Hola! A beautiful sunny day indeed! Our crimson children had a great fun sharing and talking about yesterday’s event.

Some of the chidlren had practice writing their names as well as using creating drawing to express what they remember from yesterday’s event. Some of the drew eggs, Easter bunny and also their families.

Other children had a great fun with Katherine during group time who used some big books and puppets to encourage open discussion.

Another group of children chose to participate in creative collage using natural materials that they found outdoors.

In the afternoon, children were excited to be part of the fit and funky creative dance and enjoyed the experience with their friends.


Hello everyone! Our children have been very excited from the morning about the Easter event in the afternoon and all of them have volunteered to help in cleaning and tidying up as well as creating props and baskets for the egg hunt.

We also would like to thank everyone who came and participate in yesterday’s Easter afternoon tea event. It was great to see families in a gathering after a while. The children certainly enjoyed the food, activities and the egg hunt!

Here are some of the photos from yesterday.

Have a wonderful afternoon!


Good afternoon everyone! We hope all of you had  a great Easter with your families. Our Crimson children are still on a  holiday mood and have been sharing their activities over the weekend with their friends.

The koalas  had brought something for show and tell and had enjoyed the attention when they had a chance to speak in front of the group. They also made some Easter bags for tomorrow’s afternoon tea.

The kookaburras focused on some literacy activities mainly spelling their name and identifying letters as well as tracing.

Our platypus friends had engaged with matching game using Aboriginal cards and also did some story telling using dream time stories. Following that, the group participated in connecting parts of the world map and also some mobilo and lego construction.

Meanwhile, our possum friends did egg  and spoon race that promoted their sense of belonging, sharing as well as cooperation.

We are all excited for tomorrow’s event and we hope to see you all there!



Happy Thursday everyone! It’s almost long weekend and a lot of the children are already in a holiday mood and looking forward to go away for a few days.

In the morning, we had the incursion, “Planet Tidy” which is very much timely in relation with one of our projects, “Sustainability” the puppet show discussed about how we can contribute in making our planet Earth clean and healthy as well as the effects of water pollution. Children enjoyed how lively and exciting the story, actions and props were. Sam, the lady who organized it also invited Jeffrey, Dominic, Arda and Veronique and children enjoyed how they participated in the show.

The rest of the Crimson groups continued to make Easter crafts like eggs and baskets using variety of materials.

To add more, this week we have been talking about the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and we have decided to focus on “reduce”. We have had wonderful discussions about reducing food waste and we have extended it to learning about the resources that are wasted whenever we waste food. We have planned to expand their knowledge on this by talking about other ways we can “reduce” the use of energy and more. We highly encourage you to please have a conversation with your child about this and share your practices and thoughts with them. Thank you!

Have a wonderful Easter holiday!

Hola! What a beautiful Wednesday we have!

Aidan’s family had brought in their fish tank this morning so we can look after it whilst they are away. Children were so excited to have a closer look on the fishes and have been asking to help care for them.

The kookaburras focused on making Easter egg crafts using paper plates that they have drew on and have continued more discussion about the coming celebration.

Arda brought in two books that he shared with the group. He sat and tried to read it in front of his friends with Arturo’s help.

The possums on the other hand made their Easter baskets for the egg hunt next week. Everyone was so excited upon knowing that there will be an egg hunt as well as other activities planned for next week.

Our platypus group expanded their knowledge about different occupations. A topic that they have carried on from the beginning of the week. Maddie dressed up as a hair dresser and a ballet performer same as Lily. Max, Teos and Imri were the police officers whilst Belian and Viraj were the fire fighters.

Our Koala friends had a great time with some sensory activities with Easter as a theme whilst others continued making Easter bunnies.

Elliot was happy to explore both our indoor and outdoor area today as well as finding the duplos very interesting.

After lunch, children had a nice and quiet activity of “I spy” outdoors whilst enjoying the sunny afternoon.

Not long after, Captain Joey came to do a tennis lesson with the children to make up for the Friday session that will be missed out dur to public holiday.


It’s Tuesday and our Crimson children had amazing activities all through out the day.

The koalas engaged with some beautiful Easter bunny craft experience as a preparation to the coming Easter celebration. Others explored the outdoor yard and got busy with some playdough and building experiences.

The possums repeated the baking soda experience from yesterday based on Archie’s request. Then it was followed by discussion about colours and how all the mixture got brown as well as the patterns that the colours made.

