Today we started the group by having a display about our interest and work that we do at home with our family.

Nicholas was the first to show what work does he do at home with dad. He showed his numbers, counting and colouring work.

Teos was next in showing his interest in Buckle gun. He explained, how interactive and complicated it gets when he does buckle gun battle!

Then it was Ryan’s turn to show his new present from dad, as he wanted to tell us about the hour in a day with his new watch.

During learning centre time, the children participated in a group discussion about this week’s interest related to Ocean awareness and what can we do to help to keep the bottom of the ocean clean. Children also demonstrated understanding on how to keep fish and other creatures that live under the ocean safe.

Ideas like “Saving bottles or reusing them and all other recycling things and placing the rubbish in the right bin was one of the many ways discussed to keep the creatures safe.

Children also followed their interest in construction. They made a heist tower, using coloured small dice and Mobilo. A long wooden construction was seen, as we wanted to build a large road that was going away from the city.

As an extension of interest, they also found an alternative to transfer ideas to use other tools and materials, like the use of larger wooden blocks and tubes from the sandpit toys.

Creative inspirations, prewriting and art and craft experiences were also in place as children used their skills to practice their letter recognition on a magnet board.

During the afternoon, we continued our daily routine to have meditation and time to extend on our own interest like practicing drawing, building in the sandpit, and tracing letters, numbers, and shapes.

Hola! Our beautiful Crimson Group have had amazing time as we continue activities and discussions about the Ocean and how we can take part in caring for it and for our planet.

The Possum Group have extended their experiences about “sustainability” to oil spill in the ocean. Shoko showed them a book to further discuss the topic. As they went through the pages, children begun to have deeper understanding and also awareness on how chemicals affect the life in the ocean. Following that, they participated in an experiment where they re-enact scenarios of dumping and polluting the ocean using different materials. They also used sponges to remove the oil from the water and was amazed on the results of the experiment.

The Platypus Group also have had similar discussions and children have contributed great ideas and also their thoughts on how to keep the ocean clean such as; not throwing plastic in the ocean, throw the rubbish in the bin and more. Afterwards, they have chosen to engage in sensory playdough experience where they use the story, ‘The Rainbow Fish’ as an inspiration whilst others did painting and also some early literacy and manipulative experiences.

The Kookaburra Group meanwhile, had equally interesting discussion as they revisit their previous learning about caring for the sea life. Everyone shared what they have learnt whilst we added more on to what they know. As the children’s interest and curiosity about “ocean pollution” grows, we watched some eye opening video clips about how the plastics and waste vastly affect the animals and eventually human life. the group also thought of going for an excursion and they wanted to talk more about “sustainability”. Children also made some igloo as an extension of their “water project” using some paper plates.

Have a lovely afternoon, everyone!


It’s a beautiful day! Hello everyone, hope you all are enjoying the sunshine. It’s Science day today so Justin and Shane came to do some baking, giving emphasis on the process from the beginning until the finish product came up.

The Platypus Group as well as some of the Possum group was the first batch to do it whilst the Kookaburra Group came after.

The children were encouraged to follow instructions and listen actively to Justin and Shane as they went on step by step.

Everyone was assisted in stirring the ingredients together and each of them saw how changes occur when mixing them all. In the end, they were all very excited to taste and see their rainbow cupcakes in the afternoon and couldn’t wait to take it home to share with their families!

Children were also involved in activities that raised their environmental awareness. As the group dig deeper into the effects of pollution and waste into our planet, they extended their learning into segregating waste and disposing them properly. Also, the group had great discussion and also reflection about water pollution. Children displayed empathy and concern on animals that are mostly affected by the actions of humans.

It’s been a great day and we are excited to see Daniel for some music experience in the afternoon.

Have a wonderful afternoon!


Hello, Crimson families. Welcome to another fun week in Burns Bay Cottage. We hope you all had a great long weekend. Of course, the topic of the morning group time was about the long weekend. We were surprised that so many children said they went to the swimming pool. Many children also said that they went to see their grandparents, aunts and uncles and other relatives.


After group time, the children were divided into different groups for their learning centre time.

The Kookaburra group had a great time in the yard. On the mat, children listened to the story about friends and family. The children were discussing how they love their friends and families and how can we be nice to them. But then the conversation turned to the subject of ‘Tea’ as Arturo mentioned that we are having high tea in the afternoon. The children wondered about the meaning of the word ‘Tea’. We say ‘morning tea’, ‘afternoon tea’ and ‘high tea’, but what does ‘Tea’ actually mean? Some of them said it means ‘sweets’, others said it means ‘dessert.


