Today we started Wednesday with some exploring in the Aqua Room. Some of the children enjoyed sitting and looking at the teacher’s books. the children love to have a look inside the teachers bags and are always eager to do so.
Welcome back to Sophie, she enjoyed time with the wiggles puzzles and exploring it with friends.
Maya, Sophia Egan and Amelia IW enjoyed playing with the dolls in the home corner.
Well also enjoyed some morning tea of yummy cheese toast and fresh fruit. We washed our hands with soap and water to keep germs away and then sat with our peers while we had some food.
Learning centre was interesting as the children read stories about the messy meanies, sang songs with Reeti about ‘’Old Mc Donald’’. Their listening skills and concentration development are really starting to shine as we sit for 15 to 20 minutes on the mat.
After group time we choose where we like to play and have some small group times which help us learn to share and socialise with our peers.
With Natasha the children picked a shape and matched it to the shape, well done Annabel you matched one of the hardest shapes, A Hexagon.
Some of the children enjoyed time with the zoo animals, picking the animals from the books.
A group of the children matched colours at the colour table.
Charlotte, Alegria and Isla enjoyed exploring the dinosaurs.
With Reeti the children have being talking about the winter weather and today made a snowman working together as a team to put all his body parts together.
What a fun filled day. We hope you have a wonderful evening.

Today the children had a special day at Aqua. As it was the Queens birthday all the children were inviter to attend a tea party in the garden in the afternoon.
To get ready for the party at Learning centre time the children helped to prepare the cookies and sandwiches. We washed our hands with soap and water first then put our gloves on to keep the germs away from the food.
With Komalpreet the children had the opportunity to make Jam, vegemite, and tomato sandwiches. They displayed good hand and eye coordination skills as they put the different spreads onto the bread with a knife. They concentrated extremely hard and made many sandwiches for the party.
With Liza the children had the opportunity to make some yummy cookies. While doing this activity they are learning early science and Math, they learn this when putting the ingredients together to make the cookie dough.
Afternoon Tea came and we all sat together to have the tea party, the children seemed to enjoy the experience as there was many laughter and smiles around the table.
What a fun day we experienced today in the Aqua room. We hope you all had a wonderful long weekend.

Good afternoon dear Aqua Families, hope you are all doing very well.
We welcome our new Aqua member, Karen (Donna’s friend) from Ireland and we are having lots of fun with her
Today, Madeleine started her morning by demonstrating hand-eye coordination skills to thread the beads and Alice used her problem-solving skills to solve puzzles.
Remi, Isla and Joey formed their rock band and played some beautiful music.
On the other side, a ballet performance was going on!
All the Aqua children enjoyed group time with Durshi and Natasha where they sang beautiful songs and listened to stories.
In learning centre, Ethan continued exploring our Aqua jungle whilst Henry and Isabel enjoyed exploring the Dinosaur world.
With Karen, some children participated in recognizing the shape names and sticking them accordingly onto matching paper.
Based on the children’s interest, we all enjoyed making a Babyccino with Liza. They used milk, a hand held frother, Marshmallow and some chocolate powder to prepare it.
Everyone enjoyed making them and we are all now eligible to be future Baristas!
Outside, Ethan and Georgia participated in building towers and Beveen enjoyed his quad bikes.
The day was full of fun and all our children enjoyed it.
Have a lovely evening and stay safe.

Aqua children started their morning by helping Liza to make castle of the queen and further shared about the number of doors and windows of their house.

Isabel “I have two doors in my house.”

Alegria “I have 5 doors and 2 windows.”

Molly “I also have 2 doors in my house.”

Inside, Pasha and Molly got busy in taking care of the babies and taking them outside in the park. And some of them were busy cooking their morning tea.

In learning centre, children enjoyed listening to the story ‘Where is my Teddy’ with Nita and Komalpreet. They depicted good listening skills which helps in enhancing their concentration skills. Moreover, Isla shared her ‘Spot goes on Holiday’ book with all her peers. Thank you, Isla!

Anneliese and Annabel demonstrated good social skills by time making tea and coffee and serving to their peers who were helping Nita to decorate queen’s castle.

Likewise, William, Alegria and Isabel spent their time exploring Jungle animals incorporated with soft dough. The concoction of the dough facilitates children’s fine motor as well as sensory skills.

Henry, Amelia and Isabel developed their curiosity in finding out whose car is the fastest and figured out that Isabel’s car is the fasted one.

In Addition, see saw was a hit today and every child participated and had fun.

Aqua children enjoyed the sunny day today.

Happy Friday and have a lovely long weekend 😊

Good afternoon Aqua Families and hope you are all doing well.

We started our rainy day by engaging in indoor activities. Nicholas had fun riding cars inside while Madeleine, Nishka and Henry read books with Nita.

