Today was a beautiful sunny day in Aqua. The children had so much fun in the garden. We chased bubbles around this evening with Donna and even played with some water, we dipped our feet in it to cool down.

This morning while the children arrived we had lots of fun with the cotton sand. Sophie, Iris, and Molly really enjoyed exploring it. They picked it up and let it fall back down onto the table.

‘’Like rain’’ Molly said as she let it drop down.

Outside the cubby house was a fun place to sit with our Doll’s and pat them. We also had the shop today again and the children were seen feeding the baby dolls.

The Dinosaur table was very busy, a small group gathered to explore them together.

Some of the children enjoyed a story time with our work experience teacher on the mat.

Teresia really enjoyed exploring the cars on the mat. She played for at least 15 minutes.

The children had lots of sport playing with the mother duck and the babies. Celina and Amelia sang the song for their peers as they explored them with the blue water.

Group time was full of songs today. The children especially enjoyed Nita’s song with her props of Old Mc Donald Had a Farm. Afterwards they explored the frogs with her. They used the stick to rub along the frogs back to make the sound.

Learning center time the children had the opportunity to explore a sensory sand box with recycled material and spoons. They enjoyed filling the rolls to the top and then letting it fall out the bottom. The children got super excited as it made the shape of a sand castle.

With Komalpreet the children enjoyed the experience of making their own bracelets.

With Liza the children started to explore Aboriginal signs, they listened and looked at the symbols Liza showed them and then matched them. What a interesting experience to be exploring.

Annabel displayed amazing cognitive skills as she sat to complete the puzzles on the table.

Isaac became the fire fighter and put the fire out for Nicholas.

Molly and Isla had fun playing chef in the kitchen. Komalpreet was very lucky and received many different foods at the table. Her favorite was cake.

What a fun filled day we had. Have a wonderful weekend Aqua Families.


It was nice to hear the children talking all about the Easter tea this morning as they arrived at school. They would have been quite happy to have another easter hunt to find more chocolate.

The morning started as always with the Aqua children exploring the experiences set out for them.

Iris and Nishka had some time making lovely circles on the paper.

Alegria and Georgia really enjoys the dinosaurs and was happily playing at the table with them.

Annabel made a large tower with the stika bricks. She was super excited to show Donna them when she finished.

Pasha joined Remi to complete some puzzles, they used fine motor skills and coordination skills to complete them. They are getting very good at completing them without the help of the teachers.

Group times was full of stories and songs. They children are really starting to display amazing listening skills as they join the teachers at group time.

Again, the cotton sand was a big hit. The children loved exploring it. Today we added some recycled toilet roll holders, and the children pushed the sand in and laughed as it came out the other end.

Sophia B enjoyed drawing with the markers, she holds her pen very well and made amazing circles.

With Alejandra the children enjoyed some water play. They used syringes which are amazing to develop fine motor control and sucked the water up and squirted it back inside. Leo, Isaac and Thomas got so excited they decided to wet each other.

Joey really enjoyed the puzzle with the magnets. She could control the stick to pick all the animals out and then back in.

What a fun day. Have a nice evening and we will see everyone tomorrow.

What a beautiful day at Aqua today. It was a sunny morning and the children had lots of fun in the garden. We set up a shop at the cubby house and it was so nice to hear the children talking to each other about how they visit Coles with their parents. They spoke about the yummy food they buy there. Leo and Isaac even bought an ice-cream, and we could see they really enjoyed eating them.

Inside there was some amazing new cotton sand added to the children’s experiences. The children were amazed by the feel and the teachers were told ‘’its soft’’ as the children explored it.

We can see many of the children enjoyed this sensory play experience.

Charlotte really enjoyed making a big circle with the chalk.

Alegria and Annelise made the biggest tower with our work experience friend Ella.

Amelia shared a lovely bag she brought from home and shared very nicely with her friends.

Sand play was a big hit and the children decided they would make a car wash to wash the dirty cars.

Trish helped the children make a wonderful road for Ethan as he just loves to play with the cars.

We are incredibly lucky to be able to hold the afternoon Easter tea and it was amazing to have all the community together. It really makes it feel like a big family. They children enjoyed many activities and the Easter hunt. Thank you to all our parents who could make it and enjoy the time with us.

What an amazing afternoon, it’s a pity the rain came and broke up the fun.

