Good afternoon our wonderful Magenta families.

We have had such a wonderful week and we have been so busy with our activities and experiences.

It was so lovely to see all the children playing so nicely with their friends and talking about their activities and what makes them happy in the Magenta Room.


Isla: I love my Tima and her wonderful stories,

Thomas : I love to play with my friends

Henry: I like to play in the sandpit

Amelia: I like to play in the cubby with my friends

Alice: I like to play in home corner with the pram and my dollies


Today was another relaxing and great start to our day, we had some outdoor dancing. This is such a great way to incorporate both music and movement into our day in a fun and exciting way.


We also talked about how exercise can keep our bodies healthy and make our lungs strong to keep growing as we get older.


At group time, the children enjoyed singing time with Tima. She used puppets to ask the children what animals they were and for them to make the sound.


With Komalpreet, the children read some stories about birds, flowers and Spring. Afterwards, the children were invited to do a spring collage using fine motor skills.


Some of our other activities today were farm house with farm animals

and farm a garden where we were growing our own vegetables and fruit trees, construction sand pit zone where we were building and digging using our diggers and trucks, cubby house with outdoor reading area where we could venture out and read before heading inside to our cubby house. We also had collage and painting, drawing table and both large and small puzzles to work on our concentration and problem solving.


What a fantastic day we have with lots of laughter and smiles,

We hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend and see you all on Monday 🙂


Happy Friday our wonderful Magenta families,

We hope you have all had a lovely week and are ready for the weekend ahead.

Today we started our day off with some activities and experiences such as drawing and painting where we finished off some of our garden and spring drawings that have been happening throughout this week.

We have also begun to organise them to be displayed on our walls, look out for them in the coming week to see what amazing artists we are becoming. Displaying children’s artwork encourages conversations between children to reflect and open a dialogue about their work. It also creates an atmosphere of confidence and instils self esteem, we are so proud of each and every Magenta artist.

We also had some morning tea and listened to some morning yoga and some morning tea and listened to some of Tima’s music on her music player, some of the songs we sang along to.

For group time we read the story ‘Waddle Giggle Gaggle!’ by Pamela Allen and ‘Kookaburras love to laugh’, by Laura and Philips Bunting.

For learning centre time:

Play dough fun! Some of us gathered around the table where an educator was making some play dough flowers with leaves, stems and flowers. The educator then encouraged us to roll out our playdough and make a playdough flower. The educator also showed us how to make it and then we all did our best to follow whilst adding our own ideas and thoughts to the design.

The children had lots of fun making a collage with Komal.

Some of our other activities today were building construction, reading, car mat, sensory tables, garden cubby house, home corner and magnets tails.

We hope you all a lovely afternoon and enjoy you weekend 😊


Happy Hump day to all our Aqua families. Just a quick shout out to all our friends who have being away these past couple of months and weeks. We miss you all and think and talk a lot about you. We cant wait to see you again at BBC. Thank you for the yummy treats sent from Sinead, Rex, Sophia and Liam. We hope you are doing well at home and staying safe.

Well, what a fun and crazy day we had at Aqua today. It all started when Alegria arrived with the most amazing funny hair style this morning. She had many ponytails in her hair. So Liza called the day ‘’Crazy hair day’’, and as you can see from our pictures that is exactly what we did.

Liza added some funny wigs to the play today and the children and teachers had the most fun dressing up and pretending to be Elsa and Anna. There was so much laughter happening in the yard today as the children had lots of fun with this activity.

At group time Donna spoke about the life cycle of the Fern tree which we have by the sandpit. The children had the opportunity to see it as a baby and how it grows to become a big tree that gives us shade from the sun.

With Donna the children read a lovely story called ‘’little seed’’ it was all about spring and the seed trying to find a place in the world. The children enjoyed this book a lot and after we spoke about the types of weather we have at Spring and what clothes we should wear. After Donna invited us to create our very own spring girl/boy with different clothes and weather. The girls really enjoyed this activity and Annabel made one of her Mum which was so adorable.

With Carolina the children joined her for some yoga in the garden. It was amazing to see the children look at their picture and complete the pose themselves. How much they have grown in the past year.

Daniel had a very special treat for some of the boys today. They joined him in a trip to the crimson yard. The children got to watch the chickens and explore the equipment with the help and support from the educator. The children came back, very hungry and tired from all the running in the large garden.

