What a hot Thursday we are having. The children are using their hats when outside and have been applying sun cream throughout the day.

We also have been enjoying stamping our feet in the water trout to keep ourselves chilled in this hot weather.

Also, outside the children joined Liza to explore her treasure box. She has lots of fun things inside and the excitement was evident as the children joined her on the mat.

We joined the teachers on the mat to welcome each other to school. We sing the good morning song so the children will get to know our new peers and educators.

The nursery children joined Donna in some songs. They chose the props and became Monkeys swinging on the tree, and the farm animals. We sang Old Mc Donald and when it was time to become the animals the children held up the farm animal they were.

After we went into small groups.

Sophie made her eyes, nose, mouth, and hair as she spoke about Donna all about herself. Madeleine also made a beautiful self-portrait, and she could tell Donna how many eyes she had.

Maya joined Bambi and traced the dots to complete some shapes and then some of our other nursery friends tried her activity also.

With Nelson in the garden the children sat and listened while he explained to them what to do in the obstacle course, he had got ready.

Annabel was like a spider monkey while she crawled over the steppingstones. They had to try not touch the sides. The children also had the opportunity to pic a colour and drive like the bus around the garden.

Playdough was a hit as always, the children used their fine motor skills and moulded the dough to the shape they want. They get stronger daily and some of the children can make many shapes like snakes.

We had a fun day today.

Today to start the morning of the children made a tent in the reading corner, they used cushions to build the fort and sat inside hiding from the educators.

Saige and Isla made one on the couch area and loved laughing and giggling as they hid behind it.

All the Emerald children are exploring well throughout the day.

Henry, Amelia M, and Maddie had fun exploring the puzzles with Trish our teacher.

There was lots of large gross motor development happening outside. The children were running, jumping and kicking the ball.

Annabel and Nicholas enjoyed exploring colours with the dinosaurs. They counted how many were on the table.

At group time the children joined their teachers on the mat, were they sand many nursery rhymes. We are learning all our peer’s names and love singing the good morning song and hello how are you.

After group times we split for learning centre time. some of the children joined Donna to continue to talk about their identity, the colour of their eyes, how many noses and mouth we had. They got creative then and drew their own portrait of themselves.

With Bambi the children explored the shape of a circle. They made many stamps in the circle shape on the paper.

With Helena the children experienced some sensory exploration with their feet. They made many prints to represent the Australian flag.

We had such a fun day exploring!


Happy Tuesday everyone. Welcome to all our new families to Aqua, we are delighted to see so many new faces and it is so amazing to see the children settling into the room. They are exploring the area both indoors and outdoors.

Today the day started off with a bit of rain, so the children stayed inside. India started her day with some peers on the mat making a car from the stick bricks. Thomas made an airplane from the blocks.

Georgia also had fun exploring the blocks.

Leo and some peers explored puzzles. while Elise and Nishka enjoyed time together at the home corner pretending to be the Mommies to the dolls.

At group time we joined our teachers on the mat.  We first sang the hello song. This is helping us to get to know each other as we are learning our new friends’ names. This will help our new friends settle into their new surroundings.  After our rhymes we listened to some stories using active listening ears.

Welcome to our new friend Louis, he has been playing with Donna and we have been getting to know each other, we took a selfie together and he has been very calm and exploring lots.

After group time we went to our small groups for learning centre time.

With Donna the children joined her to talk all about ourselves. We are developing our self- identity which will help us feel a sense of belonging in the group. The children were very creative and made their faces when they finished looking in the mirror.

With Bambi the children enjoyed play dough exploration. They used fine motor skills to roll and mould the dough.

With Liza the children enjoyed making prints in the colours of the Australia flag. They are getting to know were they come from.

Joey is so confident in herself and took a group time with Liza’s pros, she sang 5 cheeky monkeys for her peers. Well done Joey.

What a fun filled day we had in Aqua.


Happy Monday and welcome to another sunny day!

Today we started day by engaging ourselves in the puzzles that allows us to enhance our problem-solving skills and sorting skills as well.

Later, children participated in the group time, where children listened to “Piranhas don’t eat Bananas” with Nelson and with Helena children sang morning songs that includes children’s song facilitating their self- identity. The group time allows children to develop sense of belonging among children.

