Entries by Robyn Smith

Emerald Daily Diary 27.7.21

Happy Tuesday! They children have had a fantastic time learning more about the Olympics today 😊 We engaged the children in conversations and discussions about the Olympics during group time. The children loved looking through images of the Olympic torch, the medals and different athletes competing in sports like gymnastics, swimming, tennis and weightlifting! Next […]

Emerald Daily Diary 26.7.21

It’s Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room 😊 We are excited to learn all about the Olympics over the next few months! The children will be able to join in with Olympic themed arts and craft and multiple different sports! We are very excited! Today the children enjoyed group time with […]

Emerald Daily Diary 23.7.21

Friday is here! It’s the end of another fabulous week in the Emerald room and the children have had a lovely day wearing their PJ’s for Pyjama Day! They all looked so cute and comfy 😊 The children sat down for group time with their educators and shared their teddy bears with their friends. We […]

Emerald Daily Diary 22.7.21

Thursday has arrived and the sun in shining! The children have had another fabulous day learning all about Tigers! Before we forget … The Emerald room would like to remind parents that tomorrow (Friday) is Pyjama day! So roll out of bed and come straight to Day care! And if you would like, bring a […]

Emerald Daily Diary 21.7.21

Happy Wednesday! The children have enjoyed a fabulous day playing, learning and exploring with their educators. In our group time, the children had lots of fun sitting down to participate in a reading circle! The children loved looking through different books by themselves, pointing at familiar objects and sharing with their friends. Today, we practiced […]

Emerald Daily Diary 20.7.21

Tuesday is here! The children have enjoyed a terrific Tuesday learning and exploring together! We kicked things off with fun group times with different educators! The children love to sing songs with Ekta and read books too! Afroz used her felt board to tell the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ with felt visual aids […]

Emerald Daily Diary 19.7.21

It’s Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room 😊 We hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready to get started! Today the children sat down for group time to enjoy some of their favourite books! We read ‘Old MacDonald’s Farm’ and ‘The Gruffalo’ together! The children love to point out […]

Emerald Daily Diary 16.7.21

Happy Friday! What a wonderful week the children have had in the Emerald room 😊 Today the children group times with their favourite educators, where they read books, sang songs and played fun games together! This is always such a fun way to engage the children in conversations and enhance social skills and language! Time […]

Emerald Daily Diary 15.7.21

Thursday is here! The children have enjoyed a warmer day outside in the garden today! They loved to play with the jungle animals in the sensory tray 😊 We had a lot of fun during our group times with MeiTing, Ekta and Afroz! We continued our ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ project by reading the book and […]

Emerald Daily Diary 13.7.21

It’s Tuesday! Today the children enjoyed playing together and exploring natural materials! We started with group time and a concert from MeiTing! The children love to sit and listen to MeiTing’s guitar and sing songs together. They love to play with the guitar themselves and practice touching the strings gently! A spot of yoga to […]