Happy Wednesday! Today the children have had a lovely day playing together and participating in lots of activities with their educators!

We love group time! Everyone enjoyed reading books with MeiTing, singing songs with Ekta and everyone loves Jasmine’s group time with her special toys! Group time is a great way to encourage conversation and language!

Yoga!! Our favourite way to exercise and keep healthy! Together we stretch our bodies and work on our gross motor movements to improve coordination and balance. Today the children practiced their downward dog and piggy poses! We like to be little pigs laying in the muddy puddles!

Continuing with our transportation project, the children had a great time painting planes! The children always point at the sky when they can hear a plane flying overhead and they were excited to paint their own using paintbrushes and blue paint!

Last week was Dental Health week and the children have learnt so much about teeth! Today we brushed the animal’s teeth with toothbrushes and ‘toothpaste’ (shaving foam)! This was a very fun activity that helped the children’s understanding of brushing teeth to keep them healthy and clean!

Today has been a wonderful Wednesday! We’ve built tall towers, kicked a ball around and played musical instruments 😊

Tuesday is here and what a terrific Tuesday we’ve had! The children have enjoyed many activities throughout the day and had fun exploring the gardens!

We gathered for group time in the morning to read stories, sing songs and play games with our educators! Together we talked about the weather and what fun things we will be doing today 😊 The children love to sit down to participate in group times!

Today we did yoga! Everyone was so excited to collect the mats and take off their shoes and socks ready to get started! We began by warming up our bodies with gross motor movements and then practiced our tree poses! What fun 😊

Purple cat, purple cat, what do you see?

Last week we made brown bear, so today we made purple cats! The children had fun using their fine motor skills to paint their cats purple and we sang the song together as well!!

The children have had a lovely day drawing on cardboard with chalk and crayons, playing with the trains and in the sand pit!

Today we celebrated Zoe’s 2nd Birthday! Thank you for sharing your special day with us! We enjoyed delicious cupcakes and singing Happy Birthday together 😊

Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room 😊 We’ve got some lovely activities planned and look forward to a lovely week!

We love to start off each day with group time! It’s a wonderful part of the day where children can practice their listening skills and participate in stories, singing and conversations with their peers and educators!

Of course we also did yoga this morning! What a great way to warm up on a chilly day! We exercised our gross motor skills with big jumping movements, stretches and animal poses!

Our construction project has expanded based on the children’s interests! We’ve now moved into the wonderful world of transportation … and today we began by painting lovely red cars! The children used their fine motor skills to manipulate the paintbrushes to paint their cars! Well done everyone 😊

We’ve had a great time drawing pictures, tapping wooden blocks with a hammer and playing with the keyboards and phones!

Thanks for a marvelous Monday! 😊

Happy Friday! We’ve made it to the end of another week! But our lovely sunny week has also come to an end with a very wet and rainy day!

During our group time, the children sat down together to read a book all about the weather! We discussed when we wear our gumboots to jump in muddy puddles and who has an umbrella 😊 The children love to participate in different group times with different educators!

What better way to warm up on a cold and rainy day then to do yoga! We had so much fun this morning practicing our gross motor movements and animal poses – today we focused on being a twinkly star and a big tree! Yoga is such a fantastic way to engage the children in exercise, while supporting their physical development, balance, and coordination!

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?

I see children painting gorgeous pictures of me!

Today we used toothbrushes to paint with! The children decorated teeth with blue and purple paint using toothbrushes! What fun! 😊

We’ve had a fun and busy day – even with all the rain! Have a great weekend 😊

Happy Thursday! We’ve had another sunny day in Emerald and the children have been very busy exploring together!

Of course we started our day with group time and yoga! What a fantastic combination!

Group time is a great way to engage the children in reading books, singing songs and conversation, followed by yoga – a lovely way to encourage a healthy lifestyle through exercise and physical development!

Bonker’s Beat! The children gathered round to join in with our Bonker’s Beat music programme that promotes language, physical and cognitive development through playing musical instruments and singing songs! The children love to beat their homemade drums together!

We have some animals with very clean teeth and minty fresh breath! The children have been working on their teeth brushing skills by practicing on our animal toys! They used toothbrushes and ‘toothpaste’ (shaving foam) to really scrub those teeth clean! Well done everyone 🙂

Today has been so much fun! The children have played with the trains, made cookies in the sand and enjoyed their garden areas outside in the sunshine!

See you tomorrow 🙂

Wednesday is here! We are halfway through another week and we are having a wonderful time! The school photos look fantastic, we can’t wait to see them properly!

