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Crimson daily diary 24/02/21

Familles bon après-midi (Good afternoon families)! Its been raining all morning but nevertheless children had an amazing day engaging in sensory experiences, literacy and numeracy activities, physical exercises and more. Our children in #59 have been very helpful during the day in setting up the tables for meal times. Tima, Sony and Rosanna have been […]

Crimson daily diary 23/02/21

Buenos tardes familias! Amol took over Shoko’s group and today and the group had fun engaging on activities that were prepared for them by Kay and Amol. Since the children were very much interested with the project regarding multicultural celebrations, Kay showed the group how to make lanterns, and other hands on activities. Jeffrey, Shona, […]

Crimson daily diary 22/2/21

Hello Crimson Families! I took over Gail’s group today whilst she was away and we started our day by greeting each other and welcoming one another. Children had a chance to practice public speaking by talking about their weekend in front of the group and they loved the attention on them. Moving on, as we […]

Crimson daily diary 17/02/21

Hello everyone! We hope you all had a great day just as our enthusiastic children in Crimson. Our day has always been busy for children engaging in a lot meaningful experiences in different learning spaces. Different activities were set up for our younger group in NO.59 and children had a chance to choose in which […]

Crimson daily diary 16/02/21

Magandang hapon sa lahat (Good afternoon everyone)! Our Crimson children had a blast today participating in different experiences. Gail’s group had extended their interest and activity from last week about Chinese celebration of new year. They read a book about making a “Bao” and have carried on through making their own using playdough. Gail encouraged […]

Crimson daily diary 15/02/21

Hello Crimson families! Our children had a great fun engaging in various activities all throughout the day and were able to maximise their time in different learning spaces. Arturo’s group had an interesting numeracy and literacy activities both based on children’s interest and intentional teaching. Children participated in matching numbers using round cards. They have […]

Crimson daily diary 10/2/21

Hi Crimson families, Our children went busy today engaging in a lot of activities both indoor and outdoor. Our younger children had a great fun spending their day doing some creative arts as an extension of their previous discussion about Chinese new year. They also did listen to Chinese songs they learnt previously and practiced […]

Crimson daily diary 9/2/21

Hello Crimson families,   Children started their day with much and enthusiasm. Since yesterday, the younger group have been transitioning to #59 with Sony, Tima and Rosanna. Children were quite happy to move with their friends and are excited to go to the space they are getting more familiar with. Sony, Tima and Rosanna had […]

Crimson daily diary 8/2/21

Happy Monday Crimson Families! Children had a great time engaging in different activities. Our younger group went to #59 with Sony, Tima and Komal and they started to settle pretty well. The educators started introducing the Chinese new year celebration by playing some Chinese songs, sang them as a group and as an extension, they […]