Some of the children had a mini picnic indoors where they ate yummy foods and sang lovely songs.

All the children enjoyed actively participating in group times and listening to stories and singing songs.

Isla and Sara participated in a cutting experience facilitating their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Outside undercover on the balcony in a queens birthday activity the children loved serving high tea to themselves and to their peers.

Alegria enjoyed painting her tea cup and tea pot for the Queen’s Birthday High Tea.

Joey and Annabel loved reading stories and shared some books to each other.

Fit and Funky was a hit today. every child enjoys the session and loves dancing.

All the children enjoyed playing inside and engaging in different learning experiences.

Have a lovely evening and stay warm.

Good afternoon dear Aqua Families. Hope you are all having a good day.

We started our morning staying inside. Joey and Henry used their problem-solving skills to solve the puzzle whilst Charlotte and Alegria decided to read books in the book corner.

We also enjoyed scones for their morning tea and it was really tasty. Thank you, Frank.

In group time, all the children actively participated and demonstrated their good listening skills.

Whereas in learning centre time the children participated in decorating and creating their own version of a Queen’s crown with textas and sparkles.

Molly and Isla enjoyed their time taking their babies to the shopping mall and doing some shopping for dinner.

Outside, Celina helped a caterpillar to climb the trees and Nicholas pretended to become a monkey and jumped off the walk boards.

The day was spent really well and all the children kept themselves busy.

Have a good evening and stay warm.

welcome to a cold Tuesday.

We started our cold morning by engaging in indoor activities. Maya and Sophia decided to go for shopping with their handbags whereas Iris and Amelia used their problem-solving skills to complete the puzzles.

India enjoyed her time by making some sand cakes.

All the children actively participated in group time by singing songs and listening to stories.

In learning centre, the children explored shapes and their names.

Some children participated in making/decorating a Queen’s crown facilitating their fine motor skills.

Likewise, Alegria, Joey and Charlotte engaged in exploring Jungle animals.

All the Aqua children were busy engaging in different learning experiences and spent the day well.

Hope you all have a good evening too.

Happy Monday Aqua families hope you are looking forward to a lovely week!

Teresia spent her morning by manipulating play dough and creating a 3D version of her imagination.

Henry and Nicholas continued to explore the jungle animals and matched them with the pictures of the book.

Outside, Nicholas C., Elizabeth, Ethan M. and Maya enjoyed making wheel marks on the paper and painting.

Everyone enjoyed group time with Komalpreet and Riti. This helped them to enhance their listening skills and concentration skills.

Joey, Molly and Iris loved coordinating their hand-eye movement by pretending the play dough was sausages and cutting them down into pieces.

All our children enjoyed their time in the Aqua room today and had fun playing with their peers.

Hope you all had a good day too.

Have a good evening

It was a beautiful Friday and all the children enjoyed engaging in the self-selective plays. Georgia and Henry enjoyed the breakfast and each other’s company. Likewise, Iris started her day by imitating to become a teacher and did group time with her peers. All her friends listened to her very well.

Isla enjoyed manipulating play dough and interpreted her imagination of rainbow kookaburra into 3D model.

Isabel was engaged in cutting experience to facilitate her fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, Amelia enjoyed painting Giraffe.

During the learning centre time, children enjoyed listening and singing songs with Durshi and Komalpreet. They exhibited good listening skills and were concentrated.

In the outdoors, children loved meeting Sniffle after a long time. Children demonstrated care for nature by giving gentle pat to him and using inside voices.

Pasha “It is black and white.”

Alegria “its eyes are dark like me!”

Molly and Annabel mentioned Sniffle to be soft and fluffy.

We also celebrated Amelia’s Birthday. Happy Birthday to Amelia. We wish you best for your upcoming days. -Love Aqua.

All our Aqua friends enjoyed their day by engaging in various activities.

Good afternoon Aqua families, welcome to another chilly day.

Today, Madeleine started her day by doing some Ballet to some soft music, whilst Alegria, Sophia B. and Joey spent their morning reading some books.

Iris decided to go to work with her baby whereas Elizabeth decided to cook some breakfast for Matilda so that she can reach work on time. It was lovely watching the children imitating the adults behavior and interpreting their imaginations via pretend play.

Anneliese and Madeleine had fun creating their own band and playing music.

In learning centre, the children sang their good morning songs and read some stories. The children continued to explore the Aqua Jungle and jungle animals and some children enjoyed pretend play with the dinosaurs.

Some participated in drawing some jungle animals and some manipulated play dough and created 3D versions of their imaginations.

And Today we are wishing our beautiful Sara a happy birthday for today. We enjoyed celebrating your birthday with you today and are looking forward to watching you grow.

We all had a good day today and stayed warm inside. Hope you all had a good day today too.

Have a good evening.