Hello, beautiful Thursday!

Aqua explores joined us after afternoon tea, as usual, we gathered on the mat and had a group time together. Shoko introduced them Japanese songs we have been singing. It was great to see them imitating the action!


At learning centre time, it was all about sea animals. That’s because in the last few days we have shown a strong interest in them. In the yard, we cut and paste sea animals on the blue paper, and we added some seaweed and shellfish. We looked at various sea animals while naming them and even compared similarities between them.

In the veranda, we crashed the ice cubes to save sea animals. We hit the ice with a hammer and also smashed it against each other. We shouted with delight when the sea animal came out from inside! Of course, we didn’t forget to tell each other the name of each sea animal.



Because it was really hot, we enjoyed the water play in the afternoon. We decided to add bubbles today and everyone stirred the water with their feet to create them. We got soaking wet, but playing in the water was a great and fun way to cool down on a hot day!!!


Oh, what a fun day we had. Let’s have lots of fun and learn tomorrow as well!


Wednesday! It’s the middle of the week already. We had a great time playing with our friends today.

We think that our friends, who are transitioning from Aqua, are getting used to our room and our routine. Also, they are becoming familiar with the songs we often sing in group time and our favourite stories.


After group time was learning centre time. Shopping activity was very popular. We enjoyed being shopkeepers and customers. While we enjoyed the interaction with our friends, we learned social manners and language. Also, we explored numeracy as we set the price of goods and paid or received the money.


As some of us have been showing an interest in insects and bugs lately. Gail set up activities related to them. We used magnifying glasses to look closely at the insect toys and to create a habitat for them. Aidan drew a beautifully detailed spider, which he then carefully cut out.


Nicky took very good care of Baby Dolly. He kindly wrapped her in a blanket and rocked her gently. When Shoko commented “You are very gentle with baby!.”, He said, “Yeah, she wants to sleep.” How sweet! We are sure you are going to be a wonderful father in the future!


Thanks for a fun day! See you tomorrow.


Thank you to all who have provided a family photo. For those who have not yet done so, please hand it directly to the educators or send it by email to the BBC’s email address. Thank you for your cooperation.


It was another beautiful day. Like every morning, we participated in group time, sang various songs, and listened to the stories. Group time provides a great opportunity for us to socialise with our peers as well as educators.


In the learning centre time, we had lots of fun and learnt a lot in the yard under the sunshine. In the blue water that represents the ocean, there are many different kinds of sea animals. We each took favourite animals and created a story with them.




We looked at different things with magnifying glasses. Arda looked closely at koalas and other Australian animals. Archie looked around him through a magnifying glass, observing the world in a different way as usual. When Shoko asked him what he can see, he answered: “I can see you! But you are big.”.



In the afternoon, we did ‘Egg and spoon race’. We each took a big spoon with a toy egg on it and started walking at the same time. We then competed to see who could make it to the finish line without dropping the egg. The egg was unstable on the spoon, so it was quite difficult to move forward without dropping it. This race challenged our coordination skills and our sense of balance.



Before afternoon tea, we sang a birthday song together to celebrate Lily’s birthday. Happy birthday Lily! We are so happy to celebrate your birthday with you and your brother!!! Thank you for bringing the delicious cupcakes!!



A new week has begun. With the weather shaping up to be another beautiful week, we have a lot to look forward to. Therefore, please make sure your child has a variety of clothes (including underwear) in their bag in case they need a change of clothes after water activities.

Also, we are making a family tree in the wall, so please bring a family photo and hand it to one of the educators.


After morning tea, we gathered on the mat as usual for group time. Friends from Aqua joined us and we sang songs and had fun together. We have been singing the song “You are my sunshine” and “Days of the week” every day, we think our new friends are remembering the song too.


Maddison and Veronique are always happy to help teachers to sing songs. Thank you for your support girls!


After group time, we each explored to engage in different activities.

