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Aqua Daily Diary 21.01.2021

What a hot Thursday we are having. The children are using their hats when outside and have been applying sun cream throughout the day. We also have been enjoying stamping our feet in the water trout to keep ourselves chilled in this hot weather. Also, outside the children joined Liza to explore her treasure box. […]

Aqua Daily Diary 20.01.2021

Today to start the morning of the children made a tent in the reading corner, they used cushions to build the fort and sat inside hiding from the educators. Saige and Isla made one on the couch area and loved laughing and giggling as they hid behind it. All the Emerald children are exploring well […]

Aqua Daily Diary 19.01.2021

  Happy Tuesday everyone. Welcome to all our new families to Aqua, we are delighted to see so many new faces and it is so amazing to see the children settling into the room. They are exploring the area both indoors and outdoors. Today the day started off with a bit of rain, so the […]

Aqua Daily Diary 18.01.2021

Happy Monday and welcome to another sunny day! Today we started day by engaging ourselves in the puzzles that allows us to enhance our problem-solving skills and sorting skills as well. Later, children participated in the group time, where children listened to “Piranhas don’t eat Bananas” with Nelson and with Helena children sang morning songs […]

Aqua Daily Diary 15.01.2021

Happy Friday everyone! On this beautiful day, the Aqua explorers started their day off with different activities such as practicing their cognitive and fine motor skills with puzzles, facilitating their language skills through looking at books with Carolina. Interacting with friends at the office table and sofa. Just before learning centre, one group of explorers […]

Aqua Daily Diary 07.01.2021

Happy Thursday everybody! It is nice to see more children are returning from their holidays! On this beautiful morning, the Aqua explorers started their day off with variety of experiences. The girls, Lily, Charlotte, and Adeline were busy patting the babies to sleep. The three pretend mothers danced to some of their favourite songs after […]

Aqua Daily Diary 6.01.2021

Today to start the morning off the children joined each other in the kitchen to cook some breakfast. Henry and Isla were having lots of fun together. At the drawing table some of the children got creative and made many different lines and circles on paper. With Nelson, Evan and Oscar used blocks and made […]

Aqua Daily Diary 05.01.2021

On this sunny day, the Aqua explorer were excited to start their day off with different activities. the puzzle table was busy with children practicing their problem-solving skills. Outside, the explorers were busy building structures with Legos. A group of children practiced their social skills through sharing their special toys from home. Just before learning […]

Aqua Daily Diary 04.01.2021

Happy new year everyone! Hope everyone had a nice relaxing break! It is nice to see everyone back again in Aqua! The explorers started their day off with variety of experiences such as practicing their fine motor and cognitive skills with puzzles, utilising their creativity and imagination in Legos as well as extending their physical […]

Aqua Daily Diary 24.12.2020

On this sunny Christmas Eve, we had quiet day looking at books in the morning with Alejandra. After morning tea, we sang songs with puppets and read some of our favourite stories. For learning centre: We enjoyed building with large wooden blocks and Legos. We had fun splashing water and washing the farm animals. We […]