Happy Tuesday everyone and hope you all had a relaxing Easter break. To start our week off here in the Aqua room had a lovely relaxing play in the garden and sandpit before some morning tea on the balcony. We also had a morning music group and sung some of our favourite songs before heading off to our learning centre groups.

During learning centre time, we reflected with the children about their easter break and chatted about all the fun things they did like spending time with family and friends, searching for easter eggs and the easter bunny and camping, going shopping, having a BBQ and swimming were some of their lovely memories. Feel free to email us in your long weekend/easter break images for us to display around the room for the children to show and share with their friends.

Some of our activities today were painting, garden basketball with miniature hoop and balls, climbing obstacle course, farmyard imagination play, painting, sensory containers for exploration, sandpit construction site, and a lovely quiet reading and chatting mat under the tree where we can share stories and chat to our friends.

For our afternoon we are verry excited to start getting our easter activities ready for you all to help us celebrate tomorrows Easter afternoon tea. Do not forget it starts at 3pm in the Crimson yard and everyone is welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow and hope you all have a lovely evening

Happy 1st of April! It is hard to believe we are in April already!

We had an incredibly special day today as we had an Incursion in the Crimson room.  The name of it was ‘’Planet Tidy’’ and yes you guessed it was all about taking care of the environment. The children learnt new songs about picking up rubbish and if we all do our bit, we will keep the planet tidy. We got to meet some funny characters, Pea 1 and Pea 2 rapped for us, while we were also introduced to Henrietta the Hippo, puppet fish and a giant clam who taught us how to not put rubbish in the ocean as it makes our sea creatures sick.

The children were so engaged and sat listening so well for the whole time the show was on. They really enjoyed participating in the songs also.

This morning, Nishka enjoyed looking at our Science project from yesterday and seeing how the colours had changed. Happy Holi to all our families!

We had a small band form today and it was nice to hear the children singing the song about keeping our planet tidy.

Emmeline displayed amazing fine motor skills as she helped dress the baby doll.

We also had fun exploring the Easter tree and hanging the eggs on it for the bunny.

We enjoyed dance time and Amelia gave her Dad Rauf a big hug when saying goodbye to him.

Jake liked his reflection in the mirror and giggled when he saw it.

Another popular activity was the shop. The children bought groceries from each other and paid the shop assistant.

We had a fun filled day today and we would like to wish the Aqua families a very happy Easter and enjoy your long weekend.


Today a small group started their morning off with some dancing. They used the dress up clothes and danced to ‘’Let it Go’’ amongst many other songs.

Henry, Thomas, and Nicholas joined Trish on the car mat and made a road with tunnels for the cars. They really enjoyed building and worked well together as a team. Henry loved driving the fire engine.

Katherine had a special toy for us to explore today. It was Tom Cat, and when we said something to him, he repeated the sentence. The children laughed so much when he spoke.

Sophia.E enjoyed some time at the chalk board, as did Charlotte. They made many lines on the board, exploring mark making.

Levi spent some time at the Dino world. He loves to explore the dinosaurs and was heard asking one, ‘’want dinner’’?

Molly and Thomas M explored the chicks and eggs for Easter. They had to use fine motor skills to squeeze the egg to see what pops out.

At group time the children are learning all about the weather with Natasha. They sing the weather song then choose on the card what it is like outside. We listen to stories and then go for learning centre time.

With Donna the children did an experiment for Holi festival.  It was called ‘Walking Colours’. We put food colouring and water into our bowls and then placed tissue paper from one bowl to the next and watched as the colours start ‘walking’ over to the other bowl. It was so much fun and when we arrived at school today (01/04/2021) all the colours had mixed and changed from Yellow to Orange and blue to green. The children were so engaged in this experiment.

The children continue to celebrate Easter, they made their own eggs by using paint and glitter.

With Reeti, the children helped find sometimes food and everyday food. We are learning about keeping our bodies healthy with different food.

With Natasha we made Easter eggs with colourful paper. We used fine motor skills to make them.

What a fun day in Aqua!

Dear families, it’s the last day of the week and yes we all overcame the uncertainty weather!! 😊

We started our day with some happy faces and conversation with Pasha, Remi and Sophia. Alegria and Charlotte spent their time reading lovely books whilst children enjoyed yummy morning tea. Thank you, Frank,! 😊

In group time, children enjoyed singing “Days of the Week” with Komalpreet, with Reeti, children enjoyed singing with puppets whilst with Natasha, children loved discussing the colours of their dresses or clothes they have worn. This intentional teaching scaffolds children’s learning and assimilate their existing knowledge. (Nolan & Raba, 2015).