The platypus group meanwhile, expanded their knowledge about different occupations. How each of them would like to be when they grow up. Some of them wanted to be police officers and pretended to write a report whilst others dressed up and some did dramatic play as fire fighters.

Our kookaburra friends started to talk about Easter and they began making easter eggs using paper plates. They will continue to do so and will start making their own baskets too.


It was a great Holi celebration in crimson yesterday. Children definitely had fun learning more about this Indian festival of colours. We also would like to thank Arya’s parents for coming over and sharing their practices and culture with us.

Through out the day, Crimson groups focused on doing some extensions with regards to Holi’s celebration.

The platypus did a team game, “pass the water race” using cups filled with coloured water. Each team won a round and everyone was happy competing with each other.

The possums engaged in a Science experiment using baking soda, vinegar and food colour. Children were amazed how colours mix together.

The kookaburras also had great fun doing some colour splashing using balloos and paints in our yard.

The koalas took some left over holi powder and mimicked the experience from the morning. They spread colours onto each other and also to some of the dolls we have in the yard as they play pretend.

It was a full on day with lots of fun, memories and learning!



As an extension of harmony day and the inclusion of Holi (the festival of colours) this Sunday, the Platypuses have read a book ‘Festival of Colours’ by Kabir Sehgal and Surishtha Sehgal and learnt that they get the colour from flowers. They dry the flowers, separate the petals, and then press the petals into fine powder.

Today we invited the children to explore colours and make our own powder. Using flour and the droppers with primary colours, children were able to created new colours too.  They also experimented with colour mixing water in test tubes.

During Harmony week the Platypuses have also been busy making their self portraits, we have been discussing how we are all different and this led to a discussion on what job we may like to do in the future.

Ava shared she will be a firefighter and Liam a parent, while Maddison will be a hairdresser, Lily a concert ballerina and Evelyn and Alexia both will be ballerina’s and parents too. Teos will be a police officer and Ryan a Zookeeper. So many choices for the future.

The Kookaburra’s continued with exploring sustainable practices, and revisited their paper making (from re-cycled paper). They used their senses and explored the texture and compared this to a variety of foods,  completing taste tests too. Kookaburras are also recycling rainwater. They collect the rainwater in an empty bin and use this water for the garden. Our planet is in safe hands with these future earth warriors.

The possums used a variety of materials to create faces and used this opportunity to discuss their feelings. They also used their cognitive skills to match cards and follow patterns with the peg boards.

The Koala’s also continued to discuss Harmony Day and how the dove can symbolize peace. They used the water paints to create patterns on their doves and bring peace to the world. They have also been creating happy faces with re-cycled materials.

Popular choices from the children today included  the magnetic blocks, creating towers, homes and zoos, there was also counting the levels to see how high the towers were, as well as measuring.

There was also a lot of cooking and in kitchen and socializing too.

‘it is through others that we develop into ourselves’ – Vygotsky. 1981, p. 161


A beautiful and colourful Thursday indeed! Today, our Crimson children had a great time celebrating diversity and appreciating individuality.

For our learning centre time, all the groups got involved with different experiences related to different cultures and celebrations.

Then around 10:30 all the Crimson children gathered to do a Harmony parade around the centre showcasing their costumes and flags that represent their cultural background. It was a great experience to share their culture and take pride to where their families came from.

After the parade, the Crimson educators shared some of their culture too through dancing and sharing information about their culture and costumes.

To end our morning program, children had a piece of ice block to break the heat of the day.

Have a wonderful afternoon, everyone!


Hola! As part of promoting multicultural community here at Crimson, children were exposed to different experiences that encourages appreciation of each individuality.

The platypus group created beautiful flags following a discussion about where did their families come from. A lot of the children on the group were aware of where mum and dad were from and they gladly shared it with the group. Some even displayed their ability speak in another language.

The kookaburras also took the time to talk about the countries around the world by showing a world map. Each of them had a chance to discover the countries where mum and dad came from and also share something about their home culture.

Our possum friends focused on developing their self-identity and appreciating each other’s differences and similarities. They engaged in creative self-discovery by drawing a representation of themselves on the mirror.

The koalas on the other hand were very much into exploring ways of sustainable living by using natural resources for craft and as well as watering plants using the rainwater. They also made an amazing artwork using bits and pieces of puzzles that they will be displaying in the room soon.