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Magenta Daily Diary 22.12.21

Good Afternoon our wonderful Magenta families. Today we have had a full day of experiences. This morning we started our day off with  a little discussion group about how today is the day that Santa will be arriving in our Magenta room. We then read the story “Santa is coming to town” and we talked […]

Magenta Daily Diary 21.12.21

Happy Tuesday Magenta Families and welcome to another hot day with us, Today was a very special day for us as we celebrated Charlies big 4th Birthday. Thank you for spending the day with us Charlie and we are so happy and joyful to be sharing your special day with you. After we sang Happy […]

Magenta Daily Diary 20.12.21

Happy Monday Magenta Families and hope this week leading up to your Christmas break is a good one. We are looking forward to spending so  much time this week playing Christmas games and celebrating the upcoming holiday. This morning we spent some time in Crimson as well as inside in the air conditioning hiding away […]

Magenta Daily Diary 15.12.21

Happy Wednesday everyone and hope you are enjoying your week so far. Today we have had a great relaxing morning tea with some activities and some morning yoga. We also spent some time over in the Crimson room in small groups for our transition experience and what a great time we are having. It’s so […]

Magenta Daily Diary 14.12.21

Good afternoon Magenta families and welcome to this hot Tuesday. Today to start off the day we chatted about how the sun is great for our planet to make the plants grow big and strong but we need to protect our skin from the sun rays and that’s why we put on sunscreen multiple times […]

Magenta Daily Diary 13.12.21

Good Moring Magenta Families and hope you are having a lovely start to you week. This Moring we listened to some Christmas music for morning tea and did our Christmas yoga poses and chatted about how many sleeps it is until Santa arrives. Today we also had a wonderful Merry Christmas incursion where we saw […]

Magenta Daily Diary 10.12.21

Happy Friday Magenta families and hope you have all enjoyed your week of wild Sydney weather. We had a lovely week this week decorating our learning spaces for the festive season and we are so proud of all our artwork we are displaying around the room. To start today off we did some morning Christmas […]

Magenta Daily Diary 9.12.21

Good Afternoon Magenta families and hope you got home safely from yesterdays storm, We had a lovely start to our day with some morning Christmas yoga and a group chat about sun safety now the summer months are upon us. We also have begun to chat about making sure we are drinking lots of water […]

Magenta Daily Diary 8.12.21

Hi magenta families and welcome to Wednesday Today we had a great start to our day setting up our room and welcoming our friends as they arrive. It’s so wonderful to see all the wonderful friendships the children have made and as they welcome everyone with such sweet smiles on their faces. Today Justin and […]

Magenta Daily Diary 7.12.21

Happy Tuesday Magenta Families and welcome to another fun filled day of learning here in Magenta. Today we started the morning off with some classical Christmas instrumental music and talked about how the music made us feel. Alannah: I feel like Christmas is coming soon Elaria: And the happy music is making my heart want […]