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Crimson Daily Diary 23/3/22

Welcome Crimson families, Wednesdays are getting better every week with adventure and fun learning experiences. We had a big group of children in the morning who were sharing their ideas and thoughts about whole day. We discussed about routine and few new ideas to change in the crimson room. The News Time involved with cultural […]

Crimson daily Diary 22/3/22

Welcome Crimson families, Tuesday morning started with stretching and yoga with children. Tima taught children how to stretch body and keep the body calm. The yoga was followed with morning tea and discussion about harmony day. The News Time topic involved reading book about culture, equality, and respect for every culture. We also read about […]

Crimson Daily Diary 21/3/22

Welcome Crimson Families, great start of the week with  harmony celebration in the crimson room. Children were dressed in their cultural clothes and discussed about their cultures. The News Time was extended with cultural diversity. We learned  lots of things from Holi , St Patrick’s Day and harmony day. Children interacted with each other in […]


Crimson Day Book 18th March

Welcome Crimson Families to another lovely Friday with children talking about diversity and harmony day celebration. The early morning started with music and dress up talking about different cultures and celebration of festivals. Children  were involved in interactive conversation with teachers about whole day leraning plans. The News Time involved extending diversity topic. Kruti was […]

Crimson day Book 17th March

Welcome Crimson Families, what an amazing day  with so many things to learn and have fun . We had a special guest (Liam’s Mum)  who came in crimson room to explain about St Patrick’s Day. She also showed Liam’s passport from Ireland and shared stories in the group time. All teachers and children were really […]

Crimson Day Book 16th March

Welcome Crimson Families, what a beautiful day with so much of fun learning activities. The early morning routine started with yoga and stretching among children. The yoga involved controlled body movements and interacting with peers. The News Time involved having discussion about clean up Australia project and sustainability. Children were sharing their ideas with each […]

Crimson day Book 15th March

Welcome Crimson Families with anther day of adventure and learning activities. From early morning, we were discussing about recycling and cleaning up the environment. The early morning routine started with yoga and physical stretching. Children were handling their body movement and following the lead of educator. The stretching also involved helping each other for holding […]

Crimson Day Book 11th March

Hello, crimson families. Welcome to another fun learning Friday  in crimson room.  We continued with sustainability project and encouraging recycling resources. After, children were divided into their learning centre group for more activities. In the room, children worked very hard to refine their literacy skills. First, they took part in a matching game using cards […]

Crimson Day Book 10th March

Welcome Crimson Families, another great day spent in the crimson room. Early morning in the crimson room started with cleaning and discussing about sustainable use of resources. The News Time involved use of digital technology(iPad) to give brief ideas about world situation on recycling and its importance for future living. Children showed deep concerned about […]

Crimson Day Book 9th March

Welcome Crimson Families, early morning started with music and movement activities. Children showed huge improvement on matching rhythms and beats. The collaboration of school and crimson children in music is working really well. The News Time discussion continued with cleaning the environment and sustainable use of resources. We interacted about colours of bin and categorized […]