What a fun filled day we had today in the Aqua group, we hope all our parents had a fun day also. Have a nice evening and stay safe. Another friendly reminder to please bring a sun safe hat daily to use in the yard with your child’s name clearly wrote on it. Thank You!

Welcome to Tuesday. Today was a very rainy day, Spring has certainly landed.

The children happily explored indoors today. We got very busy this morning and started our morning helping Donna make playdough. We are exploring many activities regarding spring time. So at the table we spoke about the colour we find often at spring time. The children decided that yellow was the colour of spring, so we coloured the dough like the sunshine. The children are extremely clever when it comes to making the dough and can tell me all the ingredient’s we need.

Outside when the rain was not falling, Jack explored the cars in the sandpit. He used fine motor skills to rake and shovel sand up into the dump truck. Ethan also joined him to scoop the sand up.

In the garden the children showed their amazing large gross development, Noah and Tilly climbed the slide and slid all the way to the bottom. Eliza climbed the tree, while Alison pushed the tyre around with her hands.

Some of the children displayed amazing balancing skills as they walked along the stepping board.

Maya and Sophia had some giggles together in the cubby house.

India loves exploring the sea creatures.

Learning activities time and with Komalpreet we explored the flowers in the spring garden. The children looked at all the colours of them and then had the opportunity to make their very own flower. We have all our spring creative activities hanging on the wall.

With the dough that we made, Donna added googly eyes and feathers so we could make baby chicks for Spring. We spoke about many animals being born and the chic’s were our favourite.

With Katherine we completed a colour puzzle, matching the colour to make the pictures. Our colour recognition is very good. We are clever Aqua children.

With Trish Maya and Sophia worked very hard to learn how to control our scissor. Each day we are getting better at making small slits in the paper.

What a fun rainy day at the Aqua group today. We hope you have a wonderful evening.

Welcome back!! We hope you all had an amazing weekend enjoying the sunny days.

Children were so excited to be back and play with all their friends and teachers.

Although it has been quite a cold and rainy day, we have had so much fun exploring and engaging with activities.

We started our day with Iris, Nicholas and Chelsea reading some books in the yard, going through pages, talking out loud on what they thought the books were about.

Maya, Sophia, and Tilly enjoyed playing in the sandpit with the animals and the plastic buckets. Eliza also joined them and pretended the animals were babies and patted them.

In the home corner and the Kitchen Remi and Jack were having so much fun preparing some food for Maya, Sophia, and their babies. It was awesome seeing them role playing and socialising with their peers.

During group time, children were able to show their incredible listening skills. We sang some songs, read some lovely books, and talked about the importance of wearing hats and putting sunscreen on a sunny day.

Afterwards, we had our learning centre and we invited children to do some activities. As spring has begun, Donna prepared a lovely learning experience where children were able to be creative and use their imagination painting some flowers while they looked at some pictures.

On the other hand, children were really engaged with Komal’s caterpillar. They did some gluing and were able to practice the colours by sorting and matching them. This is such a great experience for them to practice their knowledge on different colours.

Some of the children enjoyed using their fine motor skills and managed to cut with the scissors. They loved using the new scissors as they said it made crocodile teeth in their paper.

We had such a fun day exploring lots of puzzles also and a fish game Katherine brought for us to explore. How we laughed when the fish’s mouth opened and closed while we tried to catch them.

Happy Friday dear Aqua Family. It is lovely to see all Aqua children having fun in warm weather. Thank you, dear families, for sending SunSmart-labelled hat.

Our morning started with selfcare where children put on the sunscreen by themselves and put their hats on too.

Some children enjoyed the outdoor kitchen and made food for jungle animals.

Nicholas showed off his strong muscles by rolling the trye and climbing the tree.

Inside, Rory, Noah and Jack enjoyed spending their time by riding cars and diggers and constructing roads, whilst Isla helped her educators by doing group time with children.

In group time, we sang morning songs followed by book reading. This allows children to enhance their literacy skills and become exposed to different dialects. We also talked about the importance of taking a bath.

Washing babies was a hit today as they enjoyed giving bubble baths to the baby and drying them off. Most of the children enjoyed the experience and pretended to be mummy/daddy of their baby doll. This promotes health and wellbeing in children as well as enhances emotional development.

Some children continued exploring Bird Nest and enjoyed musical-sensory birds.

To enhance fine motor skills, children actively participated in painting and interpreted their imagination in art form¬ facilitating their cognitive skills.

