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Aqua Daily Diary 13th May 2021

Hi Aqua families and welcome to another day of Aqua! Today we started our cool morning by staying beside the campfire we made in the garden and made some Marshmallow’s on sticks. Our camping trip was really fun and the children talked about their favorite coloured Marshmallow and how some of them had a Babyccino. […]


Magenta group 12th May 2021

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another day with us here in the Magenta group. This morning we had a lovely start to our day with yoga in the garden and a lovely morning tea watching the weather change from cloudy to sunny.  This morning during group time we sung our good morning and welcome […]


Aqua Daily Diary 12th May 2021

Happy Wednesday to all our Aqua parents. We hope you had a fun filled Wednesday like we had at BBC today. We started our morning off with some dancing. In Aqua the children love to dress up and put on let it go and many other songs to move their bodies to the beat of […]

Aqua Daily Diary 11th May 2021

Good evening everyone and Welcome to Tuesday here with us in the aqua group.  It has been a sunny day today and The children have been exploring all areas of our learning spaces. Story books are always a big hit in Aqua group. The children love to read, today with Nelina there was a group […]

Aqua Daily Diary 5th May 2021

Wednesday 5th May 20201 Welcome to another rainy day in Aqua. This morning we took a chance and went out for a play in the morning since it wasn’t raining. Molly and Iris decided to take all their friends to Zoo on the bus they made on the balance beam and have a look at […]

Aqua Daily Diary 6th May 2021

06/05/2021 ‘Rain Rain go away, come again another day’’. What a beautiful sight watching the children exploring the rain drops. The rain will not stop our wonderful, fun, and energetic Aqua group from exploring outside. Up went the umbrellas as the children laughed while the rain ran off them and into the bucket. It was […]

Aqua Daily Diary 4th May 2021

Happy Tuesday everyone and hope you are enjoying the start to your week. To start off the day we set up the garden area to get a little play in before the rain arrived and we explored our way through the sand pit, large obstacle course, balancing beams and made a garden house before the […]

Aqua Daily Diary 30th April 2021

Dear Aqua families Happy Friday everyone and the close of another wonderful month with is here in the Aqua group. Many Congratulations to Celina, Isla and Nishka for becoming big sisters. We are so pleased to be able to share this journey wit you are we are so proud of the amazing big sisters you […]

Aqua room Daily Diary 29th April 2021

Happy Thursday everyone, Its nearly the end of the week and days past by so fast. We started our sunny day with outdoor play in the garden and some table activities and the sandpit. Celina and Amelia enjoyed riding a car and the digger and pretended to do their respective duties. Leonardo showed off his […]

Aqua daily dairy April 28th 2021

  Dear families, welcome to another adventurous day in Aqua. Our day started with indoor self-selected activities, where Isla and Remi enjoyed having their morning coffee and discussed about the Bluey show they visited yesterday. Similarly, Isaac, Thomas M. and Thomas H. demonstrated their great teamwork and built the road for the cars. The children […]