What another beautiful spring day today, it is getting very hot now. Each morning the teachers apply sunscreen to all the children while we are in group time. At group time we talk about the weather and the importance of wearing sun cream and hats. The children are so good at putting their hats on now before going to the garden.
Starting our morning some children joined Alejandra for yoya.
Some of the children where super excited to go explore the garden this morning. Donna set up and made a house area for them to explore with the dolls, dress up and handbags, as all children have being enjoying playing with these resources. The car mat was a hit with many of the boy’s in the group, they enjoyed transporting them around the mat.
Also a big hit today was the farm house, many of the children explored all the animals. Beatrice made the sounds of the sheep and pig as we played here. The children were so engaged, even with each other. They spoke about giving them grass to eat and putting them to bed.
In the sandpit area, Adeline, Lily, Levi, Nicolas and Edward watched as Donna made some cup cakes for them, but the best thing was getting to walk on them and feel the sand squashing between their toes.
Harvey O, showed us how big he is getting and put his own shoes on. Well Done Harvey!! He also enjoyed time at the sea shell box and after listening to the ocean in the shell he helped Edward here it.
Emmeline and Isla painted a picture together and so did Georgia Green and her sister Elise.
The children showed us how well their cognitive skills work and made shapes in the sun, just like they did with Liza.
Learning Centre Time was full of spring activities, being creative the children made flowers, bees and a bee hive.
With Alejandra the children counted with Mister Caterpillar.
With Liza, the children are learning about healthy food options and today they displayed their every growing fine motor skills and used the knife to chop their own apple and then eat it. The children really enjoyed this activity.
What a fun filled Thursday we had today



Happy Wednesday! What a beautiful sunny day, the children are all running around in the outdoor area enjoying the weather but staying safe with hats on and cream applied. The children even help the teacher’s to apply cream.
Early in the morning the children joined Alejandra on the mat to do some yoga. Yoga has many benefits some being, helps manage anxiety, improves emotional regulation, boost self-esteem and many more.
Outside in the sunshine, a group of children were enjoying the kitchen set in the cubby house. Adeline, Lily and Charlotte cooked some food for Celina, Elise and Nicolaus who came to the restaurant. Adeline spoke about the dish washer and cleaning the dishes. They used leaves form the tree as spaghetti. The children really enjoyed this area and played for a long time.
Dino land was a big hit also, Edward loved naming the Dinosaurs, he is super clever and could name them all. Oscar and Leonardo joined in and they had fun together making ‘’roarrrrr’’ noises. They spoke about putting the dino’s into their tent.
Charlie and Henry could be found inside building, a bridge they told me. The two boys are often found here as they really enjoy anything to do with builders and their vehicles.
Evan and Levi White enjoyed time at the construction site, moving the sand around with diggers.
After play time we joined our teachers in 3 different groups to welcome everyone to school, then we went into small groups to do different learning centre activities.
With Donna we continue learning about spring, this week is about the bee.
With Alejandra, we are learning to count in Spanish. We used the caterpillar and counted to 7, placing different colours and numbers onto his body.
With Liza we are making some yummy ice lollies to enjoy in the sun when we get to hot.
With Katherine, we are starting to learn about the importance of keeping our teeth healthy and clean. Today we used fine motor skills to stick teeth onto our mouths we made. We also used language skills and learnt new words, some today were, gum, enamel and root canal. The children were so focused on this activity.
What a super fun day we had today. We love when the sun is shining.

Happy Tuesday everyone! What a beautiful sunny day, the children are all running around in the outdoor area enjoying the weather but staying safe with hats on and cream applied.
We have got new hat pockets near the sink area in Aqua, each child has their photo attached, please make sure they have a hat daily, with their name on it inside their own pocket.
Today Saige started her morning of by completing some puzzles.
Lily and Adeline set their dolls up and then patted them to sleep, they love to play, pretend play.
A group of children joined Alejandra on the mat for yoga time.
Inside children were cooking for each other in the kitchen area.
There was also a group enjoying time with the large blocks, they built a house and all sat inside.
While outside Isaac and Thomas enjoyed transporting the trucks around the sandpit area.
2 groups joined Nelson and Alejandra on the mats for large group time. They used listen skills as the teacher read different stories. They sang the day’s of the week song, and good morning song.
After we went into small group times for learning centre time. With Nelson the children completed an jumping obstacle course.
With Donna we have being learning all about spring and this week we are starting to learn about different bugs and today we made a bee. We used yellow and made some stripes like the bee.
With Alejandra the children are learning to speak in Spanish, this week they are learning how to count 1 is to 5 in Spanish. Amazing!!! Well done Children.
With Helena the children played a game outside in the sun, the game was called sandy girl and they picked a partner they wanted to dance with. They really enjoyed this new game and laughter was heard all over the garden as they danced together.
What a fun Tuesday we had.

