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Crimson Daily Diary 19/ 07/21

Happy Monday everyone! With the current lockdown situation in the community, we have been missing some children but the Crimson team have been trying our best to keep the spirit up for the children and make everything as normal and fun as possible. In the morning, Nicky and Laura shared their news with the group. […]

Crimson Daily Diary 09/07/21

Welcome Crimson Families! It was a cloudy day and chances of rain was getting higher so we have maximised our space indoors for different the learning experiences we have planned for today. As we held the news time indoors, it encouraged on developing children’s confidence, increase their vocabulary and improve their communication skills. This week […]

Crimson Daily Diary 13/07/21

Hello everyone! It’s been a beautiful day indeed! The Crimson Group had a great time enjoying the outdoors for some exercises. Nicky, Oscar, Teos and others went to play soccer with Amol whilst others have chosen to explore the cubby house and other equipment in the yard. In the morning, we gathered all the children […]

Crimson Daily Diary 05/07/21

Welcome to another wonderful week here at Crimson! We are in our second week of lockdown, and we have thought about the importance of deepening children’s awareness with the what’s happening in our community. We have followed up on last week’s discussions and shared those information to others who weren’t present then. As we brainstorm […]

Crimson Daily Diary 29/06/21

Good afternoon, Crimson families! Today we have extended discussions and activities relating to our current community situation. As we aim to raise awareness amongst children and also ourselves, we have chosen to share more information about “Coronavirus” and how is it spreading fast. The educators have shared about how coronavirus are easily spread through close […]

Crimson Daily Diary 28/06/21

Welcome to another fun and exciting week in Burns Bay Cottage! As we have been put in lockdown just recently and new restrictions have come up due to coronavirus spread, we thought of having timely discussions about the current situation in our community. The educators had encouraged the children to share what they know about […]

Crimson Daily Diary 23/06/21

We were all happy and grateful that we had a beautiful weather this morning. We have missed spending some time engaging in outdoor games and activities that’s why we have maximised the time today to catch up with those and integrate other areas of children’s learning. Some of the Crimson children have initiated soccer play […]

Crimson Daily Diary 22/06/21

Hello everyone! Today we have started our PT conferences and we would like to thank everyone who came this morning. We will continue it this afternoon and on Thursday. The Kookaburra Group continued working on their “Water Cycle Project”. They have been working on creating representations of animals that live in extreme cold weathers and […]

Crimson Daily Diary 21/06/21

Magandang hapon sa lahat (Good afternoon, everyone). It has been raining for the most part of the morning, but the children were able to maximise the learning spaces to continue learning experiences they started last week as well as directing their own play using the resources that the educators have set up in the morning. […]

Crimson Daily diary 17/06/21

Hola! Our beautiful Crimson Group have had amazing time as we continue activities and discussions about the Ocean and how we can take part in caring for it and for our planet. The Possum Group have extended their experiences about “sustainability” to oil spill in the ocean. Shoko showed them a book to further discuss […]