The day was full of fun and exploration, and children enjoyed it.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Take care 😊

Good afternoon Aqua Family. It is lovely how the days are getting warmer and we are back to our exciting water play and outdoor plays. Please do send sun smart hats with children so that we all can enjoy outdoor play under the warm rays of sun.

Our day started with some stretching with Andrea. We did some Yoga positions and hats off to all children who did the poses actively as per demonstrated.

Outside, some children decided to read books while travelling on the bus and some engaged in the outdoor home corner.

We discussed about the importance of putting on hats and sunscreen on a warm/hot day followed by book reading. The experience allows children to express their views and ideas with confidence as well as promote their literacy.

Bird Nest was a hit today as well. Children enjoyed different sensory objects found in the nest and initiated pretend play via puppetry.

The children enjoyed water play and exploring sea lives.

Inside, Poppy, Rory, Pasha and Annabel enjoyed the “Incy Wincy” station. They sang songs and talked about the song to each other.

Likewise, our creative children got busy in creating their own version of a butterfly by making a collage and they were beautiful.

Welcome back to another exciting day in Aqua!

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS to our dear friend Poppy for being a big sister. 😊

And Happy Birthday Dear Remi and Liza! Best wishes from Aqua Family. 😊

Our day started by enjoying the warm weather outside. Please send children with sun smart hats.

Poppy and Maya enjoyed building their houses from Legos whilst some children got busy shopping for their dinner, exhibiting their social skills by sharing and taking turns.

In group time with Komalpreet, Daniel and Katherine, we all discussed about the importance of putting on hats and sun cream followed by reading books and singing action songs.

Bird Nest was a hit today. Children enjoyed exploring and making stories from sensory eggs and bird puppets.

We also enjoyed learning the names of birds and making a collage from it. All children are developing their learning dispositions in our project Spring.

Similarly, children enjoyed sticking and exploring spring leaves and flowers facilitating their fine motor skills.

Our day was full of fun and excitement. Hope you all had a good day too.

Have a good time. 😊

What a beautiful and sunny day. Please make sure a sun smart hat is provided every day in your child’s backpack so we can stay safe from the sun.

We had lots of fun in the garden today exploring activities set up, also the sandpit.

India enjoyed the water play with the sea animals and mermaids. She moved the duck around the water pushing him to make him go to the other side.

Teresia made some cakes in the sandpit. While Charlotte and Alegria enjoyed the Dino’s, making the noise ‘’roarrrr’’ for them.  Theodore also enjoyed exploring the dinosaurs.

After group time the children were invited to join Katherine in a wonderful experience where they shopped at Coles.  They got in the car and when they arrived at the shops brought their bags to buy their groceries. The children seemed to enjoy this experience and spent a long time playing here.

Inside, the children were invited to join Liza in an experience all about Spring. They listened to the story of the birds and then explored the parrots and different animals in the bowls. They explored the type of seeds the birds like to eat.

The children enjoyed different creative experiences throughout the day also.

What a fun day we had in the sunshine; we hope you all have a nice evening.

Happy Monday and welcome back! We hope all our dads had a wonderful Father’s Day and had fun celebrating at home.

Today we had a nice and sunny start to the week. We began our morning with some activities, Noah and Rory enjoyed playing together with cars.

A group of the children explored the dolls in the cubby house. They patted them to sleep and gave some food to eat.

Noah made a drum in the sand pit, clever boy, he used the rack and banged it on the pot. He laughed as he made a big sound.

Nicholas enjoyed rolling the wheel around the garden and his friend Isabel helped him.

Della showed her gross motor control as she climbed the tree.

Iris was sitting telling Donna all about her special tea she made for her dad for Father’s Day, we got our picture took together.

Alison was enjoying time with Carolina in the sandpit.

A small group explored the men and made funning faces with them.

Group times came and the children listened to many stories, their favourite was ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’.

After group time, the children explored activities set up. Some of the children enjoyed getting creative with the paint. Nicholas made some nice marks with it, lots of long lines.

Some of the children explored the scissors and made some slits in the paper. Cutting helps us with hand and eye coordination and Maya showed of her balancing skills on the balance beam.

Another creative activity was set up with glue for the children to make collage using many colourful pieces of paper and feathers. Cassidy really enjoyed the glue activity.

With Komalpreet the children made playdough for the week. They used 3 colours and the children helped her mix the ingredients together.

We had a fun day and hope that all our Aqua families have a nice evening.