We started our day in the group time with Ting Ting, Jasmine and Afah. In the group time, Emerald children had opportunities to enhance their social skills by interacting with friends and teachers, as well as developed the language skills by singing and naming pictures.

Emerald children made Yoga poses for butterfly, dog, and crocodile in the yoga time. They demonstrated the age-appropriate gross-motor skills when they were doing different poses, jumping, and stretching.

This morning we danced with Afah. The Emerald children enjoyed dancing on ‘hot potato’, ‘walking walking’, ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ and ‘baby shark’. They are becoming confident with their body balance while moving on a dance beat.

During learning centre time, we continued to exted their knowledge on farm animals and winter project. Children showed their interests in painting horse and snowman.  They manipulated the paint brush and created their own masterpiece!

Moreover, we sat up the sensory tray with coloured sand and animals. Children loved to explore the colour sand with their little hands and played the animals and their friends happily!

During the self-select play time, the Emerald children enjoyed the interacting with their friends. They played on the slide, explored the environments, played with the sensory toys, baby dolls, sandpit and magnet toy etc.

What a wonderful weather today! Emerald children engaged in the group time with teachers, they read stories, sang songs and played with the emotion toys. They had a lot of fun and developed the language skills and social skills at the same time.

This weekend is Violet’s 2 year-old birthday! We had a birthday party in the afternoon tea, and she was excited to blow the candle and had cake with friends!

To promote Emerald children’s gross-motor skills and awareness of their bodies, they participated in the yoga time and dancing time.

We continued the farm animal project with Emerald children, they engaged in the duck art and craft. Teacher emphasized few words during the activity, such as “yellow”, “duck” and “stick”, this helped children to enhancing the language skills and colour concept (early mathematical development).

We also started the winter project today. We talked about the winter weather and made the snow artwork with the pompoms painting. Children demonstrated the age-appropriate fine-motor skills and they were getting the understanding of seasons.

Children interested in the Australia animal book, to extend their interest and motor skills, they engaged in the possum marble painting, they moved their arms up and down to manipulate the marble.

Physical play helped children to promote the gross-motor skills and also provided a joyful time with friends. Furthermore, Emerald children followed their interests and ideas to engage in the free play time, such as sandpit, block building, ball games and animals etc.

It’s Wednesday today! The children have had a lovely day playing together and making beautiful artwork!

We kicked off our Wednesday with group time and learning centre! We love to sit down together with our educators to sing songs and read books. Today we learnt more about Australian animals by using visual aids and coloured counters. The children loved talking to each other about the animals 😊 What a great way to expand our vocabulary!

Yoga time! This was a great session where the children followed along to a yoga song and their educator’s instructions. Together, we warmed up our gross motor skills and meditated in ‘Happy Baby’ pose … Leah’s favourite!

The children had so much fun using their fine motor skills to glue and stick and decorate different animals today! We used coloured paper and feathers to decorate our chickens for the farm, and brown paper to decorate our Emus!

And for our Ocean display, we painted dolphins!

Thank you for a delightful day! 😊

Happy Tuesday! We hope you enjoyed your long weekend 😊 Today has been terrific and the children enjoyed lots of activities together!

We started with group time in the morning. The children sat down with their educators to play games, sing songs and read books. Recently the children have been learning the alphabet, singing the song and looking at the pictures on the alphabet mat!

Yoga was so much fun today! The children loved listening to our yoga songs and moving their bodies to make animals! We had a great time exercising our gross motor skills together!

With World Ocean Day coming up, the children have been learning all about sea animals and their habitat! They love to play with the small world animals and match them with photos!

Today we painted kangaroos! We love pretending to be kangaroos and jumping around. The children had a lovely time using their fine motor skills to paint 😊

We made biscuits today! The children had such a great time learning about different ingredients and mixing, rolling and cutting out a flower shape to make delicious butter biscuits for our afternoon tea! Baking is a great way to encourage sharing, language development, fine motor skills and early mathematics!

The children loved celebrating the Queen’s Birthday today for our afternoon high tea! We wore our crowns that we made last week and finally got to eat our yummy biscuits! We loved to see our Emerald children celebrating and wearing pretty dresses and their best shirts!

Thanks for a great day 😊

It was a lovely day in the Emerald room!

Today there were lots of intentionally planned activities. To acknowledge the importance of the World Ocean Day, the teachers planned various activities that were related to the ocean, and its creatures.

We started with the yoga and stretching exercise. The children were encouraged to make yoga poses related to the ocean animals such as turtle, moving arms like an octopus, making star (fish) jumps, side walking like crabs and stretching arms above the head to make shark’s fin. It was fun to see how the children were excitedly following the instructions!

