it out and we laughed a lot!

Then we used our hands to squeeze the juice from the oranges for us to try! It was delicious 😊

The children are learning that fruit is a healthy food that is good for their bodies!

We painted some paper with beautiful colours that we will later make into our Easter baskets for egg hunts!

What a great day 😊

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