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Crimson Daily Diary 20.1.22

Hello, Crimson families. Thursday is here! In the morning before morning tea, each child chose and enjoyed an activity based on their own interests. Leo, Thomas HP, Luca, and Levi had a fun time with table football game while Shona, Elise, Georgia, Saige and Isla were busy drawing. In the morning group time, we all […]

Crimson Daily Diary 19.1.22

 Welcome Crimson families. It is great to see the smooth transition of children in new room and routines. Young children are mixing with the older groups of children and learning different skills of physical and creative development. Today’s early morning group time, we had a discussion about News Time and how to ask interactive questions. […]

Crimson Daily Diary 18.1.22

Welcome Crimson families. We had a wonderful start to the day with learning about technology. Leo brought his headphone and explained that it can be used to get away from loud noises such as in-plane and construction. We also discussed a pen drive(USB). Children learnt how can small device fits so much information for years. […]

Crimson Daily Diary 17.1.22

Welcome Crimson Families. It is the start of the week which means exciting learning experiences for the whole week again. In the morning all educators set up activities based on each child interest such as connecting to nature, physical play and engaging in outdoor play. Today was Alice’s birthday. We wished her happy birthday in […]

Crimson Daily Diary 14.1.22

Welcome Crimson Families. It is Friday which means children were excited to end another week with their favourite learning activities in the Crimson Room. During the morning routine, children discussed their weekend plans at home and staying safe using masks if they go outside of their houses. We also talked about hygiene practices such as […]

Crimson Daily Diary 13.1.22

Welcome Crimson Families.  From early morning children were excited about today’s activities in the crimson room. In morning group time, children discussed the things they did at home with their families. Charlotte explained how a butterfly came into her house. Today, Tima followed up with that activity through magic sand and wild animals. Jeffrey and […]

Crimson Daily Diary 12.1.22

Welcome Crimson families. It is a  beautiful day for children to start playing in the sandpit and yard. In the early morning, children practised physical movements in the yard and after involved in structured play with their peers. In group time, we discussed crimson new daily routines and rules. Children were involved in open-ended questioning […]

Crimson Daily Diary 11.1.22

Welcome Crimson families. Children were excited for their second day of the week. We were discussing lots of ideas about organizing different learning spaces indoor and outdoor. Children set up a learning environment in the morning with the help of educators. In group time, we discussed the rapid spread of coronavirus and its preventive measures. […]

Crimson Daily Diary 10.1.22

Welcome Crimson families. We are so excited for this new week as we have organised different learning experiences for children. Children expressed their interest in involving outdoor play and engaging in paintings. In group time, we discussed crimson rules and the safety of every child. Children were also discussing the rapid growth of coronavirus in […]

Crimson Daily Diary 7.1.22

Welcome Crimson Families. Today is Friday which made children excited about their weekend plans. In morning group time, we discussed plans for the weekend and also keeping each other safe by wearing masks and following hygiene practices. The group of children who goes to big school stayed with us and were involved in different learning […]