We welcome our new friend Louis to Aqua room and he is settling really well in the room. He enjoyed playing with the cars and reading books.

Similarly, our new Aqua friends are doing really well. They are enjoying their time in Aqua and are building their confidence as well as relationship with their Aqua peers and educators.

Followed by learning center, children participated with Bambi to make play dough and experience the chemical state of flour changing its state from gooey to sticky- squishy play dough. The children enjoyed a lot!

Many children participated in easel painting and hand printing facilitating their creativity skills and sensory skills respectively.

During free play, children enjoyed playing musical instruments, obstacle courses and playing with dino world. This helps in developing social emotional development and resilience of children.

All the children had fun in the sunny day and hope you all will have a good evening. 😊


Happy Friday everyone! On this beautiful day, the Aqua explorers started their day off with different activities such as practicing their cognitive and fine motor skills with puzzles, facilitating their language skills through looking at books with Carolina. Interacting with friends at the office table and sofa.

Just before learning centre, one group of explorers were invited to story time with Bambi while the other group listened to Komalpreet’s stories. The children listened attentive and took interest in different images in the story.

During learning centre time, the Aqua explorers were invited to various activities:

Inside at the table, children were invited to do a sensory painting with cotton wool different colour paints. They love to explore the texture of the cotton wool by squeezing it in their hands!

Outside, the children continued to explore Australian colours red and blue through painting. They were good at naming these two colours!

The colourful rice bin was popular among the explorers. They explore volume by filling up their containers and loved to feel the texture of rice in their hands.

In the yard, the Aqua children enjoyed building train tracks at the car table. They loved exploring all areas of the yard and had lots of fun!



Early morning children enjoyed playing outside and warming up their bodies via physical activities. Similarly, Eliot visited Aqua and had fun with children and enjoyed dancing and taking some pictures.

Later, children participated in group time singing morning songs and listening to the story.  We sang “Good Morning” song where each child’s name will be taken. This helps children to develop knowledgeable and confident self-identities. Our new friends participated very well in the group time and are starting to recognise their Aqua peers and educators with their names.

In learning center, children enjoyed pour and scooping activating contributing to their hand-eye coordination skills.

Similarly, Sara built a wonderful gate using connectors and further planned to make a castle out of it.

With Nelson, children engaged actively in colour recognition sport where they had to run, choose a small cone and place it in the big cones based on the colours.

Some children participated with enthusiasm to clean the farm animals with soap water.

Isla: “Horse has poo…I will clean her bum”

Joey replied: “I will clean the poo then…”

Iris: “Dirty animals!”

Annabel: “we clean bum after poo poo!”

This facilitates in acknowledging children about their health and wellbeing.

Also, to expose children to diversity and acknowledge them about the country we live in “Australia”, they were introduced to Australian Flag colours- Red, Blue and White and were encouraged to paint the Australian Flag.

In self selected activities children engaged in water play, puzzles and physical activities. This provides opportunities for children to reflect their self- identities and also their sense of agency. Furthermore, it promotes social development.

All the children had fun engaging in water play in this hot weather whereas our new friends have settled and developed their self-confidence as they are independently exploring the room and playing together.

What another beautiful day we are having. Just a reminder please make sure your child has a hat and water bottle inside the bag.

To start the morning of Evan joined Adeline, Lily and Charlotte to build a new school they told their educator. After the girls did some dancing on the mat to Let it Go. India really enjoys the musical instruments and played the guitar for the 3 girls as they danced.

Elise, Emmeline, and Annabel enjoyed time at the table exploring puzzles. they are so clever, and their cognitive skills shine as they complete them by themselves.

Zachary also enjoyed exploring the puzzle box. He required some help from his educator to open some of the doors but was persistent and could manage some of them by himself.

Group times was incredibly fun and hands on. They children helped the teachers open the flaps to see who was underneath.

Our wonderful new friends from Emerald joined us and are doing well at group times listening to the teacher’s songs and stories.

After group time the children had the option to explore the room. They went outside and explored the garden. They climbed the tree and had fun sliding on the slippery dip.

With Nelson the children joined him in a matching colour game. They listened well and then waited their turn. When Nelson called them, they had to match the colour to the right spot. We have very clever little people who could find the colour on their own.

Outside Maya showed her creative side and drew a lovely picture.

