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Crimson Daily Diary 14.01.21

Hello, beautiful Thursday! Aqua explores joined us after afternoon tea, as usual, we gathered on the mat and had a group time together. Shoko introduced them Japanese songs we have been singing. It was great to see them imitating the action!   At learning centre time, it was all about sea animals. That’s because in […]

Crimson Daily Diary 13.01.21

Wednesday! It’s the middle of the week already. We had a great time playing with our friends today. We think that our friends, who are transitioning from Aqua, are getting used to our room and our routine. Also, they are becoming familiar with the songs we often sing in group time and our favourite stories. […]

Crimson Daily Diary 12.01.21

Thank you to all who have provided a family photo. For those who have not yet done so, please hand it directly to the educators or send it by email to the BBC’s email address. Thank you for your cooperation. _________________________________________ It was another beautiful day. Like every morning, we participated in group time, sang […]

Crimson Daily Diary 11.01.21

A new week has begun. With the weather shaping up to be another beautiful week, we have a lot to look forward to. Therefore, please make sure your child has a variety of clothes (including underwear) in their bag in case they need a change of clothes after water activities. Also, we are making a […]

Crimson Daily Diary 08.01.21

Happy Friday! What a fantastic day to finish off weekdays! Just a quick reminder to families, please bring a family photo and hand it to one of the educators as we are making family tree on the wall. Also, please make sure your child has a variety of clothing (including underwear) in the bag. With […]

Crimson Daily Diary 07.01.21

It was beautiful weather in the morning. We had a very lovely time in the yard, basking in the sunshine. After morning tea, we gathered together on the mat with friends who are transitioning from the Aqua Room. Thank you to Nicky for sharing the beautiful book with us!!!     Following the group time, […]

Crimson Daily Diary 06.01.21

The weather is really unstable these days, isn’t it? The day before yesterday and yesterday it suddenly started to rain, which surprised us all. Today it was also cloudy and the sky looked like it was about to start crying. However, regardless of the weather, we had a good time playing with our friends!   […]

Crimson Daily Diary 05.01.21

Happy Tuesday. This morning, we had a big surprise! Guess what? We found a lot of beans growing on the bean plants we planted last year!! Have they grown fast because of all the rain we had over the holidays? Or was it a present from Santa Claus? Either way, we were very happy to […]

Crimson Daily Diary 04.01.21

Happy New Year and welcome back Crimson friends! 2020 was such a challenging year. We may continue to face many challenges this year, but let’s not forget the important things and work together to overcome them!!!   We were so happy to see our friends and teachers. We formed the yarning circle and talked about […]

Crimson Daily Diary 24.12.20

HO HO HO! This is Christmas Eve! We hope that Santa is ready for Christmas. Because we are totally READY! We greeted each other by saying Merry Christmas. We discussed what time Santa would be coming and how he would get into our house etc. That’s actually a good question! How does Santa get into […]