Entries by Robyn Smith

Emerald Daily Diary 15.1.21

Happy Friday! What a wonderful week we have had in the Emerald room! We have participated in lots of activities and learnt lots of new things! Today we began with group time! We love to read together during this time and we share lots of conversations about all the pictures we can see 😊 Yoga! […]

Emerald Daily Diary 14.1.21

It’s Thursday! The weather is warm and the children have been enjoying the cool indoor areas and splashing in water outside or playing with the hose 😊 We have very much enjoyed our group times today. We read lots of stories together and sang so many songs – the children know lots of the words […]

Emerald Daily Diary 13.1.21

Happy Wednesday! We’ve had another warm day here in Emerald and the children have enjoyed playing outside and splashing in the water to cool down 😊 The children enjoyed fabulous group times with their educators! We laughed, sang songs, read books and played games together! Today the children painted with their hands! What a wonderful […]

Emerald Daily Diary 12.1.21

It’s Tuesday! The children have had another lovely day! The sun is shining and we’ve enjoyed exploring the garden and playing with water! This morning the children gathered round for group time! We had a lot of fun reading books and singing songs together 😊 This is a great way to encourage listening skills too! […]

Emerald Daily Diary 11.1.21

Happy Monday and welcome back to another week in the Emerald room! The children have had a lovely day playing in the sunshine together 😊 During group time, our educators love to engage the children in meaningful conversations about their weekend, their favourite things and they always talk about the books they read together! It’s […]

Emerald Daily Diary 8.1.21

Happy Friday! What a wonderful week we have had to start off the year! 😊 Today the children enjoyed group time with their educators! The children loved to play “knock, knock, what’s in the box” with Jasmine and with Robyn, they read as many Spot books as they could find! We love to use group […]

Emerald Daily Diary 7.1.21

It’s Thursday today! It’s been another wonderful day in the Emerald room and the children have enjoyed the rain we got this afternoon too 😊 Today we began with group time – an opportunity to talk to the children and discuss things like the weather, things we like and animals too! We have been singing […]

Emerald Daily Diary 6.1.21

Happy Wednesday! The children have had a wonderful day exploring and learning new things! Today we enjoyed group time with Ekta, Cindy and Jasmine! The children love to read stories with Ekta – they have so much fun talking about all the things they can see. With Cindy, they play with her toys, singing songs […]

Emerald Daily Diary 5.1.21

It’s Tuesday! The children have had a lovely day exploring the yards and indoor environments! Our day started with an exciting group time with MeiTing and her interactive felt board! The children love to sit down for group times! Together we sing, play games and read books – this encourages language development and communication skills […]

Emerald Daily Diary 4.1.21

Happy Monday! Happy New Year and welcome back 😊 We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year and can’t wait to hear all about it! Today the children sat down for group time to welcome their friends and say hello! Together we talked about our holidays, Santa and spending time with mummy and […]