Building with large wooden blocks was very popular. Aidan and Maksym referred to the photograph and discussed how they could build the Harbour Bridge. Seeing their creative process, many other friends including Elliot, Archie, Joshan and Belian joined them. It was great to see them working together and bouncing ideas off each other to create one thing.


The girls Showed their application skills and creativity to create the beautiful Harbour Bridge. Maddison, Shona, and Veronique used arched blocks effectively to represent the roundness of the bridge. Well done!


We also played in the yard. We polished our physical skills and coordination with a variety of equipment and activities such as climbing trees, climbing domes and wobbly bridges.

Happy Friday! What a fantastic day to finish off weekdays! Just a quick reminder to families, please bring a family photo and hand it to one of the educators as we are making family tree on the wall. Also, please make sure your child has a variety of clothing (including underwear) in the bag. With the hot weather we have been having lately, we are likely to have water play.



We had so much fun in the yard today as we had an exciting obstacle course!!! Before we started, we all listened to instructions carefully and reviewed the rules for fun and safe play.

We needed to cross a long balancing beam without falling off, climb the climbing dome and walk past the steppingstones. Some parts were tricky, but we showed off our gross/fine motor skills and coordination while went through the course. It was extremely exciting to try something new and difficult!!!



We also participated in the painting. Viraj and Arya enjoyed creating art with natural materials. They were proud when they mixed colours together and discovered new ones.


Julia loved to arrange butterflies on the black paper. While she was making her art, she named all the colours.


Liam used red painting to show his creativity. After finished, he explained about his work in detail.



Ava and Isabelle had a lovely sister time together. Ava says she is so happy that her sister Isabelle has come to Crimson. She wishes she could spend the whole day with Isabelle. You two are inseparable!


Have a great weekend! See you next week.

It was beautiful weather in the morning. We had a very lovely time in the yard, basking in the sunshine.

After morning tea, we gathered together on the mat with friends who are transitioning from the Aqua Room. Thank you to Nicky for sharing the beautiful book with us!!!



Following the group time, we spent learning centre time in groups. We enjoyed all sort of gross motor activities in the yard. We showed the children from Aqua how to cross the wobbly bridge, and how to get on the swing. It was sometimes difficult to keep the balance, but we used our big muscles to achieve it.


Nicky and Edward were creating big ship with magnetic blocks. They used the blocks effectively to reproduce the shape of the ship accurately, even though there were no pictures or models. Great memory recall and replication skills boys!

We continued learning through our senses. We enjoyed the feeling of coloured sand as well as playdough. It was also good practice for our fine motor skills including manipulation skill.


We have written our New Year’s message cards and posted them in the post. Special new year’s message cards, called “Nengajo” in Japan, were prepared for us and we drew whatever pictures we wanted and wrote our names on them.


We also painted the fireworks over the Harbour Bridge. We used pipe cleaners to shape the fireworks and then decorated them with glitter.


Shona also brought us a lovely book from home. We all enjoyed listening to the story and looked at all the animals and musical instruments.


See you tomorrow!!

The weather is really unstable these days, isn’t it? The day before yesterday and yesterday it suddenly started to rain, which surprised us all. Today it was also cloudy and the sky looked like it was about to start crying. However, regardless of the weather, we had a good time playing with our friends!


Visits from the Aqua Room continued today. As usual, we gathered for group time and then split into groups to participate in a variety of activities.


Fishing was a bit hit. We each took a fishing rod and tried to catch as many sea animals as we could. Every time we caught a sea animal, we commented: “I’ve got an octopus!” or “I’ve caught a turtle! “. It was a good exercise to improve our coordination skills as well as motor skills.


We also focused on sensory activities today. We played with coloured rice, dinosaurs and sea animals. We used our imagination to make up stories and shared with friends.


We played with playdough that we made ourselves yesterday. What’s different from yesterday was that we used cookie cutters and knives to shape it. we feel relaxed when we touch the playdough!


