Welcome to the Aqua Room

In our 2.5 to 3.5 year old room – the Aqua Group – we understand the children are experiencing a developmental milestone in their emotional development, communication skills, and developing more independence.

We encourage children to have conversations and ask questions and support children’s emotional development by active listening to build on their social skills.

This age group love hands on play materials and experiences, and we encourage them to take increasing initiative in choosing or creating play opportunities. It is important to encourage play, as that is how children learn, and for the educators to join in the play.

We want to know ensure that through strong bonds and relationships, the children feel a sense of belonging and trust.

The children develop along their own timeline and the objective of Burns Bay Cottage is to approach the children as individuals who’s uniqueness is valued and celebrated.

We believe that children’s learning can only be effectively and appropriately supported when families, educators, and the wider community are actively involved in the learning process and work together to form reciprocal relationships. The children at this age love to share special things about themselves, so facilitating these relationships between the centre and home, encourages children’s sense of self, confidence and sense of belonging.