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Magenta Daily Diary 29th July 2021

Good afternoon Magenta families and hope your day is going well, We started our day with group time where the children enjoyed singing their good morning songs and action songs with Tima. We read our stories and continued on with our discussion about the Olympics and what it means to us to try our best […]

Aqua Daily Diary 29th July 2021

The weather is getting warmer and the children are enjoying our nice sunny and warm days. Alegria started her morning by making some happy and sad faces for Charlotte and mentioned she missed her. Iris, Joey, Matilda and Elizabeth spent their time reading books to their babies. Outside, our chefs demonstrated their good imagination skills […]

Magenta Daily Diary 28th July 2021

Good Afternoon everyone, we had a happy Wednesday!! Alejandra did some Yoga poses with Children, she explained the movements and the children tried to copy them! They are also learning different animals in Spanish. Yoga is a great way to encourage the children to participate in exercise and can enhance their gross motor skills, balance […]

Aqua Daily Diary 28th July 2021

Today was the start of another sunny day at BBC. The weather is getting hot so please bring in a sun hat as the sun has begun peeking in the garden on top of our heads. Elizabeth and Beveen started the morning building and playing with the dinos that were added to the sand today. […]

Aqua Daily Diary 27th July 2021

It is so wonderful to feel the weather getting warmer and the children are exploring lots outside due to this. A small group started the morning off with Katherine walking on the line getting ready for our own special Olympics in the Aqua room. Inside Elizabeth enjoyed becoming the builder and using her fine motor […]

Aqua Daily Diary 26th July 2021

Good afternoon dear Aqua families, hope you are all doing well. Today is passing by so quickly and its nearly the end of July. Hope the restrictions will loosen and life will get back to normal soon. Our early morning started with spontaneous show and tell time where Nishka showed her peers her baby doll […]

Aqua Daily Diary 22nd July 2021

Happy Thursday to all our Aqua families, we hope you are having a wonderful day, as wonderful as all the children are. We were so super excited as there was many new toys and activities ready for us to play and explore today. Outside Donna set up some wonderful play areas for us. We have […]

Aqua Daily Diary 21st July 2021

Today the children had fun exploring some new activities as well as some old ones. Chef Sophia likes to be just like her Dad and make some wonderful lunch for us in the kitchen area. Maya enjoyed exploring the new fire house Katherine has brought to the Aqua group. She also had fun sliding on […]

Aqua Daily Diary 15th July 2021

Welcome to another beautiful sunny Thursday. It has been a warm day today and the children have had so much fun in the garden. There was a lot of laughter and exploring together. Matilda started her morning off with some dough play, she manipulated the rolling pin to make the dough flat, while Elizabeth read […]

Aqua Daily Diary 14th July 2021

Today was a rainy day but that does not stop the Aqua group having lots of fun. First we would like to wish our beautiful Quinn a very happy 3rd Birthday, unfortunately with Covid we could not group all the children together to sing Happy Birthday but at tea time a few of her friends […]