What a wet start to the day but happy children loved playing in the our indoor space today.

We started off our morning doing some quiet and calm yoga as well as some stretching  following bonkers yoga cards .Then we moved to do free play where children engaged themselves making yummy cakes in the home corners sharing with their friends, some of them enjoyed making towers using magnetic connectors.

Children also did some reading in the book corner as well as sang song while ready books.

 After our morning tea children were encouraged to make circle holding each other hands for our lovely group time.

We started our group learning by greeting song followed by acknowledgment of the country as well as singing weather song.

Miss Nita read story of “Mrs. Honey hat “ to the children as well as sang different song according to the choice of children.

 Table activities, we made play dough together on the table and after we made we bravery medal of Anzac Day as well made Australian flag with Miss Sandra.

 We also played with sensory play dough where used different cutlers to make Anzac biscuits as well as pancakes for each other.

 In afternoon children keep busy themselves playing in home corner as well as building tower using wooden blocks.

In afternoon group we read the book brought by one of our friends Hazel and everyone loved reading “Scaredy bathtubs”.

Altogether-we had so much fun day.

We began our morning exploring indoor free play like construction trucks, the drawing table, building houses using blocks and making coffee in the home corner, as well as making different shapes of play dough using cutlery.

Before morning tea, we gathered on the group mat with Nita where all the children were encouraged to make a big circle and we started our group learning by doing an acknowledgement of the country as well ‘good morning’ greeting song followed by the weather song.

Then Nita read the book ‘Meg and Mog’ chosen by the children, as well as different food platter books.

After morning tea, the children did yoga with Nita by following a different pose from the Bonker’s Beat yoga cards. It was good to see how well the children are following different stretching poses and good actions and movement.

After our yoga, the children had some quiet time where Nita asked open ended questions about their feelings today showing them different emotions flash cards.

As we were doing Anzac Day this week, we decided to make poppies using  red, green and black colours as well as make the Australian flag using our colourful hand prints.

In the afternoon we did some dancing following different actions as well as going on a bear hunt using our binoculars that children made.

Some enjoyed playing in the home corner making some yummy food for each other.

The children kept themselves busy by making a long train track as well as doing some drawing.

We went outside to do a bike ride as well as make bubbles using water and dishwashing liquid.

Altogether we had a great day!

We started our day exploring the outside environment and doing some stretching by running, jumping, playing football, as well as balancing our bodies on the steps.

Before we had our morning tea, the children were invited to make a lovely circle for group learning. We started our group time by singing multicultural greeting songs as well as the weather song.

We also had a really good time singing about beautiful farm animals as well as discussing ANZAC day.

After our group learning and table activities, the children were encouraged to get their hats on as well as help to put on their sunscreen.

Some of the Children chose to play in the construction corner where they used their fine and gross motor skills to build with the large wooden blocks, making hide outs and a farm for the animals.

Some of them started reading books on the mats using their verbal and non- verbal communication .

 Some engaged themselves playing with train tracks as well as sensory play using sand as their roads for the train.

 For the table activities, the children did painting with red and black colours to make poppies for Anzac Day.

The other children made play dough with Manju and used some cutters to make poppies.

Also, the children did yoga with Nita where they followed every pose and action of the Bonker’s Beat yoga cards.

In the afternoon, the children did some scooping and some made bubbles from soap and water.

We also danced to different songs.

Altogether we had a great fun day🤗🤗

It’s Thursday today and we have come to the end of a short week! The children are getting more and more excited about Easter as we have been talking about Easter together, reading books and making Easter crafts!

Today we had a lovely day outside in the garden enjoying the weather and exploring together. The children sat down for group time in the sunshine, where they listened to books, sang songs and then talked about a bug they had found in the morning!

Massimo had found a woodlouse or a roley poley and quickly came to get Robyn, who had popped it in her ‘creeper keeper’ so we could get a closer look! We learnt that this little bug has a hard shell on the outside and rolls into ball when he’s scared! We named him Woody and set him free! 😊

In the morning, the children participated in yoga, the sensory tray with pasta and cups for scooping, reading books and building with the big wooden blocks.

Then in the afternoon, we went on an Easter egg hunt in the garden with the beautiful Easter baskets that we had made! The children searched high and low for the delicious chocolate eggs and put them inside their baskets! Tilly even found one in a tree!

The children were so excited they wanted to do it again and again!

Happy Easter! 😊

Wednesday is here and we are creeping closer to Easter!

The children have enjoyed their day and have spent most of it outside in the garden! We love to play outside and enjoy the weather, especially since we have had quite a lot of rain recently. Today the children had fun running and jumping and climbing on the equipment – all big body movements that will help to develop gross motor skills!

After a spot of yoga and meditation, the children were ready to get back to playing!

