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Crimson Daily Diary 23/7/21

Children were excited for Friday morning and ‘Pyjama Day’. All children were dressed in their pyjamas and happy to show off their pjs to their friends. In the group time children learnt about ‘National Pyjama Day’ and why it is celebrated. Children were interacting with each other about their routines when they go home at […]

Magenta Daily Diary 23/7/21

Happy Friday Magenta Family. Today we started our day reading a new book called ‘Annie’s Chair’ by Debora Niland. Through this book, we learnt the importance of sharing. When Daniel was reading the book, he used the illustrations to asked questions to children about the book. It was a very interactive group time. After that […]

Aqua Daily Diary 23/7/21

Good afternoon dear Aqua Family, hope you all are doing well. It was such a fun day today; some Aqua children started their day with discussion about their pyjamas and further they discussed about their night schedule with each other. Alegria “I also brush my teeth and wash my hands before bed!” Celina “I wash […]

Magenta Daily Diary 22/7/21

Today we started the morning with yoga as it stimulates tranquillity. Daniel demonstrated movements with the children based on a book that also contained the alphabet and animals to practice. Before the group time, Alejandra was talking about the pyjama’s day that we have organised tomorrow- Friday. She reminded them to tell parents to bring […]

Magenta Daily Diary 21/7/21

Happy Wednesday Magenta Family, we are in the middle of the week and today we started our day reading a new book called ‘Move Over’ by Cowley. Through this book, we learnt the importance of sharing. When Daniel was reading the book, he used the illustrations and animals to practice numbers and asked questions to […]

Magenta Daily Diary 20/7/21

The Magenta group started their day with Yoga. Alejandra explained the movements and Isla, Isaac, Edward, Thomas, Louis tried to copy the yoga poses! Alejandra introduced the name of animals in Spanish and children had fun repeating those names whilst making yoga poses. Yoga is a great way to encourage the children to participate in […]

Aqua Daily Diary 20/7/21

What a fun Tuesday we had today. The children love to explore and when they do it together they are so cute. Today I heard Claire say to Quinn ‘’lets take our babies on an adventure’’. So cute together! Quinn and Claire also decided they would make snow angels with their bodies in the sand, […]

Crimson Daily Diary 14/7/21

  It was a good weather and children fully enjoyed their day engaging in various learning activities. They were excited to play with their friends and learn through different learning experiences. At the start of the day, Amol discussed with the children about the day. They discussed together and took turns to decide what would […]

Emerald Daily Diary 14/7/21

Good afternoon Emerald families! Hope you had a great day. Today children started their day by engaging themselves in free play. They played with babies, farm animals, wooden blocks, sand pit and drawing.  Free play is important for healthy brain development allowing children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, cognitive and physical abilities. […]

Magenta Daily Diary 5/7/21

Happy Monday to all the Burns Bay families! During the group time Children sang “Good morning song” in different languages and Alejandra welcomed everyone. Then continued recognising the letters of the alphabet and some children requested Alejandra to remind the first letter of their names. Letter of the week is (B) and some children volunteered […]