This was followed by the group time, where the children had opportunity to look at the pictures of the ocean animals as well as listen to the stories with underwater creatures in it. Such experiences facilitate their vocabulary and helps them learn so much about the world they live in!

After group time, some of the children spent time matching ocean creature figurines to the picture cards. That was fantastic!

Other children got engaged in painting using ball sponges. They adore the texture of the soft sponge and enjoyed interacting with the art materials.

Last but not the least, Jasmine walked around in the yard singing ‘wheels on the bus’ rhyme and some of the children followed her trail. It was so much fun to watch children following Jasmine’s words and do the actions.

Drawing, dancing, singing and playing in the home corner were all time favourites and most of the children enjoyed engaging in those activities.

Thursday is here and goodness me, it’s a chilly one! But we know how to have fun regardless of the weather!

The children enjoyed group times throughout the day where they interacted with their friends and teachers. We read books, sang songs and even played with the pretend food and had a picnic! We love spending this quality time with our Emerald children 😊

We warmed up our bodies with yoga this morning! The children loved bouncing around the the yoga music and stretching their bodies. We had lots of fun pretending to swim like a dolphin in the water!

We would like to formally invite you to her Majesty the Queen’s afternoon high tea next Tuesday! To celebrate The Queen’s birthday, the children are invited to dress up in pretty dresses, skirts, shirts, tiaras and crowns and bake biscuits for our afternoon tea that day.

In preparation, the children have been decorating teapots and crowns! We used paintbrushes to paint our teapots and a loofah to decorate our crowns!

It’s been a lovely Thursday building towers and playing with playdough 😊

Happy Wednesday! Today has been so much fun 😊 The children have enjoyed different activities throughout the day and even helped Ekta make more play dough!

This morning, the children read books with Affa and participated in songs and games with Jasmine. The children used the coloured circles as steering wheels to sing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and they turned them round and round!

The children have shown an interest in sea animals this week! They had so much fun learning what each animal is called and matching them to the correct paper. What a fun way to learn more about the world around them and develop their vocabulary!

We loved getting messy in the sensory tray! Today, the children explored cotton wool and shaving foam with their hands. Together we talked about the texture being soft and fluffy!

We had so much fun today playing in the sand pit, on the climbing equipment and making play dough! Thanks for a lovely day 😊

Tuesday is here and we have been busy! The children participated in many activities to expand their development and thinking 😊

Group time and yoga! We love this time in the morning where the children can sit down together and read books and sing songs. Then they enjoy helping get the yoga mats for their friends and take off shoes and socks. Together, we work on our gross motor skills through yoga poses, jumping and stretching!

Today the children were busy exploring sea animals! World Ocean Day is coming up soon and the children have enjoyed discovering sea animals by matching small world animals! We talked about all sorts of sea animals, like dolphins, whales, starfish and crabs!

We checked in on the progress of our seeds that we planted last week and watered them to help them grow 😊

Finger puppets are so much fun! Today the children played with some new puppets from Robyn’s treasure basket and sang songs together. Everyone loved the little frog and made it hop along with their fingers. Together we sang ‘5 Little Speckled Frogs’ and ‘The Frog Song’!!

Today has been a lovely day full of exploration and fun! The children enjoyed playing with playdough and experimenting with foam by mixing in food colouring with paint brushes!

We also celebrated Evelyn’s Birthday at afternoon tea! Everyone sang Happy Birthday and watched as she blew out her candle! Thank you for spending the day with us and sharing your cupcakes!

It’s Monday again! The start of another fantastic week in the Emerald room and the children have been getting messy with some arts and crafts.

The children settled into group time with Jasmine and Cindy! They love to spend time with their educators in the mornings and particularly enjoy participating in songs, books and games with Jasmine and Cindy! Such a fun way to enhance listening skills and support speech!

Time for yoga with Sandra and Carolina! Everyone had a lovely time shaking off the cobwebs from the weekend and waking up their bodies with some light exercise! During yoga, the children practice their animal poses and stretch their bodies to work on their gross motor skills and balance.

Today, the children experimented with foam and paint to decorate starfish! They dipped their paper into the foam with coloured paint and took it out to see what colours and patterns had been made. We couldn’t resist exploring the foam with our hands either …

It was a busy Monday in the office, so we put our finest team on the phones and emails …

Thanks for such a fun day! 😊

Happy Friday everyone!! What a fantastic week we have had in the Emerald room 😊

The children enjoyed sitting down with Affa and reading books this morning.

What a great day for yoga! Everyone loved joining in with Carolina. They moved their bodies up and down and really worked on their gross motor skills together.

We’ve been learning about the environment this week! Today the children planted seeds. We’ll water them and care for them over the next few weeks and watch the plants grow!

Things got super messy in the sensory tray! But we had so much fun! 😊 The children explored the different materials with their hands. We played with foam, slime and animals!

What a day!