We continued with our Easter basket craft by painting more paper with paintbrushes …

Everyone loved playing with the play dough today! They used the rolling pin to roll it out and the knife to chop the dough into little pieces!

We also spent some time building some wonderful and tall towers with the lego! The children were very proud of their creations and wanted to show them off to their educators! Well done everyone 😊

It’s Tuesday! We have had a super fun day making Easter baskets and learning all about oranges!

We started off our day with group time and yoga – part of our morning routine! The children gathered round and made a lovely circle by holding each other’s hands before sitting down. Together we listened to our favourite stories and sang lots of songs.

After, we moved our bodies on the yoga mats to encourage gross motor skills, balance and coordination. The children love to show off their yoga poses and enjoy joining in with our yoga ABCs, where we do a different pose for every letter of the Alphabet!

The children have been busy learning all about healthy food! We have started with fruit 😊 We encourage the children to eat fruit with every meal in the Aqua room and slowly we will start introducing the children to new fruit! Today we looked at oranges!

The children sat at the table and told Nita and Robyn how much they like oranges! We cut them into segments together and tried some. Nita and Robyn showed the children how to make a funny monkey face with their orange – Everyone tried it out and we laughed a lot!

Then we used our hands to squeeze the juice from the oranges for us to try! It was delicious 😊

The children are learning that fruit is a healthy food that is good for their bodies!

We painted some paper with beautiful colours that we will later make into our Easter baskets for egg hunts!

What a great day 😊

Welcome back to the Aqua room for a short week before Easter! The children have had a lovely day exploring the indoor and outdoor environments in the sunshine!

We sat down to have group time with Nita, where the children read books and sang songs! We spent some time talking about Easter and reading Easter books about egg hunts and bunnies! The children are excited to be celebrating this year 😊

In this lovely warm weather, the children had fun with water play! They used cups, bottles and funnels to scoop and pour the water between the two bowls. This is a fun way to develop motor skills, social interaction and early mathematics and science concepts!

We spent a lot of our time at the water station today and the children were engaged in exploring the water together!

The rest of our day was spent playing with the small world farm animals, building towers with the wooden blocks and houses with the magnetic connectors!

Happy Friday everyone! We’ve had another wet morning but we haven’t let it stop us from having fun together and learning new things!

We began our morning with a little group time, where Ryan showed us photographs from his holiday to Fiji! He went on a big aeroplane, did a lot of swimming and had a lot of fun with his family! We really enjoyed looking at Ryan’s photos together 😊 If you go away this Easter, please email us some holiday snaps for us to talk about in our group times!

This morning we had fun playing the guitar! We made sure to use our gentle hands when strumming the strings and listened carefully to the beautiful sound that came from the guitar!

The educators tried their best to play the guitar for the children to sing along to … but the only song Sony knows is ‘Happy Birthday’! We still had fun singing together and playing guitar!

We stretched our bodies with yoga and when the rain had stopped we ventured out into the yard to run around, play on the bike, with the balls and even tried our luck at grip ball! The children loved to pull the ball from the Velcro and throw it to their friends to catch!

It’s Thursday! Unfortunately there has been no change in the weather so we have spent another day indoors. But that’s ok because we always have plenty of fun activities and learning experiences to do!

We started off our day with group time! Today the children really wanted to read our favourite Spot book and interact with the puppet! We always give him a cuddle, some high fives and sometimes even a kiss! We see if we can wave Hello like Spot, or clap our hands like Spot and touch our nose like Spot before tucking him into his house and singing ‘Twinkle, twinkle’ to help him sleep!

Puppets are a great way to encourage social interaction, empathy and care!

We continued with our Easter craft by using glue sticks and coloured paper to decorate an Easter egg!

We found a very big piece of cardboard and sat together to complete a big group drawing! The children had fun making marks on the paper and recognising different coloured crayons!

The children have also explored the play dough today! We used our hands to roll the dough into a long snake and then used the knives to chop it into smaller pieces! 😊

What a wet start to the day but our happy children loved playing in our indoor space today.

We started off our morning doing some quiet and calm yoga as well as some stretching with Trish. Then we moved to do free play where the children engaged themselves in making yummy cakes in the home corner and shared with their friends, whilst some of the children enjoyed making towers using magnetic connectors.

The children also did some reading in the book corner and sang songs while reading the books.

After our morning tea, the children were encouraged to make circle holding each other’s hands for our lovely group time. We started our group learning by singing our greeting song followed by an acknowledgment of the country, as well as singing weather song.
Nita read the story of ‘Mrs. Honey’s Hat’ to the children and sang different songs – children’s choice!

Today, we made play dough together on the table and then we used it to make Easter eggs as well as other shapes using cutters. The children used their motor skills to roll and cut the dough.

In the afternoon, the children used white paint and cotton balls to paint a little Easter bunny with a fluffy tail! And then a chick cracking open through its egg! We had so much fun 😊