Entries by Amanda

Crimson Daily Diary 30.10.20

We have had a very fun and spooky day! We made Halloween cookies with Amanda! We did zombies, stars, werewolves, and butterflies (for Amanda the Butterfly fairy). We are going to decorate them this afternoon. Gail invited us to make some Halloween crafts! We also did witches brew and making exciting explosions. Tima and Sony […]

Crimson Daily Diary 23.10.20

Happy Friday everyone! We have certainly enjoyed Book Week! It was lovely to see all the different costumes and hear new stories. We started our morning in the yard with playing a shape guessing game as well as a Memory game. We have really shown how much we have learnt this year in the way […]

Crimson Daily Diary 22.10.20

We have continued to enjoy being in the Halloween spirit today! We made some witch faces with Amanda. We showed our excellent cutting, pasting and drawing skills! We had a great time today in Science! We helped to make ice cream! Each group made a different flavour and we used dry ice to help make […]

Crimson Daily Diary 21.10.20

We were excited to make some unique spiders today! We used black paint and put it on our hands. We then put it onto the orange paper and made some spiders out of hands. We also made its home and gave it a web. We liked checking out the pumpkins on the paper and used […]

Crimson Daily Diary 20.10.20

Today, we made some spooky bats with Tima and Sony. We liked using the oil pastels on the black paper as the colour really stood out! We also went searching through the  “spider eggs for some hatched spiders.” With Gail, we used the scoopers to fill up the beakers with rice and used the magnifying […]

Crimson Daily Diary 19.10.20

Today, we have started book week off to a lovely start! We had so many wonderful dress ups and special books brought in! It is lovely to see the children have such a strong love for literature. With Tima, we drew pictures from our favourite stories that we listened to at group time! Shoko really […]

Crimson Daily Diary 16.10.20

It was so lovely to see everyone engaged and enjoying their Friday! We did a great job challenging our skill set at Tennis! We continued to show our excellent gross motor skills as we try new drills. Sony invited us to look in the mirror and complete some self portraits. We really enjoyed this activity […]

Crimson Daily Diary 15.10.20

It has been a very busy and engaging day! With Sony, we drew our interpretations of the paintings. We then described what our drawings are. We have continued to show our clever thinking as we talk about our pictures. We continued working on our spiderwebs with Shoko today. We made little spiders to add to […]

Crimson Daily Diary 14.10.20

We were excited to play with Gail’s insects today. We loved making homes for them using the tubes and engaged in some lovely dramatic play. We also showed excellent turn taking skills as we did this. Shoko continued on with making her spider webs. We added yarn to our sticks to make them look more […]

Crimson Daily Diary 13.10.20

We continued to work on our Halloween spirit today! We continued to make jack o lanterns with Amanda. We also made some witch paintings with Arturo and spider webs with Shoko. These tasks all challenge our fine motor skills. We loved playing with Gail’s spooky castle and other Halloween toys. We also enjoyed pretending there […]