Hello, Crimson families.

Thursday is here! In the morning before morning tea, each child chose and enjoyed an activity based on their own interests. Leo, Thomas HP, Luca, and Levi had a fun time with table football game while Shona, Elise, Georgia, Saige and Isla were busy drawing.

In the morning group time, we all gathered on the mat and played a fun game. After that, we separated into two small groups and had a learning centre time.

Inside the room, a group of children took part in a card game with Arturo. The children used their memory skills and visual discrimination skills to try this game. In the end, all the children managed to collect all the cards they could find.

On the deck, another group of children listened very very well while Alejandra was reading books about animals, cars and numbers. All the children were confident to answer questions and were able to count each object in the book.


On the construction table, Henry and Olivia collaboratively built shelters for animals. They were so proud when they made triangles using square magnetic tiles.

Isla, Elise, Georgia and Adeline were busy taking care of babies in the tent. They were feeding baby food and milk to their babies and putting them to sleep. Good job girls!

Max W and Jack enjoyed each other’s company with spaceships and space cars. Because there were no astronauts, they decided to used superheroes instead.


Thank you for the fun Thursday. See you tomorrow!


 Welcome Crimson families.

It is great to see the smooth transition of children in new room and routines. Young children are mixing with the older groups of children and learning different skills of physical and creative development. Today’s early morning group time, we had a discussion about News Time and how to ask interactive questions.

In the News Time, Poppy discussed Boris and Donnell, Isla brought her baby and sleeping bag, Olivia came up with a doll, Luca brought his wristwatch with an alligator on it and Oscar brought his special car which can move when wheels were pressed. All children were confident in sharing News with their peers. The group time also involved open need conversation about News.

The learning centre was fun today with letters and numbers. Children matched favourite numbers with letters of their names. Physical movement enabled children to develop motor skills as well as cognitive skills.

In the outdoor learning space, Poppy, Elise, Georgia, and Isla were having so much fun in the tent. They were creating their own play with potato heads and mobiles inside the tent. Jeffrey and Isabelle have engaged in construction work through Jenga. Luca joined construction with dinosaurs with Edward R.

In the indoor learning space, the doll was a big hit today after construction. A group of children were engaged with creating their own world. On the other side, children were engaged in construction through train tracks. The construction involves social interaction among children to develop their communication skills.


The weather was looking clear before lunchtime. We took that opportunity to play in the sandpit and yard for a few minutes. We had a wonderful day in Crimson Room.


Have a lovely afternoon. See you tomorrow.


Welcome Crimson families.

We had a wonderful start to the day with learning about technology. Leo brought his headphone and explained that it can be used to get away from loud noises such as in-plane and construction. We also discussed a pen drive(USB). Children learnt how can small device fits so much information for years. Poppy came in the front explaining about Donnell and Boris. Louis introduced himself to a new room. Isabelle L talked about her small doggy from her dad’s home.

In the learning centre children were engaged in polystyrene painting. Every child divided their area of painting and painted it their own colours. They used their imaginative skills of creating colourful spaces for their families.

In the outdoor area, children developed an understanding of sharing toys and waiting for turns through rice- construction activities. For the follow up they were also engaged in magnet construction and Lego construction. Leo and Thomas H were engaged in involved learning with magnets.

A group of children including Nishka, Sara, Emmeline F was engaged in dollhouse whereas Charlie, Henry, Max, Leo and Belian were engaged with construction through blocks.

The learning centre was followed by sandpit play where children pretend to create a market for everybody. Isla, Isabelle L, Poppy were digging hold and creating their own space of play.

The weather was not in our favour today, so we have practised some physical exercise in the sandpit.


Have a great afternoon. See you tomorrow.



Welcome Crimson Families.

It is the start of the week which means exciting learning experiences for the whole week again. In the morning all educators set up activities based on each child interest such as connecting to nature, physical play and engaging in outdoor play.

Today was Alice’s birthday. We wished her happy birthday in front of the whole group and all children sang songs with us. She also got exciting gifts for other children. Happy birthday Alice and thank you for the cupcakes and bubbles!

