Welcome to another week in nursery room.

Today we have started with our favourite song, Baby Shark. Children were dancing and singing along with their teacher.

Dancing was followed by group time. As it was a rainy-day children stayed together, and we all sat to sing some songs with Cindy and Jasmine.

Babies can benefit greatly from group time. Not only does it introduce the concept of group experiences, it exposes babies to social situations and provides a sense of belonging.

We explored in the yards, played with sensory toys, rode bikes and explored farm animals. Children were encouraged to repeat the names of each animal and their sounds.

The Cubbyhouse was very popular today. Hugh had great fun opening and closing doors whilst Olivia enjoyed walking along the cubby house.

Adaline joined the Emerald group today. She had a lovely day and was very interested in the shakers or pop up toys, exploring cause and effect.

Have a good afternoon everybody and see you tomorrow! 😊

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