The children of the platypus group were very busy preparing for high tea. They mixed the ingredients and made cupcakes. Because children needed to read and follow the recipe, they demonstrated their literacy and numeracy skills. The cooking experience is also a great way to develop children’s social skills. Throughout the process, children were encouraged to share and turn take while working together as a team. When finished making cupcakes, some of the children were in charge of taking them to the kitchen and asked Chef Frank to bake them.


Possums had taken the opportunity to explore sustainability. Children first took part in the discussion about how can we be kind to the Earth.

Oscar said ‘Clean the house, roads and beaches.’

Isabelle said ‘Pick up rubbish.’

Shona said ‘Recycle.’

Emily said ‘Put rubbish in the bin.

These are all great ideas. After, children were invited to the activity to separate different types of rubbish into red, yellow, blue and green bins.


Thank you for lovey Tuesday. See you tomorrow!!


Happy Friday!

What a lovely Friday we have had here in the Magenta Group!

We had a lovely start to our morning doing some aerobics to warm up our bodies, before heading out for a play in the garden once the morning cool had lifted.

The children have started to discuss the cold weather and we had on informal chat about keeping warm during the cold winter months.

During learning centre time we started group time with a game of ‘WHO IS IT?’, where the children had to identify the picture card held by the another player.

At one table, children were invited to paint dried leaves with bright colours. They were very attracted by the green, yellow, and brown leaves. We talked about leaves in different forms and investigated them by touching with their hands and observing how fragile they are once they are brown.

Some other activities the children today were: playing with magnets, dinosaurs, playing in Home Corner, reading books, playing football.

After lunch we gathered some children for meditation and relaxation of our bodies for few minutes.

See you all on Tuesday – the children are invited to dress up as we celebrate the Queen’s Birthday with ‘High Tea’.                                                                    

We hope you have a lovely long weekend and stay warm.


Today, although still cold it’s nice to see the sun out. We used this opportunity before lunch to find the puddles of water and explore the playground after the rain. The children use their physical skills, balancing, jumping and sliding as they manoeuvre themselves over the climbing frame.

Last week was World Environment Day and World Ocean Day. This has provided us a wonderful opportunity to discuss with the children how we can care for the environment and make changes, no matter how small.

They watched a short video on the iPad, of how dumbing our rubbish effects the animals in the ocean, and on land too. Children shared their thoughts:

Edward – Don’t put rubbish everywhere. Fish think it’s food.

Thomas – You put rubbish in the bin.

Maddison – Animals will die, as they cannot breathe.

Ava – Don’t feed plastic to any animal.

Adeline – plastic gets stuck on the face of animals.

Euan – Whales will eat plastic.

Max W – don’t put rubbish in the water.

Teos – It’s hard for animals, they will die. The plastic gets stuck on

the animals face.

The children were also invited to use the water trays and pick the rubbish out with tongs, allowing the sea animals to swim freely.

We have also used our scissor skills to cut a variety of autumn/winter coloured leaves, making an environmental tree.

With the Queens birthday holiday, this Tuesday we have set a high tea in home corner and invited children to make crowns. They are invited to dress up on Tuesday, as we have a High Tea themed day!

Children also enjoyed using the light box today, arranging letters and expressing ‘what does this say’,  as they begin to understand letters carry meaning. Another popular choice was the magnetic tiles where Nicholas, Arda and Edward built a fun house. It had stairs to walk up and across, then down the slide, through the opening in the floor, outside and around in a circuit.

Children have also been developing their independence and self help skills, as they prepare the lunch tables ready for their peers.

‘Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience’. Ralph Waldo Emerson.

We hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend.


Good afternoon, Crimson families. It was very, very cold today, wasn’t it?? A few children were away today, perhaps feeling unwell in this weather.…. We hope they feel better soon!!


In the morning, some of the children did exercises to start their day. They were very enthusiastic about moving and warming up their bodies.


After, all children were gathered on the mat and had group time. During the discussion, children were reminded of the rules of the Crimson room such as

– using walking feet

– packing away after finish playing

– using a gentle voice

– respecting each other

Due to the bad weather, we could not play outside and it was very cold, the children spent most of the morning indoors. Nevertheless, they engaged in a variety of activities and had a great time.


The home corner was set up as a grocery shop today. Some children enjoyed shopping while others loved to sell goods such as milk, eggs, or butter. The most popular item in the shop was the cupcake!!!! The children were also exposed to numbers as they paid and received the money.