In learning centre, children continued enjoying spraying colours whilst with Katherine, children loved creating their version of eggs by painting.

With Nita, children enjoyed pasting create their versions of carrots for the Easter bunny. Some children participated in collecting colourful papers to decorate their Easter Eggs.

Our learning centre was full of diverse learning experiences and children have been enjoying them a lot. This allows plenty of opportunities to enhance children’s learning dispositions and  develop the feeling of respecting as well as belonging to the learning area (DEEWR, 2009).

In free play time, children chowed off their dancing moves facilitating their language and gross motor skills. Ethan, Thomas and Pasha pretended to be dinosaurs and invade the fire station. This helps children to develop their social emotional skills and reflect their self-identities.

Pasha enjoyed talking about his new bag with his friends. It was really cool and amazing!


Dear families, welcome to last week of the month.

Today in the early morning, the children enjoyed pretend play, where most of them prepared morning tea, served their friends and enjoyed it together. Leonardo and his friends got busy in working at office, whilst Sara was busy in making birthday cake for her friends allowing them to enhance their social development skills.


In group time, children enjoyed listening to “Nee Naw” song with Komalpreet and with Natasha, children loved exploring the weather. Group time allows children opportunities to develop their whole body listening skills; increased concentration and active listening skills (Department of Education, 2021).

In learning centre, with Katherine, the children loved decorating and creating their own Easter Eggs. The learning was all about diversity and experiencing different cultural practices. Children loved it and we all had fun!

as an extension of Holi, the children enjoyed pretending to splash colours on people. Kruti brought special coloured powder and celebrated Holi with all children and educators. Thanks, Kruti for a lovely experience. Children enjoyed transforming themselves into rainbows.

“Rainbow Molly!”

“I am rainbow Unicorn!”- Remi.

“I play Holi with my friends (Davina and Kiwi)!”- Nishka

This allowed children to connect their present experience with existing knowledge and exposed them to practice of celebrating Holi.


We started our morning with Yoga and stretched our body to make it flexible.

Nishka shared her story about a stone she found on her way to day care with her friends. Likewise, all the children shared their morning cuddle with each other. This facilitates children’s social development.

In group time, children enjoyed singing morning songs with Nita, learnt Spanish with Alejandra and with Carolina, children enjoyed listening to “Where is the Green Sheep?”. The group time allows children to enhance their language development as well promote their concentration skills.

In learning center, with Nita, children enjoyed cooking biscuits using her home recipe. Likewise, as an extension for Holi, children used spray bottle to spray coloured water. These experiences expose children to diverse celebration and practices.

Similarly, with Alejandra, children enjoyed doing cutting and sticking, promoting their fine motor skills.

In free play time, children enjoyed pretend play in the home corner and making a runway track for their cars. Also, some enjoyed creativity by drawing and playing five cheeky monkeys. This allows children to enhance their social-emotional development and promote their sense of agency.

Our Aqua friends enjoyed their Friday a lot and hope you guys have a good weekend.

Happy Friday Dear Families 😊

Welcome to another sunny day of the week. Children were really excited to play and run outside. Early morning our builders got busy in building a zoo for the animals and our artists in showing off their creativity skills.

In group time, children enjoyed listening to story about colours of skin, eyes and hair with Liza and discussed about Holi festival. Similarly, with Natasha, children enjoyed singing weather songs and colour songs. With Alejandra, children learnt Spanish by naming animals. The group time is intentional teaching, that helps in children to enhance their learning dispositions and scaffold their existing knowledge.

In learning center time, children participated in colour sorting activity with Natasha and Nita.

Similarly, with Alejandra, children tried their best to cut and stick the papers~~enhancing their fine motor skills.

Likewise, our curious minds enjoyed breaking down the hard soil to find the hidden fossil.

With Liza children engaged in colour mixing experiment as an extension for Holi and with Donna some children enjoyed creating their own version of Easter Eggs promoting diversity in celebrations in Australia.

In self-selected activities, children enjoyed dancing, pretending to become mommy and cook food. And some enjoyed playing with Legos, keyboards (pretending to work in office). The self-selected activities allows children to reflect their self-identities as well as their sense of agency is promoted.

Moreover, thanks to our Crimson friends for a rally with different costumes, flags and songs in different language. 😊