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Crimson Daily Diary 15.6.21

Hello, Crimson families. Welcome to another fun week in Burns Bay Cottage. We hope you all had a great long weekend. Of course, the topic of the morning group time was about the long weekend. We were surprised that so many children said they went to the swimming pool. Many children also said that they […]

Crimson Daily Diary 10.6.21

Good afternoon, Crimson families. It was very, very cold today, wasn’t it?? A few children were away today, perhaps feeling unwell in this weather.…. We hope they feel better soon!!   In the morning, some of the children did exercises to start their day. They were very enthusiastic about moving and warming up their bodies. […]

Crimson Daily Diary 09.6.21

Good afternoon, Crimson families! The weather forecast was for rain today, but the sun peeked through and it was a beautiful day. The children were so happy to play in the yard!!!   In the morning, all the children gathered on the mat and took part in a discussion about protecting the oceans, as yesterday […]

Crimson Daily Diary 18.5.21

Good afternoon, Crimson families. It’s another sunny day without any cloud in the sky! The children were so happy to be able to play in the yard.   In the morning group time, children listened to a story about a boy who takes all sorts of things from giant without asking. During and after reading […]

Crimson Daily Diary 17.5.21

Good afternoon, Crimson families. It was such a warm and beautiful day to start our new week in the Crimson room.   In the morning group time, we discussed how we had spent our weekend. Some children said they went to the park with families or friends, others said they went to see their grandparents. […]

Crimson Daily Diary 14.5.21

Good afternoon, Crimson families. Today was the Mother’s Day breakfast we’ve all been waiting for!! Thank you so much to all the families who took the time to come. It was a pleasure to meet super awesome mummies!!! The children had a great time with their mums and were still talking about how much fun […]


Magenta Daily diary 14.05.21

This morning we all were excited to have our Mother’s Day breakfast with our mummies. We had our breakfast with our mummies and then took some beautiful pictures in our photo booth, made some flower bouquets as well. Our group time started with good morning songs followed by ABC, Days of the week and 123 […]

Crimson Daily Diary 13/5/21

Good afternoon, Crimson families. We were blessed with another beautiful day and the children had an active and fun day!   In the morning group time, we discussed our rules, such as ‘using walking feet inside and on the deck’, ‘respecting each other’, ‘packing away toys after finish playing’ etc…   After that, it was […]

Crimson Daily Diary 12/5/21

Good afternoon, Crimson families. We were lucky that it didn’t rain today, even though it was forecast to.   In the morning, the children were so happy and excited to see Sean and Justin. Two of them have arrived, which means it’s science time! Today, we experimented with mixing colours. We mixed small amounts of […]

Crimson Daily diary 05/05/21

Hello, Crimson families. It was rainy and a bit chilly today, wasn’t it? The children came dressed in warm clothes. Some of the children were even wearing gumboots!   In the morning, crimson children gathered on the mat and discussed the importance of rain. Arturo asked questions such as ‘Why is rain so important?’,  ‘What […]