Happy Monday everyone! On this beautiful day, the Aqua explorers started their day off with relaxing yoga and self-selected activities. With Alejandra, the Explorers stretched and performed some of their favourite animal moves such the crocodile. Meanwhile, other children took interest in the self-selected activities such as pompom collection and outdoor activities. The children refined their fine motor skills by collecting different colour pom poms with containers and tongs. Outside, the Aqua explorers practiced their cognitive experiences through 3D shape making and pretended to dine at the outdoor home corner. The children expressed their creative movement through dancing.

Just before learning centre time, the Aqua explorers were invited to two literacy group times. With Nelson, the explorers revise days of the week through the days of the week song, they also practiced counting and animal recognition through a variety of stories such as ‘who’s driving’, and ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’. With Helena, the children read some of their favourite stories such as ‘Dirty Bertie’ and ‘the very Itchy bear’. They also pretended to be different Australian animals when reading ‘if you are happy and you know it.’

After the story group time, the children requested to look at educator’s book, they chose some of their favourite story and enjoyed looking at the stories by themselves. During Learning centre time, the children made birds with Helena as part of their interest in birds. With paper plate and collage materials, the children expressed their creativity in this experience. With Alejandra the children were introduce to numbers and were encouraged to trace the numbers with different colour textas. Due to hot weather, the children explored ice painting with Liza. Outside with Nelson, the children practiced their crawling, balancing and listening skills with the obstacle course. The children had so much fun today!

Happy Friday everyone! On this cloudy day, the Aqua explorers started their day off with some cognitive experiences. They were excited about the different type of puzzles on the table and could not wait to have a turn with them. The children practiced their hand eye coordination skills with the magnetic puzzles as well as problem solving skills. Some of them used trial and error to put the puzzle back together while others utilised their problem-solving skills. At the home corner, the explorers were busy making breakfast for dolls and guests. They had so much fun pretending to cook!

Just before learning centre, the Aqua explorers were invited to three different group times. With Helena, the children revisited the weather and days of the week. They also read some of their favourite stories such as ‘Dirty Bertie’ and ‘Thelma the unicorn’. With Katherine, the children were invited to practise their singing. They enjoyed singing some of their favourite nursery rhymes. With Nelson, the children listed to felt board stories and enjoyed taking turns with the felt characters. Literacy experiences such as these encourages children to extend their cognitive and literacy skills.

At learning centre time, the Aqua explorers were invited to explore colour mixing with Katherine. They made butterflies with different colour food dye. With Liza, the children discussed healthy eating with Liza before making their own fruit baskets. The explorers were excited to name the fruits before pasting them on to the basket. Outside, the children practice their physical skills such as jumping, walking and running during gross motor experience. With our new teacher Ghazal, the children played a ball game where they had to roll the ball to peers.

The Aqua explorers had such a busy Friday today!


The children have had a fun filled day. They have been staying quiet safe and keeping sunscreen on and their hats. We will have new pockets with the children’s faces on them, where they will place their hat inside daily. This will hopefully help to not misplace them.

This morning we had some very little victors, Leonardo’s little brother MoMo,  joined us for a little few minutes and explored some paper with Leo. We were also very lucky and got a visit from James little brother Sammie. The boy’s where so proud to show off their little brothers.

Outside there was lots of fun happening, the children used yellow and green to make a daffodil, using their fine motor skills.

Water play was a big hit today as it was a great way for the children to cool down in this hot weather. They washed the dolls and cleaned all the soap of them. Water play is both enjoyable and educational, it helps develop hand and eye coordination as well as math and science concepts as they fill and empty the cups. It also enhances social skills and encourages cooperation.

Inside the children joined Alejandra on the mat for some yoga. Some of the children played at the kitchen area with Teacher Liza.

Evan tried to chop with the scissors, while Evelyn, Georgia Hope and Sara explored dolls and the bags. They said they were shopping.

At learning centre time some children used motor control to put elastic bands around the toilet rolls, Jack and Luca made their chic and roses with Donna. With Bambi the children made some flowers for the spring garden.

What a fun day we had today.

Happy Wednesday Aqua Families, we hope you are all enjoying this wonderful weather daily. The children are full of sun cream and having lots of fun outdoors.
Outside today we set up a shopping centre as the children have displayed interest in going to Coles with their parents. They packed their trolly with food and brought it to the cash register to buy.
‘’Pretend play and ‘make believe’ has many benefits, some being to encourage imagination and creativity, it supports social and emotional development, and to improve language and communication skills’’.
There was also a lot of pretend play happening inside in the kitchen this morning with Isabella, Lily and Evan.
Also the sand pit, the children made cakes.
Isla, Charlotte, Isabella and Lily joined Donna to make the puzzles on the mat. Their cognitive skills shine as they remember where the piece goes, they are very quick at completing them now and need little assistance from the teacher.
Henry, Charlie and Levi Elliott made a big tower and a long line with the blocks.
At group time the children read stories to help develop language skills. Also they sing good morning and welcome everyone to school today.
After group time was learning centre fun. With Donna some children played her game with her.
Alejandra’s group made some lovely glittery flowers to add to their display of the caterpillar.
Some children enjoyed some of teacher Helena’s books, they love to look through our bags and enjoy some time looking at the pictures. Also with Helena the children made some sensory gloop to enjoy.
With Katherine, children used fine motor skills and manipulated pop sticks and pompoms to make spring flowers.
With Lisa, the children did some ice play in this warm weather, they love moving it around ‘’cold’’ some children said. When it melted they used boat to sail inside and washed some Dinosaurs.
Nelson’s group had some awesome fun, they matched the colours to the animals. They had to name the colours and the animal.
What a sunny fun filled day we had at Aqua today.

