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Aqua Daily Diary 28.2.20

Aqua Daily Diary 28th February 2020   Happy Friday everyone, it was another busy day at Aqua.   This morning Charlotte, Lily and Adeline made a house with lots of cushions and played mummy, daddy and baby. The children continued to show their interests about Space. Adeline said she is on a rocket ship going […]

Aqua Daily Diary 27.2.20

Aqua daily diary 27/02/2020   Today was more than a special day here in Aqua. We had our lovely educator Alejandra being assessed for her certificate 3 and everything went just fine. Congratulations, Alejandra!! One of her tasks as a student was to do one of the bonkers beat activities, where children had to sit […]

Aqua Daily Diary 26.2.20

Aqua Daily Diary 26th February 2020   Happy hump day everyone! It’s been another busy and fun day at Aqua. The children loved listening to the felt board stories Lily, Charlotte and Shona came up and helped Alejandra. They enjoyed singing and doing the actions with increased interest. With Tima’s group children continued talk about […]

Aqua Daily Diary 25.2.20

Aqua Daily Diary 25th February 2020   Welcome back to Aqua room everyone! Today we continued to discuss about the planets in Space. We counted 8 planets and listened to stories about them. When we were talking about how Mercury is very hot and can burn our bum, Ivaan said we’ll need to call the […]

Aqua Daily Diary 24.2.20

Aqua Daily Diary 24th February 2020 Welcome back, the teachers at Aqua hoped all our families had a wonderful fun filled weekend. The children were full of smiles coming back today, ready for their week ahead of them. To start the morning of the children explored all areas. Inside was a big hit especially the […]

Aqua Daily Diary 21.2.20

Aqua Daily Diary 21st February 2020   Happy Friday everyone! This morning Edward and Adeline started their morning in the space station exploring the solar system and the rocket we built yesterday. Inside Poppy and Isabella explored parts of the body by placing eyes, nose, mouth, legs etc on potato man. Poppy and Isabella were […]

Aqua Daily Diary 20.2.20

Aqua Daily Diary 20th February 2020   Happy Thursday everyone! We hope you all had a lovely day, because we sure did!   As a follow up of our space program activity, some children helped us build a rocket ship. Now we can have more fun and be safe aboard the rocket ship while exploring […]

Aqua Daily Diary 19.2.20

Aqua Daily Diary 19th February 2020   This Morning in the Aqua Room the children were very settled, enjoying a variety of different table, floor activities and outdoor activities. According to children’s interest in the rocket ship, during the morning group time, Mrs Tima continued exploring the solar system by reading the book called “Our […]

Aqua Daily Diary 18.2.20

Aqua Daily Diary 18th February 2020 Happy Tuesday everyone! Today the Aqua group children had fun time playing with the rocket ship and the space. They explored the solar system set up in the box and pretended as Astronaut.   Oscar and Henry made music with music instruments. Oscar and Saige played with memory cards […]

Aqua Daily Diary 17.2.20

Aqua Daily Diary 17th February 2020 Happy Monday to our Aqua families. We hope you all had a wonderful fun filled weekend. Today the children started their morning of outside. The childen have been displaying many interests within then room. The construction area is a big hit again today. Archie, Georgia, Levi W and Isabella […]