Today we started with lovely group times. Jasmine and Cindy brought their bags full of different props. We got to sing “Never smile at the crocodile” and count in Mandarin. It is beautiful to see children so engaged and curious when exploring the bags.

We practiced our fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination by pushing the pop sticks through the holes. Children were giggling and laughing during this activity.

Elijah and Ashwin were enjoying playing on outdoor equipment, climbing, walking and going through tunnels.

With Sandra we got to stretch our muscles and relax by doing yoga. Yoga is a fun way to relax, also it helps children to improve their attention span, is good for balance and increases flexibility.

Ahaan enjoyed building with the blocks whilst Jospehine and Hugh were playing with the farm animals.


Have a good afternoon and see you all tomorrow! 🙂

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