Entries by Anne

Crimson 11/5/21

Good afternoon everyone! Children had a lot of fun both indoor and outdoor making most of the sunny weather earlier. Max R., Belian, Oscar T. and Imri all helped in tidying up the outdoor area by sweeping the ground and collecting the dry leaves to be put in the green bin in the afternoon. The […]

Crimson daily diary 10/5/21

A wonderful morning to everyone! We hope everybody had an amazing weekend. Our Crimson children started their day by welcoming each other and remembering all the rules that we have made as a group. Children are becoming more aware and also remembers them as we discuss them frequently during group times. They were also encouraged […]

Crimson daily diary 6/5/21

Hello everyone! Our Crimson children surely had a colourful day today creating beautiful artworks for their mums. The koalas created beautiful flower bouquets using their handprints!   Saige explored the colours as she mix them up together discovering the secondary colours and more. Oli helped Shoko in explaining to his friends about the Kodomo no […]

Crimson daily diary 4/5/21

  Hola! Its been raining since this morning but our Crimson children had equally great fun spending some quiet time indoors focusing in different activities. The possums had exchanged ideas and home experiences about mum and their family following a story telling of books about what mum does for us. They have shared their mum’s […]

Crimson daily diary 3/5/21

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! Some of our Crimson children chose to join Sony for a quick yoga session this morning as part of our routine. They have practiced different poses and also followed instruction all through out the experience that encouraged participation, cooperation and also mindfulness.   Our children had also continued creating beautiful arts […]

Crimson daily diary 29/4/21

Hi! Our Crimson children had an amazing day engaging in literacy and numeracy experiences as well as some creative arts, physical exercises and spontaneous discoveries. The kookaburras had listened to the news that Max had brought in to share. He had some photos of his cat and his family and he was very happy to […]

Crimson daily diary 28/4/21

Good morning! Children had a great and busy day today having been involved in different activities from morning until the afternoon Justin and Shane came this morning to do a Science experiment. Children made slime using a solution with borax, glue and food colour. Justin had explained well the steps and the process as well […]

Crimson daily diary 27/4/21

Hola! We would like to welcome the new members of the Crimson family; Jack on his first day and also Leo and Isaac on their first week of transition. We are excited that our little community continues to grow! As we children have shown growing interest on ANZAC and the soldiers, we have continued the […]

Crimson daily diary 26/4/21

Hello everyone! Another great week here in our Crimson community. The possums had another experiment about colours and this time they had used natural resources they found outdoors and pretended to make potions. Archie was very excited that he was able to come up with colour purple. Others were equally excited to have made the […]

Crimson daily diary 22/4/21

Hello everyone! Its been very interesting and meaningful day for our Crimson children as we continue to dig deeper about the ANZAC commemoration. In the morning, we gathered all the children for a group time and they have watched a short video about the history behind ANZAC day and why we have dawn service. Children […]