Hello, Crimson families. Rain, rain, rain, rain every day. By now we’ve almost forgotten what the sun even looked like…….However, the children were resilient to the rain and were in great energy today!


At learning centre time, children in the group who spent time on the deck engaged in this weather-related activity. They first listened to the story through a storybook called ‘Water’. It helped us learn more about where water comes from and why it is important. Afterwards, it’s time to have some fun. The children were invited to a science experiment to make it rain in a small jar. They dropped blue pigment from the top of a jar with water and shaving cream on top of it. They then observed how it passed through the shaving cream, which represented a cloud, and blended into the water. The children enjoyed this experiment so much that they wanted to do it again and again, so in the end, we decided to do it in a large tray instead of a jar.


In the room, another group of children refined their fine motor skills by cutting out Easter eggs with scissors. They cut the curves and jagged edges of the eggs with great concentration and care, trying to cut along the lines. After cutting, they also added patterns with different coloured pens, producing lovely Easter eggs!!


In the afternoon, Ms Sarah came for the Fit and Funky program. Children who signed up for the extra program enjoyed various gross motor activities with her.



Thank you for the fun Thursday. See you tomorrow!


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