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Aqua Daily Diary 22/12/21

SANTA CAME TODAY! The excitement was over and above as we all knew, Santa decided to stop by today. The children and teachers were super prepared from morning to welcome Santa to our room. We made sure we decorated our room Christmassy and had best of our smile ready for the photo with him. However, […]

Aqua Daily Diary 21/12/21

It was a lovely day and all of us were busy participating in both planned and self-selected activities. Puzzle making became one of the favourites in activities for group of children. Children sat in a group as well as individually with the puzzles of their choice. They showed patience and problem-solving skills while completing puzzles. […]

Aqua Daily Diary 17/12/21

We have had an amazing day today. Today we were able to spend more time outside before it was to sunny. We spent almost really good hours outside. Children had so much fun while playing with water. Rupert and Chelsea were enjoying their play while catching the balls with tongs and transferring from one trail […]

Aqua Daily Diary 16/12/21

Hello everyone, almost the end of the week!! Today we have a really hot day so we enjoyed most of our day playing with water, water and more water haha. To start our lovely morning, Sally brought baby Annabel to Aqua room. Eliza and Matilda have been taking so much care of their baby sister. […]

Aqua Daily Diary 15/12/21

What a beautiful day we had today and to help the children deal with the heat we did lots of water play. Poppy enjoyed putting her feet into the water to cool her toes down. Some of the other children watch her and decide to stand in it to. Claire brought some wonderful stamps to […]

Emerald Daily Diary 7/1/22

Happy Friday everyone! We are already one week into 2022 and children are already settled. “Raaaaaaaw”:  shouted Ryan and Nox as they were playing with the dinosaurs. They sat at the table and played for a long time. Dinosaurs are one of the favorite toys here in nursery, especially for the boys. Learning about dinosaurs […]

Emerald Daily Diary 6/1/22

What a wonderful day we had. It is so nice to see children engaged in many activities. With Afroz, children had a chance to hear the stories and engage in sensory experience with felt board. They were also encouraged to share their knowledge of colours and shapes. So many different types of circle times we […]

Emerald Daily Diary 5/1/22

Today we had a small group of children however, they participated in few activities. Dancing is always fun activity with lot of benefits. Children improve their flexibility, balance, spatial awareness and coordination. When a child dances, they learn about how their body can move as dancing uses different muscles than simply standing and walking around. […]

Aqua Daily Diary 14/12/21

What a beautiful day. The children have worked so hard to complete the Christmas Concerts and we have almost all done, one more tomorrow to go. The teachers and I in the Aqua room are super proud of what they have accomplished. It is quite difficult to remember all the songs and moves together, but […]

Aqua Daily Diary 13/12/21

What a beautiful sunny day. It is nice to see the children enjoying most of their day outside and runny around in the sunshine. We have been using lots of sun cream to stay safe. It was also a very special day today in BBC. We had a very special visit from someone in a […]