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Aqua Daily Diary 21/4/22

What a wet start to the day but happy children loved playing in the our indoor space today. We started off our morning doing some quiet and calm yoga as well as some stretching  following bonkers yoga cards .Then we moved to do free play where children engaged themselves making yummy cakes in the home corners […]

Magenta Daily Diary 6/5/22

Welcome Magenta families Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers in the world! What an amazing Mother’s Day we had this morning in the Crimson yard. Thank you to all the Magenta mothers and grandmothers for joining us to celebrate the Mother’s Day, thanks so much to the mums who spend their valuable time […]

Magenta Daily Diary 5/5/22

Welcome Magenta families, Today was a sunny day which was perfect for some outside play.  There was so much laughter in the garden which it was nice to here. In the kitchen, Alison, Teresia, Tilly, and Eliza had lots of fun playing pretend play. They made lunch for each other and talked about playing in […]

Magenta Daily Diary 4/5/22

Welcome Magenta families, Today to start the morning off with, we joined our friends in the sand pit to cook some brekkie. Sophia and Jack were having lots of fun together at the sand pit. At the drawing table Pasha, Isla and Poppy got creative and made many different lines and circles on the paper. […]

Crimson Daily Diary 2/5/22

Happy Birthday Oscar! Today we celebrated Oscar’s 5th Birthday! We sang Happy Birthday and gave Oscar 5 big Birthday claps! We shared yummy Birthday cake at afternoon tea.   Our Environment We enjoyed the beautiful sunshine today! We talked about the environment today and how we need to look after nature so that we have […]

Crimson Daily Diary 29/4/22

Science – Magic Milk Experiment The children love Science experiments and today was no different. We talked about what we were going to do, the ingredients we would combine, and discussed what we thought might happen. We put milk in a shallow bowl, added the different coloured dye and the soap, and … tuddah!!! It […]

Crimson Daily Diary 28/4/22

Group Time Today at group time we read ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’. The tale concerns a shepherd boy who repeatedly tricks nearby villagers in to thinking a wolf is attacking his flock. When a wolf actually does appear, the villagers do not believe the boys cries for help, and the flock is destroyed. The […]

Crimson Daily Diary 27/4/22

Today we continued with preparations for our mother’s day presents. The children extended their creativity and pre writing and letter recognition skills as the children practiced finding letters to form our Mums names. Some children did some threading which was tricky because the beads are small and the string is not solid. Well done for […]

Crimson Daily Diary 26/4/22

Shadows Today we talked about our shadows. Daniel read a book called ‘My Shadow’ and then we made our own shadows. We discussed when we can see a shadow and the concept of light. This was a hands on science activity about light and shadows.   Playdough The children worked together to make some dough today. […]

Crimson Daily Diary 22/4/22

ANZAC Biscuits Today we made ANZAC biscuits. We talked about the recipe and ingredients required, then sat around the table. The children helped measure out the ingredient and add different ingredients to the bowl. We took turns stirring and then placed the mixture on to baking trays. Cooking experiences are a wonderful way to explore […]