Following up with the child’s interest, we went to the yard to involve in physical play. In the yard, children started connecting with birds and insects. Grasshopper, spiders were some of them that children explored in an outdoor environment.

Additionally, children observed obstacle courses in the cubby house by adding other equipment’s. It was great to see children learning different skills to climb up, down and control their body movements.

In the yard play, there was a lot of social interaction between children and educators. Children were engaged in open-ended conversation about nature and how does it affect us.

A group of children were engaged in sandpit play by creating their own swimming pool using pipes. They secured space for water play in the sandpit and executed really well.


Have a great afternoon. See you tomorrow.


Welcome Crimson Families. It is Friday which means children were excited to end another week with their favourite learning activities in the Crimson Room.

During the morning routine, children discussed their weekend plans at home and staying safe using masks if they go outside of their houses. We also talked about hygiene practices such as washing hands for 20 seconds and covering the mouth while sneezing or coughing.

In the News Time, Jack brought his sloth from the shop. Isla invited everybody to her birthday party by drawing on a piece of paper. Poppy bought her favourite toy from grandma which she brought from the post office. Emmeline L was excited to show her dress from her sister.


The learning centre was set up in indoor and outdoor spaces. Isabelle, Emmeline L, and Elise were engaged in the home corner with building a hospital with toys. Nishka and Sara were creating their artistic view about the characters of the book.

The constructive play was improved using plastic tracks to run trains as well as cars. Leo and Isaac were involved in making their car racetrack which was later joined by Nicky. Daniel was creating a beautiful experience through the construction of houses with children. They created houses in different locations and put babies inside them.

Thomas D was engaged in creating wildlife whereas Max and Nicky were busy creating their wildlife with magic sand and dinosaurs.

The learning centre was followed by sandpit play where children continued with their restaurant project of free food to everybody. Isla, Isabelle L, Olivia set up a sandpit area with plastic plates and spoons for everybody to eat. Thomas and Nicky were digging in the sandpit to get wet sand out from the bottom.

Just before lunch, children knew that it was to play in the yard. We went to the yard with soccer balls to organize a team and play but the children were too excited to go in the cubby house and climbing frame.

After meditation time, we had amazing water play where children made bubbles using soapy water. We had a wonderful Friday.


From next week we highly encourage parents to send some News with children to increase their communication skills and build confidence in their public speaking skills.


Thank You and Have a Nice Weekend.


Welcome Crimson Families.  From early morning children were excited about today’s activities in the crimson room.

In morning group time, children discussed the things they did at home with their families. Charlotte explained how a butterfly came into her house. Today, Tima followed up with that activity through magic sand and wild animals.

Jeffrey and Arda were engaged in constructive play with magnets, and they were making flying rockets in the spaceship. Baveen also joined them and created his own space for his Rocketship.

Shoko was engaged with hand printing activities for children. Isabelle, Jack was the first one to create their hand impression on a piece of paper. The handprint activity was followed by Saige making unicorn paintings in different colours.

Leo, Luca and Arda were engaged in social play with legos. They shared their ideas and creativity on creating a broad ship during the rainy season. Isla and Olivia were engaged in connecting beads into the strings. They were using colour patterns to connect them and tied them at the end.

After the learning centre, the whole group of children went to the yard for physical exercises. In the yard, children were engaged in team play for chase and run, also monkey bar play and cubby house. Additionally, children tried to take turns in the cubby house to climb up and get down.

The restaurant in the sandpit was open again and a group of children were able to give pretend food to customers.

Elliot was looking incredibly happy engaging in the outdoor play. He engaged himself with other children in the cubby house.

Throughout the day, children were engaged in physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and social development with different play and learning experiences. We had a wonderful day today.


Have a wonderful afternoon everyone. See you tomorrow.


Welcome Crimson families. It is a  beautiful day for children to start playing in the sandpit and yard. In the early morning, children practised physical movements in the yard and after involved in structured play with their peers.

In group time, we discussed crimson new daily routines and rules. Children were involved in open-ended questioning about following rules and using safety measures to play throughout the day.

