The excitement was over and above as we all knew, Santa decided to stop by today.

The children and teachers were super prepared from morning to welcome Santa to our room.

We made sure we decorated our room Christmassy and had best of our smile ready for the photo with him. However, our smiles completely disappeared as we saw Santa. He even gave us present.

After his visit, we continued to play with eache other and with toys.

It was a lovely day and all of us were busy participating in both planned and self-selected activities.

Puzzle making became one of the favourites in activities for group of children. Children sat in a group as well as individually with the puzzles of their choice. They showed patience and problem-solving skills while completing puzzles.

On the play dough table children not only polished their fine motor skills but also interacted happily with each other. They shared what have they made with their play dough.

Washing dolls and scrubbing them with sponge on a hot and sunny day, was just amazing. Children spent long time washing and grooming dolls.

Similarly, picking up colourful balls using tongs was fun activity for children.

The children enjoyed exploring indoor and outdoor spaces and shared their achievements and happiness with each other throughout the day.

We have had an amazing day today.

Today we were able to spend more time outside before it was to sunny. We spent almost really good hours outside. Children had so much fun while playing with water. Rupert and Chelsea were enjoying their play while catching the balls with tongs and transferring from one trail to the other. On the other side Sophia and Violet were having so much in colourful water play.

During the morning, Alix was walking around with a red ball and a string pretending it was a bell and started singing jingle bell song everywhere in the room, she is so cute!!

For group time, children showed their amazing listening skills and were able to participate in Komalpreet’s and Carolina’s group.

They were so confident expressing their thoughts as Komal read a story book about a wombat and children reminded her about the wombat they saw in the yard on the little tree last week.

Children had also so much fun while doing some activities inside.

Molly, Annabel, Alegria read some story books by themselves and talked about their thoughts to each other.

William on the other table really enjoyed doing some puzzles.

Using their numeracy skills, Henry and Isabelle were counting the numbers and discussing about the pictures on the big chart.

It was a wonderful day in Aqua Room spending time with friends.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead.

Hello everyone, almost the end of the week!!

Today we have a really hot day so we enjoyed most of our day playing with water, water and more water haha.

To start our lovely morning, Sally brought baby Annabel to Aqua room. Eliza and Matilda have been taking so much care of their baby sister. They are so excited about it!!

We had some fairies flying around Aqua room today. Isla and Poppy were matching dressing up as fairies, they were around the room showing their wings to everyone. They are just so cute!

At the home corner, Theo, Jack and Noah decided to make some yummy breakfast. Noah was eating chocolate and asked Jack to bring him more and more. Theo was eating cake and candies, he shared with Noah because Jack didn’t give any cake to Noah haha.

Children participated in group times with Carolina, Komal and Alejandra. They read some story books, sang some song and most important talked about the importance of wearing hats and using sunscreen in a sunny day. Alejandra talked about the ways of saying hello to others, and why is always important to show our manners.

It was really really hot, so we decided to do some activities with ice!! We tried to melt the ice and find what was hiding inside them. Noah, Theo, Maddie, Poppy, Henry, Chloe, Eliza and Rupert did an amazing job finding little animals inside the ice!

In the yard, children were making their own hand fans to cool off a little during the day. They had so much fun during this activity and carried their hand fans around the room for the day.

We had an awesome day full of fun and water, it’s starting to feel like summer!

Hope you all have a nice evening and see you tomorrow!

What a beautiful day we had today and to help the children deal with the heat we did lots of water play.

Poppy enjoyed putting her feet into the water to cool her toes down. Some of the other children watch her and decide to stand in it to.

Claire brought some wonderful stamps to the Aqua group this morning and she displayed amazing empathy development as she shared with her friends.

Noah and Theodore really enjoyed the stamps and made many prints on the paper.

Annabel and Elizabeth enjoyed each other’s company today and made calls to their parents on the phone.

Tilly became a monkey and giggled in the tree.

The garden was the place to be today, with many activities happening the children had lots of fun.

Welcome to lovely Isla from the Emerald room. She was very happy and settled. She really enjoyed exploring all areas, she especially enjoyed the large blocks and putting them together.

We hope you enjoyed your day and have a very nice evening.

What a beautiful day. The children have worked so hard to complete the Christmas Concerts and we have almost all done, one more tomorrow to go. The teachers and I in the Aqua room are super proud of what they have accomplished. It is quite difficult to remember all the songs and moves together, but they did a super job. Well done to all the Aqua children.

Today we played in the garden with some water play. We scooped and poured, and we also washed our dolls inside the bath.