In other learning spaces, an activity to clean up the ocean was set up in honor of World Oceans Day. The children used tongs to pick up plastic rubbish from the water to imitate the ocean. They were happy to clean up the ocean and helping the sea animals.

At the other table, children were busy constructing with Mobilo and Magnetic tiles. They were enthusiastic about creating a house, car park, and driveway.

Also, children didn’t forget to work with letters. To improve their ability to recognize and pre-write letters, the children found the letters of their own names and put them on paper.

It was a very fun day!! See you tomorrow.

Good afternoon, Crimson families! The weather forecast was for rain today, but the sun peeked through and it was a beautiful day. The children were so happy to play in the yard!!!


In the morning, all the children gathered on the mat and took part in a discussion about protecting the oceans, as yesterday was World Oceans Day. The children came up with a variety of ideas, including

– putting rubbish in the bin

– recycling waste

– putting plastic bottle in the right bin

– picking up rubbish when we find it on the beach



After, children were divided into groups.

Kookaburras had a discussion about bird today. Children discovered about their biology, including lifestyle, and food. After, they had a chance to express their idea through craft. Children made birds using paper and feathers. They glued the beaks and drew eyes after cutting out the paper in the shape of a face.


Possums continued to explore South Australia, especially Coober Pedy. To gain a better understanding of what it is like to live underground, children looked at pictures of real houses. The children were quite surprised to find a church and even a swimming pool underground. As we went through the photos, Archie asked question. He said, “Where is the toilet? Poop going underground?”. That’s a very good point. We couldn’t come up with an answer, so we decided to do some research!

The platypus group was exposed to a lot of literacy. The children explored letters and spelt their own names on the light table. The children also enjoyed finding the beads with the letters of their names on them and threading them through the pipe cleaner. In the other area of the room, Maddison, Lily, Ava and Adeline were having a lovely tea time. They were busy setting up the table and enjoyed delicious cakes.


Elliot also enjoyed his time in the yard.


Thank you for the fun Wednesday.

See you tomorrow!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!

The children enjoyed dancing and singing songs with their educators this morning. During group time, children sang their good morning songs in different languages, and explored letter recognition by looking at the alphabet chart.  As today is ‘World Ocean Day’, we read stories about the ocean and had a discussion about how to keep the ocean clean, how having rubbish in the ocean and not looking after the ocean has an adverse effect on the environment, and, which crea tures live in the ocean.

During learning centre time, the children made an ‘Ocean’ artwork, by using blue paint and some transparent red paper, to represent how the ocean is impacted by garbage and how harmful it is for sea creatures and human beings.

Alejandra continued her snowman project with some children. She helped them write their first letter of their names.

In the afternoon, some children did meditation and we talked about why we need rest and the importance of relaxation. We then engaged in gross motor games and practiced turn taking. The games also involve collaboration with each other and balancing body movement.

During free play, the children explored magnets, farm animals, books, making funny faces with potato heads, cooking meals for their friends in the Home Corner. All the children were busy exploring different learning experiences, expressing their interests, sharing toys and resources, and learning how to be involved in social play.

We had a lovely day, and are looking forward to tomorrow!

Hello everyone! Its “World Ocean Day” today and Crimson children have had eye opening discussions about the purpose of the event as well as how we can take part in caring for it.

The Platypus Group had started by reading stories about the sea and other bodies of water. As we went on, children had questions as to why there are some plastics in the oceans and why were there fires in the forests. We looked back at how the bush fires and the flooding that happened in Australia had affected the lives of the people and animals. Children also dug deeper as they find the reason why such things happen in our planet. Moving on, children watched 2 more videos that spoke about the pollution in the water and the vast effects it has on animals and also people. At the end of our discussion, children became aware of how the ocean and the environment reap the consequences of human action. They have also understood that plastic is such a threat to human and wildlife’s future.

To extend this, children made amazing representation of what they have learnt through painting and have shared through open discussions in small groups why and what they have painted.

The Possum Group also had a great time as they read a book, ‘Little Wiggle’. It was followed by lots of construction and building, playdough exploration.

Children also enjoyed role play as they pretend to be fire fighters putting off the fire. Whilst doing so, children branched out driving cars and learning how to park them properly.

Meanwhile, the Kookaburra Group went to the garden to collect things that float and sink. They did a similar experiment as yesterday and had built great understanding of things that “float and sink”. Children had a great time making predictions whether their object will sink or float on the water and were planning to continue on for the rest of the week.