In the yard, we enjoyed playing with mud and construction vehicles. We collected mud to build a bank and create a river, we even buried a construction vehicle in the mud. Elliot also enjoyed playing with the water. He enjoyed stirring the water and mud together.

Happy Tuesday. This morning, we had a big surprise! Guess what? We found a lot of beans growing on the bean plants we planted last year!! Have they grown fast because of all the rain we had over the holidays? Or was it a present from Santa Claus? Either way, we were very happy to see them! Maddison, Holy and Belian harvested the beans and gave them to the guinea pig. The guinea pig ate the beans with relish so we were delighted. Through this experience, we have not only learnt about the life cycle of plants but also about some part of the food chain.


Some friends from Aqua came to visit us again today. We were so excited to see them, they looked also excited to explore around Crimson. After group time, we were divided into 3 groups for learning centre time.


We had a lot of fun painting the fireworks using natural materials. When we dipped flowers and leaves in paint and pressed them onto black paper, they really looked like fireworks in the night sky! We also added some glitter to it, which made our paintings sparkle and look very beautiful.


Some of us made playdough together. We measured ingredients and pot them in the container. We liked to mix coloured water and dry ingredients as we could see it getting more and more coloured. Harvey commented “It’s gonna be the best playdough ever!” while he was mixing. It also helped us to remember the names of friends we didn’t know. Every time we passed a container to the person next to us, we were encouraged to call his or her name. After finished making, some of us created Mr potato head. Others were still in Christmas mood, making Christmas dinner. Finn O commented “I’m making Christmas dinner balls.”, Ava and her sister Isabella commented, “We are making Christmas cake.”.


We also enjoyed playing in the yard. As you know, we like to climb! We enjoyed climbing the climbing dome as well as the spider web and the tree. We used our gross and fine motor skills to climb up and down to wherever we wanted to go.


Happy New Year and welcome back Crimson friends!

2020 was such a challenging year. We may continue to face many challenges this year, but let’s not forget the important things and work together to overcome them!!!


We were so happy to see our friends and teachers. We formed the yarning circle and talked about the Christmas presents we got from Santa Claus. Some people got lunch boxes, some got Barbie dolls, some got pet fish, some got Batman and Superman toys, some got cars, some got walkie talkies. It seems like everyone got a variety of gifts!!


We welcomed some friends from the Aqua room. They were escorted by Nelson into the Crimson Room with excited faces. Some we already knew, some we didn’t, but we were happy to meet new friends. They explored our room, climbed the climbing dome, fed the guinea pigs and enjoyed the trampoline. It was a short visit today, but we look forward to playing with them again!!


We welcomed another new friend Thomas today! We met him once when he came for orientation so we got along quickly. We hope he enjoyed playing with us!



In the afternoon, Arda and Eric started to layout the blocks. Some of us saw them and copied. We collaboratively created a very long road from the block corner to the veranda. We had a lot of fun moving mobilo cars on it.


Julia had built herself a computer on the table and was typing something intently. When she was asked “What are you doing?” she replied, “I’m working!” Great creativity and imagination!

HO HO HO! This is Christmas Eve! We hope that Santa is ready for Christmas. Because we are totally READY!

We greeted each other by saying Merry Christmas. We discussed what time Santa would be coming and how he would get into our house etc. That’s actually a good question! How does Santa get into a house without a chimney? If anyone knows the answer, please let us know!!!!


We ate our lunch on the balcony, unlike other days. It was as if we were all having a Christmas lunch together. Samantha, Mia and Amariah sang Christmas songs to add to the atmosphere.

After lunch, we had ice blocks!!!! We chose our favourite flavours. They were super yummy!!


To all families.

Thank you all for your warm support throughout this challenging year. We educators are very honoured and happy to be connected with you and your children. Wish you a Merry Christmas and may this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life!

A Happy New Year to all those who will not be back to BBC during this year.