Lots of water play, the children explored under the sea water play also. With sharks, mermaids, and seashells inside they enjoyed exploring.

We also had a super big drawing paper which Donna stuck to the table. Claire and Quinn were first to join in and Claire even helped her doll colour.

Alice and Sophia E enjoyed quiet time in the room with some puzzles. They display good cognitive skills as they remember where each piece goes, manipulating it into place.

Elizabeth enjoyed some sand play, while her twin sister climbed the tree and so did Teresia.

Playdough and sand play are many of the activities the children enjoy, today they turned the dough into Christmas trees.

After Lunch we all lay on our mats and had some mediation time. Mediation is a really good way for our nonsleepers to come their bodies and minds. It helps them self-regulate and mange stress.

We had a wonderful day today and hope you did too. Have a nice evening.

What a beautiful sunny day. It is nice to see the children enjoying most of their day outside and runny around in the sunshine. We have been using lots of sun cream to stay safe.

It was also a very special day today in BBC. We had a very special visit from someone in a red suit. The children were super excited all morning and there was lots of talk regarding Santa Claus coming to see us. The Incursion was called ‘’Meet the Santa Claus.

The children really enjoyed this experience. We first got to meet Santa’s elf, he sang songs with us and spoke about the very important job Santa has to do on Christmas eve and that we must all be sleeping early in bed so Santa can come and deliver his gifts.  The children had lots of fun dancing and singing along and then at the end we got to meet the Jolly man himself. We also all sat around Santa and got a picture took with him.

For the rest of the evening the children spoke a lot about Santa Claus and the present he would leave under the Christmas tree.

We also were quite busy exploring the yard today and the activities set up.

We hope you had a nice day just like us. Have a lovely evening everyone.

Happy Friday.

The week goes by so quickly. The children are super excited for Santa and working very hard on their concerts.

Today many exciting explorations happened in the Aqua room both inside and outside.

With Liza the children completed their very own balancing sport in the garden. We used our large muscles to walk the beam and even. Large gross motor is good for our bodies as we get stronger on our feet.

Outside Chloe enjoyed time with the zoo animals and could name all of them for Komalpreet.

William and Noah are starting to want to explore together, how cute is Noah sitting on Williams knees.

The draw table is always so popular and helps us build our fine motor skills as we prepare to learn how to write.

The children made a Christmas tree with their hands and green paint. They laughed as the brush tickled their hands.

There was a fun game happening inside, the children took turns to go fishing with the magnets catching many different colours fish and objects from the sea.

How cute are Alison, Teresia and Tilly playing together and making tea for each other?

What a fun filled day we had, and we wish you all a lovely weekend. Stay safe.

It has been a very busy day in the Aqua room today. We have done an amazing job with our songs for the concert. The children had so much fun recording them. We have still a few groups to go so all children are involved and have the opportunity to sing their songs.

The children continue with their daily routine as well while we take turns to record the concert.

Jack and Chelsea had a lovely morning exploring together. It was so cute seeing them holding hands.

Some of the children enjoyed time making dough with Alejandra and then when it was made they enjoyed manipulating.

The children enjoyed making some puzzles, their cognitive skills shined through when they manipulated the piece into the right spot.

The children enjoyed pretend play, they love to be the Moms and mind the dolls.

The children enjoyed exploring the Christmas table with the tree and the crib.

We also sat with Donna and looked at Annabel’s photos in her book.

The car corner was popular today, the children made amazing roads with the large blocks and pushed the cars on them. Cassidy made a wonderful ramp for them.

We had water play and washed the babies and each other hahaha!

What a fun day we had today.

We hope you had a lovely day also.

Days past quick and it is nearly Christmas. All Aqua children are doing their best to make the Christmas concert amazing. Please do send Christmas clothes with children for the concert. 😊

Early morning, we sneak outside and had fun before it started raining. Nicholas, Henry and Chelsea enjoyed see saw whilst Alice was fully prepared with her raincoat to keep herself dry from the upcoming rain.

Theo and Cassidy enjoyed outdoor cooking. And Tilly paved some road for the walk.

Inside, children explored the sensory play of Christmas tree whereas Quinn and Charlotte pretended doing group time with her peers and read some books.

Our mastermind Poppy and Isla were intrigued in solving puzzles. Similarly, Noah and Cassidy demonstrated sharing skills by paving the path for the cars enhancing their both social and cognitive skills.

Painting was the highlight of the day as all the children enjoyed making some Christmas cards for their loved ones.

The day was full of fun and busy exploring Aqua.

Hope you all have a good evening. 😊