Welcome back to another wonderful sunny spring day. The children love to be outside playing in the sun, but please make sure your child has a hat with their name printed on it daily, so we can stay sun smart.
The children have being really busy today exploring many activities set up in the outdoor and indoor areas.
Henry, Isla, Saige and Levi sat at a small table together, they used their fine motor to manipulate the small Lego. They build towers, houses and cars and enjoyed the time together building on friendships.
Oscar also enjoyed time with the small Lego’s and cars.
Yoga was a full class this morning. The children relax and calm their bodies in preparation for the day of learning ahead.
Saige brushed up om some mathematics while counting the lids and placing them on the numbers.
Jake, Alexia and Evelyn enjoyed some time in the pit, building many nice cakes with the sand.
At group time with Alejandra the children sang old mc Donald had a farm and used cognitive and Language skills to remember what each animal says.
With Nelson the children read a book about Peppa Pig. They all used good listening skills throughout group times.
After in Learning Centre time, with Donna we continue to learn all about spring, we talk about baby animals being born, different types of flowers and have started to display our wonderful paintings on the wall as we make a spring garden. Please come have a look at my work.
With Kathrine children joined her to work on some puzzles.
While with Sylvia some of the children concentrated on cutting development.
Helena’s group made some amazing Cherrie blossoms for the spring wall.
Nelson’s group used all muscles today, they had to spider crawl over the stepping stones using large and fine motor skills. At the end they had to jump over the cones and aim for the goals.
It was a fun filled day and all children have had a wonderful day!

What a beautiful spring day today. The children have being enjoying the sun outside but staying safe with hat’s and sunscreen.
Inside some children joined Alejandra on the yoga mat’s. Relaxing our bodies and mind, getting prepared for the day ahead.
At the kitchen area, Harvey, Elise and Georgia took care of Donna and made her tea and brekkie.
Charles and Henry started their morning exploring cars and the block area. They are always a great team together.
Harvey, Isabella and Elise enjoyed time with some puzzles. They used their cognitive skills to complete them.
Outside Oscar made a lovely daffodil for spring time. Some of the children sat to have some morning tea together.
Lily joined Oscar in some drawing at the table.
The sand pit was as busy as ever. The children used their fine muscles to scoop and build different things inside the pit.
We all joined each other on the mat for the good morning song and to talk about our weekend. We read some stories and sang some songs with our Teachers, then separated into small groups for learning centre time.
With Donna we continue to learn all about spring, we made some baby chicks and red flowers with the recycled bottle.
With Alejandra we used fine motors skills to make a caterpillar.
Nelson and his group used large gross motor to complete the obstacle course. The children are displaying some great balancing skills now and love to show how they can jump between the lines of the ladder.
We love spring time and are enjoying the lovely weather, but please make sure your child has a hat daily so we can continue being sun smart.


Today was a lovely spring day. the children have been busy in Aqua exploring today. To start their day Adeline, Lily, Isaac and Nicholas had fun together in the kitchen are pretending to make brekkie for each other. It is so nice to see our new peers interacting with the older Aqua group. It is amazing to see them so settled so quickly.
Outside the children explored all areas of the garden, they dug in the sandpit and had lots of fun together.
Isabelle, Charlotte and Adeline sat together in the doorway chatting to each other while typing on the keyboard, Dom climbed the tree looking for a bird nest we spoke about at group time with Donna. After Isabelle had a look in the tree also.
Inside Evelyn made a big tower and was so pleased with herself.
Isla and Henry decided they wanted to shop and used our handbags to shop for books they told us.
At group time the children have being talking about the change in season. We talked about everything that happens in Spring time. Flowers growing as well as the leaves on the tree. Also we spoke about the baby chicks being born and many other baby animals.
After group time some of the children played a game with Donna. They have to spin the wheel and when it lands on a colour, they pick a card and act out the animal, action or object. The children love participating in the game and are getting very good at playing.
With Maria the children made some flowers for spring.
Lisa’s group love Friday as they get to feed the Guinea pig. They love to watch him chew his food and they especially love patting him.
Have a lovely weekend Aqua Friends!!