We continued to extend our understanding of our feathered friends with Sony and Tima. We talked about food they like to eat as well as talking about our favourite types of birds.

Arturo helped us turn our cubes into dice. We loved decorating them and then showed our numeracy skills as we counted the designs on each side and wrote the corresponding number.

We made our own insect eggs with Gail today. We got very creative in how we decorated them and then described the insect that would come out of them. We definitely showed off our imaginations.

We were challenged to complete some patterns using small squares of paper. We glued them into specific orders on our papers.

We had some fun in the yard, sandpit, and shooting hoops today as well!

We learnt about another abstract artist today, Michael Adamson. We used acrylic paint and cardboard to make our pictures today! We also enjoyed playing Uno during school readiness today. We showed resilience when we weren’t one of the winners, (Rasmus or Harvey) and great turn taking skills as well.

We continued learning about birds with Tima and Sony. We loved making birds crafts today!

We also used our strong gross motor skills as we played soccer in the yard. Again, we had great turn taking skills during this.

Today, we turned our square pictures into 3D art with Arturo. We glued the parts together to make a box!

We want to wish a very special goodbye to Sanjanaa and Anika today! We will miss you and hope you come back to visit us again soon!

We also enjoyed our time in the sandpit, in the yard, and being engaged in Gail’s activities on the deck!

We continued learning about birds today with both Tim and Sony. We had a turn at writing flock of birds on the white board. We also had a chance to make our own favourite birds out of craft.

Gail also had some lovely little birds that we could build a nest for. It was a lot of fun to use the little nests for their homes. We also made our own leaves and put some eggs on them to show the beginning stages of a caterpillar! We counted all our eggs too!

We continued learning about Picasso today with Amanda. The Potato Heads we said made us think of the Picasso pictures as we could put different parts all over the potato head. We also made some fun orange Playdough that we used to write our names. We also made a colourful garden in the yard with the leaves we found in the yard.

We enjoyed being in the sunshine in the yard. We loved playing in the sand tray with the bits of gravel and the trucks.

We also want to wish Ella a Happy Birthday! Thank you for bringing a delicious cake for sharing too!

We loved singing songs with Tima during group time. We also enjoyed making sun flower pictures using different coloured paint and using the tanbark from the yard for the centre part!

We enjoyed a gross motor game with Amanda. We showed off our star jumps, pretending to be different animals, hopping on one foot, dancing, and doing pushups!

We did some lovely meditation this afternoon as well. We focused on our breathing skills as we imagined a body of water that we could be swimming in, what colour the water was, and how it made us feel. We then shared what we had imagined with our friends.

Gail invited us to make some paintings by folding the paper in two. We were delighted to see that the picture had made a copy on the other side. We also liked using the multiple piece puzzle to put together different stages of life cycles for butterflies and a flower.

We enjoyed making kites with Arturo and practising our letter recognition skills.

Tennis was a lot of fun this afternoon as well! We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Amanda introduced us to Picasso today! We had a group time where we identified the parts of the face that specific body parts belong. Amanda then showed us some examples of Picasso’s art. We loved seeing how varying each picture was and that things didn’t have a specific location. Finally, we created our own version of Picasso drawing.

During Science, we were learning about the different parts of the body. There was a skeleton brought in that we learnt about different bones and how they work. We also learnt a very fun song about the human body!

We continued on with our spring drawings today as well! We have loved drawing things like flowers, insects, and nature.

We stayed cool throughout the day by playing inside at times, being in the sandpit, and making sure to drinks a lot of water!


We have started learning about the human body. We looked at X-rays to see what are bones look like! We then chose a part of the body we wanted to trace and made a tracing. We compared it to the images we had seen in the X-rays.

We were very busy in the garden today! We have loved using the shovels and the rakes to move the dirt and tanbark around.

We used our imaginations as we enjoyed playing in the office that had been set up. We talked about writing down appointments and how fast we could type.

We made our own car track as well. We drew roads in the cardboard box and drove them around.

We made some very colourful spring trees using cotton balls as well. We loved the sound they made as they squished down onto the paper.

The wobbly bridge and spider web were also very popular today!

We had a lovely time with Ms. Cheryl at Dance class! We loved using all of her accessories to enhance our dancing as well as learning new moves to songs!

Gail has continued to engage us in being creative using different loose objects such as stones, sticks, and buttons to create pictures. We also have been “planting” flowers with her.

Arturo had us working on our responsibility skills. We were practising resetting the room and showing our pride in our toys by helping to pack away. We also worked on our shape recognition skills as we drew new pictures using shapes that we know how to draw.

We also helped to feed the chickens and the guinea pig today! We enjoyed being in the yard as well on the play equipment and playing in the sensory tray.

Today we worked on building skills. We made a road out of the blocks and took turns to help build different parts of the road. We showed good conflict management skills as we worked through our different ideas.

We were very intrigued by a spiderweb in the yard! We extended on that interest by doing some art paintings in 59. It was so fun to paint on such large pieces of paper and paint the world around us.

We also loved the sand tray that was set up all things spring! Green grass, animals, insects were a lot of fun to use our fine motor skills and imaginations as we brought them alive.

We also did a lot of Spring drawings! Some of us even wrote the word spring on our pictures.

We loved challenging our gross motor skills by jumping onto the soft platform!

The tent as also a lot of fun today!

We enjoyed a new gross motor game with Amanda, “Dancing Hoops.” We had to hop to each hoop and when the music stopped if we were in the designated hoop from the beginning of round, we would have to do the move such as the chicken dance, star jumps, side hops, etc. We were full of giggles throughout the game!

Sony invited us to make some very colourful butterflies. We used our cutting skills to cut out the shapes of the butterfly and then decorated them with all the different paint options available to us.

With Gail, we had several options to chose from such as puzzles, a matching game, and using the cars and airplanes on the table that had a city set up. We also were invited to make our own mountain and water scene using different coloured paper.

We set up a train in the sandpit today,  loved doing some gardening in the yard, and playing on the obstacle course.