Happy Friday, Crimson families. The closer Easter gets, the more excited the children seem to get! They were often seen busily chatting with their friends about Easter. Several children said they were going to the Easter show at the weekend. You guys are lucky!


At learning centre time, children were divided into groups and spent time indoors and on the deck. The group that remained indoors refined their mathematical thinking – numbers, weights and shapes. Children found it very interesting to see the shapes in the mirror. Thomas D spent a long time with the activity trying to make other shapes. Jack and Liam worked together to put objects such as monkeys and numbers on the scales to ensure that the scales were in balance.


On the deck, another group of children enjoyed dancing the chicken dance. They learnt the moves by watching the video clips and by the end were able to dance without having to watch it. It was very cute how they shook their bottoms like a chicken! After that, they went to the yard for observing real chickens. While watching them, the children imitated the movements and noises of the chickens. They were also willing to look after the guinea pig. The Guinea pig looked so happy to receive fresh vegetables and water.


It was another week of fun and lots of learning again. See you next week.


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