Hello, Crimson families. Tuesday is here! We all really love this beautiful weather!!! The children had a great time today, exploring all the indoor and outdoor learning spaces.

Learning centre time was all about Easter-related activities. All the children had the chance to take part in the Egg and Spoon Race, demonstrating their motor and coordination skills. It was very difficult to keep going without dropping the eggs that were rolling around on the spoon, but all the children made it to the finish line. It was lovely to see children who weren’t racing to cheer on their peers. As you can see from the photos, the person who enjoyed this race the most was probably Saige!
After the race, some of the children said they wanted to dance the Chicken dance. In response, Daniel played music and they did the chicken dance a lot of times.

The children who returned indoors took part in activities of their choice. Oscar, Isabelle K and Belian spent a long time arranging the blocks on the edge of the table. They were very focused and cooperative. Adeline invited Alexia and Alanna for storytime. She acted as a teacher and told the story, sometimes with questions. Well done, teacher Adeline!

In the afternoon, we celebrated Henry’s birthday. We welcomed his little sister and sang the Happy birthday song together. Happy birthday Henry and thank you for Chupa Chups!!!!

It was super fun Tuesday. See you tomorrow!




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