A group of children were involved in yard play including hand paintings and construction. Children were creating their own way of driving cars through different routes through plastic blocks.

In the same way, another group were engaged in deck play involved with dotted painting of boomerangs. Through this hands-on activity, children develop an understanding of aboriginal culture and beliefs. Additionally, a pair of children were creating their own wildlife using animals, artificial grass, and furniture. The constructive play was active through magnets and legos.

Similarly, a group were engaged in indoor play with unicorn painting. Children used glitter and different painting colours to make their own unicorns. A pair of children were engaged in constructive play with rectangular, cone and square blocks.

Before lunchtime, we gathered on the mat and discussed healthy eating habits where children actively contributed their thoughts on foods.

Throughout the day children were engaged in social play which increases their language and communication skills. All children had a wonderful day playing in different areas of the crimson room.


Have a wonderful afternoon everyone. See you tomorrow.



Welcome Crimson families. Children were excited for their second day of the week. We were discussing lots of ideas about organizing different learning spaces indoor and outdoor. Children set up a learning environment in the morning with the help of educators.

In group time, we discussed the rapid spread of coronavirus and its preventive measures. Children were aware of wearing masks while going to shops, supermarkets or anywhere outside the house. We also discussed actions for hygiene practices such as covering the mouth while sneezing and proper handwashing techniques.

A group of children were engaged in the doll world. They created their own world with dolls and dressed them as their will. They also had masks, injections, and milk bottles for any kind of emergencies. A group of girls were collaboratively engaged in doll play.

The constructive play was really a high-interest activity for today. Children were involved in construction through blocks, magnets, and Legos. They investigated different ideas and used their imagination to build their own creations.

The drawing table was full for the entire day as children were engaged in creating their own art using textures and crayons.

In the yard, children were super excited to feed guinea pig with bamboo leaves. They were gentle and fed the guinea pig by taking turns. Also, children were active while playing in the cubby house, monkey bars, and balance beams.


Have a wonderful afternoon everyone. See you tomorrow.



Welcome Crimson families. We are so excited for this new week as we have organised different learning experiences for children. Children expressed their interest in involving outdoor play and engaging in paintings.

In group time, we discussed crimson rules and the safety of every child. Children were also discussing the rapid growth of coronavirus in society. We discussed the use of masks and protection from viruses. Children showed amazing knowledge about it.

After group time, children were divided into structured learning spaces. Children were allowed to choose the activity of their interest. On the deck, we created a paper rainbow by cutting paper plates and colouring them. Children showed their hand movements skills by cutting in rounds and colouring with different colours. Additionally, children used popsicles to hold their rainbow. On the side of the deck, children were engaged in constructive play with blocks, magnets, and Legos. Children were using their imaginative skills to create their designs and shapes.

A group of children were engaged in yard learning with magnetic blocks, hand painting and train tracks. The learning activities involved the use of fine and gross motor skills.


Have a wonderful afternoon everyone! See you tomorrow.




Welcome Crimson Families. Today is Friday which made children excited about their weekend plans.

In morning group time, we discussed plans for the weekend and also keeping each other safe by wearing masks and following hygiene practices.

The group of children who goes to big school stayed with us and were involved in different learning experiences. It was great to see a combination of younger children and older children in the same learning experiences. The activity involved open-ended questioning with each other.

The morning started with hand painting where children drew their own hand picture on a piece of paper. Children were free to choose any colour to make their handprints.

The activity was followed by puzzles of trees and leaves. Children used their cognitive skills to match the puzzles.

The constructive play was a shining part of today through magnets, Legos, and square blocks. Children were creating beautiful creations using their creativity skills. The play involved collaborative learning as well as the parallel engagement of children. The play also involved creating train tracks and driving trains on those tracks. Children built bridges, traffic lights and a parking station for the train.

After the learning centre children were engaged in sandpit play to complete their kitchen creation. A group of children created their own restaurant in the sandpit and allowed everybody to eat there for free.

All children gathered in the yard for group play where we divided each other into different groups and played hide and seek.


Thank you for a lovely week! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!