Inside some of the children joined Rosanna for some playdough exploration, they used fine motor to roll the dough and Leo showed of the snake he made.

Some of the children joined Donna to continue to make their very own Australia Flag. We are getting to know about each other and were we come from. They are mark making and showing the creative side to each.

Some of the children had some relaxing time on the mat reading books.

What awesome fun we had in Aqua today.

Happy Tuesday to all our Aqua families. We are having extremely hot weather now so please make sure your child has a hat and drink bottle Labelled with their name on them. We have been applying lots of sun cream and having lots of water play to stay cool.

Today the children from nursery came to explore and settle into Aqua, it is already the second week and they are all doing extremely well. They have confidently been sitting for group time, reading, and singing songs with the educators. Also, they are interacting with new friends and the teachers well. Well done to them all for being so amazing and brave, it is a big step in their lives.

Some of the children enjoyed using crayons and mark making on paper.

Well some of the children enjoyed exploring the puzzles with Carolina.

Isaac and Leonardo had fun with the large blocks, they seemed to be using them as a stage and sang some nice songs to each other as they stood up on the block.

Georgia enjoyed building a tall tower with them.

Zoe had fun putting her teddy to bed, she wrapped him in the blanket then patted him to sleep.

Some of the children enjoyed exploring and looking at Donna’s books.

After group times the children joined Donna and worked on a group project together, today we made a large Australian flag with our hands as we got to know one another.

Also, with Bambi the children did some finger painting.

We had a fun Tuesday. Have a nice evening everyone!

Happy Monday to all!!! We are having extremely hot weather now so please make sure your child has a hat and drink bottle Labelled with their name on them. We have been applying lots of sun cream and having lots of water play to stay cool.

Today we started our day with group time with Liza listening to the story “Poopy Pants and Potty Rants.” All the children enjoyed listening to it and shared their views on it.

Elise “We have toilet here…and I do poo poo there!”

Nishka “we are big and do poo poo in potty! ”

The Nursery children participated in group time sang and listened to the story with enthusiasm. Also shared their views:

Molly- “ we Poo Poo in the toilet”

Isabel “Isabel do poo in toilet”

The Nursery children are settling down and building their confidence to explore the room confidently and independently.

Some children enjoyed using their special skills and did some cooking. And our little mommies patted the baby to sleep- taking turns. This helps in enhancing children to reflect their self-identity as well as depict their existing understanding in regards to social-emotions.

Our masterminds used their problem-solving skills to solve the puzzles whilst some children engaged in preparing play dough where they were acknowledged with mathematical concept of counting quantities.

Similarly, most of the children engaged in art and crafts by creating their own version of Birthday candles for our birthday wall and with Carolina, children were encouraged to identify the body parts and paint them.

It was a big day for transitioning children as they will spend their most time of the day in Crimson and the children are settling very well and is confidently exploring as well as interacting with peers and educators. They had a great day in Crimson and were very proud to share their day story with Aqua educators and peers. 😊

We had fun today.have a nice evening everyone! 😊

It is the end of the second week in January already. The weeks go quickly when we are having so much fun. The older children are settling and exploring Crimson well, while our new friends from nursery are finding their feet in Aqua.

They have been enjoying time in the kitchen area a lot as well as the outdoor area. They are very curious of their surroundings and seem to be settle well also.

Starting the morning of the children enjoyed outdoor time, Sara, Lily, Charlotte and Adeline laughed with each other in the cubby house.

Evan built a big cube for his best friend Nelson, while Alice explored the car area.

It was nice seeing everyone sitting nicely and enjoyed morning tea also.

Celine showed of her large gross motor control while climbing the tree.

It was also lovely to see the boy’s Leo, Isaac and Jake play so well and share the space nicely with the car mat.

Inside some of the children built tall towers with the Lego blocks.

Annabel explored the abacus; she moved the balls from one side to the next. She counted to 5 with the educator as she did so.

At learning centre time some of the children got creative and made a portrait of themselves. They picked a colour and drew on the shape of a body. Their eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. They also coloured their clothes.

With Donna the children were getting to know each other, where we all come from and then we started to make our own Australian flag using colours red and Blue. They displayed great fine motor skills as they made stamps on the paper.

Some of the children had lots of fun dancing on the mat with Bambi. Sophie especially enjoyed some dancing.

What a super fun Friday we had in Aqua today! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.