The children enjoyed this sunny day by playing in the yards and doing lots of different activities.

Sushmita invited children to dance. It is beautiful to see the children so happy whilst dancing and exploring movement. They will jump, wiggle, stomp and go from lying down to jumping up (especially to the Scarecrow song). Dancing encourages creativity, movement, balance and spatial awareness.

Group times are always fun and full of interaction with our teachers, Jasmine, Bernice and Cindy. The children love to listen to their songs and explore some of the sensory boxes they have as well as listen to their favourite stories. The older children sing along and younger children often bounce to the songs.

Yoga is always great way to stretch our bodies and enjoy some quiet relaxation time.

Some children decided to spend some quality time in the sand pit. They lovely scooping and pouring the sand and exploring how it moves, making buckets full and then pouring them out to empty them. All these practices are exploring early math concepts such as full/empty, less/more, as well as hand-eye coordination.

Anzac Day is approaching and the children were invited to participate in painting their very own Poppy flower. They used the red paint and net sponge to create their masterpieces.


Have a good day everyone and see you all tomorrow!


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