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Emerald Daily Diary 24/5/22

We are all here ready to learn and play with our babies. After having breakfast, it was time to dance!! Polly, was waiting to join her friends and show them some new moves! Thanks Polly! 🙂 After dancing and morning tea, it is time to get ready for Group time! Sushmita brought “Old MacDonald Had […]

Emerald Daily Diary 23/5/22

Hello everybody, how quick the weekend went. Hope you all had a wonderful time with your family. It is Monday and we are all ready to hit a new week. Early in the morning some of our babies were exploring, Isabella and Adaline were having lots of fun before their first nap. Today we were […]

Magenta Daily Diary 23/5/22

Good afternoon, Magenta families,   We hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. Today in Magenta we had such a fun rainy day.   We had to spend most of the day exploring inside but we had lots to do.   Some of the children started their morning off by playing with magnets. They build houses […]

Magenta Daily Diary 20/5/22

Happy Friday Magenta families. What another beautiful day we are having! We celebrated William’s Birthday today and his big brother visited from Crimson to help celebrate. We sang Happy Birthday and gave William 3 claps for his 3rd Birthday!   Just a gentle reminder, please make sure your child has a hat labelled with the […]

Magenta Daily Diary 19/5/22

Good day Magenta families! We had another fabulous day at Burns Bay Cottage with our Magenta friends! Today was lots of fun and we enjoyed heaps of different activities that aim to enhance all areas of development. The morning weather was fabulous for us to play on our new deck area, and we started our […]

Magenta Daily Diary 18/5/22

Happy Wednesday everyone, Today’s weather was a bit cold in morning, so we decided to start our day by doing some activities inside. Donna has set up a rocket ship on the mat where Henry, Chloe, Ethan and Thomas were so involved in exploring. Things like these develop child’s learning and social skills. Later, it […]

Magenta Daily Diary 17/5/22

Good day Magenta families, We had another wonderful day in the Magenta room! Today was lots of fun and we enjoyed heaps of different activities that aim to enhance all areas of learning and development. We started the day with a nice morning tea and then extended on social skills engaging in the diversity of […]

Magenta Daily Diary 16/5/22

Welcome Magenta Families,   It was a warm sunny day so to start our morning we had a play outside. We loved the baby corner which was set up at the new deck area. Eliza, Tilly, Isla and Chelsea were very busy making their babies ready to go to the school in the morning. William […]

Magenta Daily Diary 13/5/22

Happy Friday Magenta families! Today we have had a wonderful start to this beautiful day with lost of different activities. We were so excited to choose songs from the Ipad, dress up in our favourite dance gear and move to the music with our teachers. While some of us dance to our favourite tunes, others […]

Magenta Daily Diary 12/5/22

Welcome Magenta Families, We started our day today with some outside pay in the yard. Elliot, Amelia and Theo were trying hard to keep the balance on the balancing beams while Chelsea, Violet and William were having a relaxing chat in the cubby house. We always love exploring our beautiful yard. After morning tea. we […]