Entries by Robyn Smith

Emerald Daily Diary 1.4.21

Happy Thursday! The children have enjoyed a lovely day participating in Easter crafts, an incursion and a surprise visit from the Easter bunny! This morning the children had a great time during their group times. Together we discussed Easter, Easter eggs and the Easter bunny 😊 We are all excited for Easter this year! What […]

Emerald Daily Diary 31.3.21

It’s Wednesday! We’ve had another fun and exciting day in the Emerald room and the Easter arts and crafts are underway! During group time, Robyn introduced the children to her new book ‘Spot’s First Easter’! The children love Spot books and couldn’t wait to go on a new adventure with him! Together they opened the […]

Emerald Daily Diary 30.3.21

Tuesday has arrived and we’ve been getting the children excited about Easter! During group times, the children have been reading Easter books and singing lots of songs about rabbits – ‘Hop little bunnies’ is a favourite! We kicked off our day with yoga! With all this talk of bunny rabbits, of course we had to […]

Emerald Daily Diary 29.3.21

Happy Monday and welcome back to a new week in the Emerald room! Today we are celebrating Holi, also known as the ‘festival of colours’! The children participated in various activities last week and today that have helped them to understand more about the world around them! During our group times, the children talked about […]

Emerald Daily Diary 26.3.21

Friday is here! What a fantastic Friday we have had to end such a fun week! Holi is this weekend and we have enjoyed celebrating the ‘Festival of Colours’ together by participating in different activities! During our group time, our educators talked to the children about Holi and where in the world people celebrate! We […]

Emerald Daily Diary 25.3.21

It’s Thursday! We are having such a lovely week and the children are learning so much about different cultures, diversity and inclusion! The children have enjoyed group time with different educators today where they have read books about countries around the world and Australia! We are enjoying introducing the children to different countries and languages […]

Emerald Daily Diary 24.3.21

Welcome to Wednesday! We have had a wonderful day today 😊 The children enjoyed the weather outside and participated in different activities! We have been loving group time this week – the children have been having meaningful conversations with their educators about the world in which they live, different nationalities, cultures and languages! The children […]

Emerald Daily Diary 23.3.21

Tuesday is here! We had such a fun day today and the children have enjoyed learning about the world and broadening their understanding through activities and arts and crafts this Harmony week! 😊 In group time the children have loved listening to different languages from our educators. It’s lovely to explore where our children are […]

Emerald Daily Diary 22.3.21

It’s Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room 😊 This week we are celebrating Harmony week and learning all about cultural diversity from our diverse staff members and families! The message we are aiming to teach the children is that ‘Everybody belongs’! During our group times this week, we will be using […]

Emerald Daily Diary 19.3.21

Happy Friday! The children have had a very fun and sensory day today! We enjoyed different group times through the day where the children engaged in meaningful conversations and stories with their educators. This is a fun part of our day that can really encourage speech and language development! We had a super fun and […]