The children settled down for group time this morning! They love reading stories with Belma, singing songs with Ekta, playing with Cindy’s toy box, and learning all about teeth with Robyn! We always have so much fun together and it’s a lovely way to start our day!

We also love to start our day with yoga! It’s so much fun to warm up our bodies with gross motor movements and animal poses! Today we worked on our downward dog poses and our snappy crocodiles again!

Today the children had a great time sticking pom poms and balls to a basket covered in sticky tape! This is such a fun activity to practice fine motor skills, as well as encouraging colour recognition and language!

Continuing with our Dental Health Week activities, the children used coloured pens to decorate their own toothbrushes!

What a wonderful Wednesday the children have spent eating ‘dinner’ in the home corner and reading their favourite books!

See you again tomorrow 😊

Tuesday has arrived! The school photos are going well, and everyone’s outfits are beautiful!

Today we started our day off with group time! The children enjoyed singing with Ekta, stories with MeiTing and counting teeth with Robyn. Group time is always a fun way to engage the children in language and meaningful interactions!

Yoga was so much fun today! MeiTing led the children in a fabulous yoga session where they exercised their gross motor skills and practiced animal poses! Today the children became snappy crocodiles!

Continuing with our Dental Health Week, the children have been participating in activities that will help them to understand more about teeth and the importance of brushing every day!

The children painted some lovely teeth a bright white colour with paintbrushes and also used toothbrushes to brush some big teeth with ‘toothpaste’ (shaving foam)!

What fun activities to engage children in learning about dental health!

Today has been a wonderful day! The children enjoyed exploring the indoor and outdoor environments – they played in the ‘office’ typing emails and answering phones and drew lots of gorgeous pictures!

Thanks for a great day 😊

Happy Monday! It’s the beginning of another week … and a new month in the Emerald room! We’ve got lots of fun activities planned! School photos are this week too 😊 it’s so lovely seeing everyone in their best clothes, looking cute!

This week we are learning all about teeth!! This week is Dental Health week and we are going to have so much fun!

Today the children kicked off their week with group times! They read stories and sang songs together! We love to sit down and participate in group time to encourage social interactions and language development!

We practiced our yoga this morning and warmed up our gross motor skills with downward dog! What a fun way to encourage daily exercise for keeping healthy!

Today, Robyn brought in an X-Ray of her teeth, along with 2 of her teeth from when she had her wisdom teeth removed! Together the children sat down to look at the X-Ray and talk about their teeth! We talked about what food makes them healthy and strong and why not looking after your teeth can be bad!

Then we glued lots of teeth onto a paper mouth! This was a fun way of working on fine motor skills but also helping children understand where in the body their teeth are! Everyone did a great job at showing off their lovely teeth 😊

We’ve had so much fun today; playing in the sand, drawing pictures and building towers!

See you tomorrow 🙂

Happy Friday everyone! We’ve come to the end of another week in the Emerald room and we’ve had another fabulous day 😊

The children enjoyed reading books with Ekta, playing with Jasmine’s toys and singing lots of songs with Robyn. During these group times, the children are able to practice their listening skills, enhance speech and language and build meaningful relationships with educators and peers!

After group time, the children know it’s time for yoga! They always are extremely helpful and will collect the yoga mats, ready to go! We encourage the children to take off their own shoes and socks too! In today’s yoga session, we focused on our downward dog pose!

Today we have done painting! We used paintbrushes to make wonderful easel paintings – this is a great way to work on gross motor skills

We also used cotton wool to paint with – this is a great way to work on fine motor skills!

What a lovely way to finish off our week! We played with the diggers and dinosaurs in the sand, played with the colourful balls and the horses!

Thanks for a wonderful week, see you on Monday!

It’s Thursday! We’ve had another lovely day in the Emerald room. The weather was wonderful and we spent a lot of our day outside!

We gathered in our little groups for group time with our educators! Together we read all of the books in the teacher’s treasure bags and sang lots of nursery rhymes too. The children really enjoy these social interactions with their friends and teachers where they can enhance their speech and language!

During yoga this morning, the children showed off their moves with some gross motor exercises, followed by animal poses. Today we worked on the butterfly and pig pose!

We worked on our fine motor skills by rescuing the dinosaurs from the masking tape! The children used their fingers to peel the tape off the cardboard, freeing the dinosaurs! Yay 😊

Our fashionable babies played dress up today, trying on tutus, skirts and sunglasses!

We played with construction vehicles in the wet sand and used the buckets and spades to build sandcastles … which the children enjoyed knocking down!

What a fantastic Thursday we’ve had playing with the babies, drawing pictures and dancing our socks off!

See you tomorrow 😊