Today the children had a fun day exploring many all areas in the room. Outside the children are enjoying displaying amazing large gross motor skills as they climbed the stairs to slide down the other side.

Inside Molly held her own group time just like the teacher does.

She told her friends to sit on the mat in a circle and they all could have a turn of the unicorn. Everyone took great direction from her and sat nicely while waiting their turn.

Rosanna came with her wonderful face paints today and made everyone look like bunny rabbits, we are super excited for the Easter Bunny to arrive and brings some chocolate eggs.

With Donna the children made some blue dough and explored it on the boards, they manipulated the dough to make many shapes and enjoyed squeezing it between their fingers.

Rice play has been a big hit last week and some of the children enjoyed scooping and pouring it again today.

As it is the start of nature week, we explored the flowers we find in the garden and made some wonderful nature pictures with them. Eliza said ‘’soft’’ as she stuck it on.

Rory, Noah, and Elliott had a lot of fun working as a team to build a big house with the large blocks.

What a fun Monday and we hope our Mums and Dads did also.

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