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Magenta Daily Diary 11/6/21

Happy Friday! What a lovely Friday we have had here in the Magenta Group! We had a lovely start to our morning doing some aerobics to warm up our bodies, before heading out for a play in the garden once the morning cool had lifted. The children have started to discuss the cold weather and […]

Emerald Daily Diary 11/6/21

It was a lovely day in the Emerald room! Today there were lots of intentionally planned activities. To acknowledge the importance of the World Ocean Day, the teachers planned various activities that were related to the ocean, and its creatures. We started with the yoga and stretching exercise. The children were encouraged to make yoga […]

Crimson Daily Diary 11/6/21

Today, although still cold it’s nice to see the sun out. We used this opportunity before lunch to find the puddles of water and explore the playground after the rain. The children use their physical skills, balancing, jumping and sliding as they manoeuvre themselves over the climbing frame. Last week was World Environment Day and […]


Magenta Daily Diary 8/6/21

Happy Tuesday! The children enjoyed dancing and singing songs with their educators this morning. During group time, children sang their good morning songs in different languages, and explored letter recognition by looking at the alphabet chart.  As today is ‘World Ocean Day’, we read stories about the ocean and had a discussion about how to […]


Magenta Daily Diary 7/6/21

Happy Monday! We hope you all had a nice weekend. Our morning started by warming up our bodies; we danced to ‘Frozen’ as requested by the children, then went outside to do some running and jumping. During group time, the children sang ‘Good Morning’, and read some books with Tima. They started learning about letters […]

Aqua Daily Diary 28/5/21

Good afternoon dear Aqua families, we hope you all are doing well. Today the children started their day by engaging themselves with indoor activities. Nicholas and Elizabeth did some relaxing Yoga whilst Isabelle started her day by making Babycino’s at the Cafe. Later, our curious minds decided to go on a treasure hunt and dug […]


Magenta Daily Diary 21/5/21

Happy Friday to everyone! Though it was raining this morning, the children were busy inside engaging in different activities such as playing with play dough, tracing letters and playing with cars. They enjoyed their morning singing good morning to each other, as well as singing other rhymes during group time. Sony read a book named […]


Magenta Daily Diary 20/5/21

Good afternoon families! Our day started with yoga and some jogging and jumping, to warm up our mind and body. We sang our good morning song in different languages, the ABC song and talked about the day, month, weather, and date with the help of our calendar. Olivia wore a magenta jumper with a unicorn […]


Magenta Daily Diary 19/5/21

What a splendid morning today in Magenta! Children started their day with good morning songs, ABC and days of the week songs with our educators. During group time Tima read beautiful stories to them as well. The children were excited to see their new “Calendar Learning Board” which was gifted by Isla’s parents. Isla showed […]


Magenta Daily Diary 18/5/21

During group time our children enjoyed their good morning songs followed by learning about numbers, days of the week and the ABC song.  Tima read beautiful stories about rainbows, fire engines and their favourite, the monster book. Isla, Henry, Edward, Emmeline and Georgia were happy doing Yoga with Sony inside this morning as it was […]