Today we started with pretend play. We cooked some delicious meals in our kitchen and served them to each other.

Our youngest ones explored the sensory baskets full of toys. We also made some beautiful friendships today. J

Brmmm Brmmmm… outside children enjoyed time with the cars and the road mat. They were rolling them over the mat. We also roll them down the balancing beam and watch how fast they go!

Children were also invited for a group time with Cindy and Bernice. It is great to see how the children sit and listen so well, looking at their teachers. Their attention spans are getting longer and longer as we continue providing group times.

We also explored the outdoor area, built towers with the blocks and made Easter chicks from our handprints.

During our free play we were catching and popping bubbles with Cindy.


Happy Easter and see you next week!


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