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Emerald Daily Diary 18/6/21

We started our day in the group time with Ting Ting, Jasmine and Afah. In the group time, Emerald children had opportunities to enhance their social skills by interacting with friends and teachers, as well as developed the language skills by singing and naming pictures. Emerald children made Yoga poses for butterfly, dog, and crocodile […]

Crimson Daily Diary 18/6/21

Today we started the group by having a display about our interest and work that we do at home with our family. Nicholas was the first to show what work does he do at home with dad. He showed his numbers, counting and colouring work. Teos was next in showing his interest in Buckle gun. […]

Magenta Daily Diary 18/6/21

This morning we had a lovely start to of day with yoga. Stretching up high and bending down low made us all warmed up for the cold morning. During the group time, children demonstrated age-appropriate concentrate ion and interacted thoughtfully to the open-ended questions. Children were then engaged in planned activities-matching cards, puzzles decorating crowns […]

Emerald daily Diary 17/6/21

What a wonderful weather today! Emerald children engaged in the group time with teachers, they read stories, sang songs and played with the emotion toys. They had a lot of fun and developed the language skills and social skills at the same time. This weekend is Violet’s 2 year-old birthday! We had a birthday party […]

Magenta Daily Diary 17/6/21

It was very cold in the morning to play outside. So, we stayed indoors until we finished the morning tea. Then we enjoyed playin in the yard before startin gthe learning centre time. During group time we discussed about Magenta room’s rules and responsibilities such as loking after our belongings, packing away toys, keeping a […]

Magenta Daily Diary 10/6/21

Good afternoon families and welcome to another cold winter day here in the Magenta room. This morning we started our day off with some inside activities to hide away from the cold some of these activities were play dough, puzzles, reading stories in book corner, rocket ship activities and home corner imaginative play. After morning […]

Magenta Daily Diary 9/6/21

It was a cold morning where children started their day by playing in the yard with different toys and equipment. They were involved in gross motor skills and learn about sharing toys and taking turns as well. During group time, children learnt about opposite words like big and small, heavy, and light which demonstrated their […]

Aqua Daily Diary 11/6/21

Aqua children started their morning by helping Liza to make castle of the queen and further shared about the number of doors and windows of their house. Isabel “I have two doors in my house.” Alegria “I have 5 doors and 2 windows.” Molly “I also have 2 doors in my house.” Inside, Pasha and […]


Magenta Daily Diary 4/6/21

This morning we had a lovely start to our day with yoga in the garden and had morning tea watching the weather change from cloudy to sunny. During the group time, we sung good morning songs and read stories with Tima. Children have been showing consistent interest in superheros- with Spider man being their favourite. […]

Crimson Daily Diary 4/6/21

After rainy day on Thursday, sun is finally shinning out. In early morning children got to water the plants and fed chicken and Guinea pig. Children were excited to play in the deck and sand pit after finishing their morning tea. Through transition songs, children were called on the mat for group time. On the […]