We are all here ready to learn and play with our babies.

After having breakfast, it was time to dance!! Polly, was waiting to join her friends and show them some new moves! Thanks Polly! 🙂

After dancing and morning tea, it is time to get ready for Group time! Sushmita brought “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” song into a live experience by using puppets… look at our babies, they look so intrigued to see what’s inside that bag! Inside, our lovely Cindy read some stories with our babies. They are really interested in reading new books.

We then got ready for our activities. Between playing with playdough and painting they were all busy. With Sushmita, they were printing animal foot prints. We anmed the different animals, counted their legs and

As usual, our youngest babies got to explore the environment. Fox was so excited practicing his standing, in no time a few of our babies will be walking around! Adaline and Isabella look like they are bonding! 🙂 It is such a delight to see our babies playing together and building connections, it makes their day for sure.

Outside on the deck, the children were busy drawing on the black boards, or playing in the cubby house.

On the playdough table, Stella was using the shape cutters, and showing the young children how to use them!

While our older children were sleeping, our babies were having a lovely time exploring noise making toys and practicing rolling, reaching and crawling.

A lot of fun for all of us today, we are looking forward to see what tomorrow brings for us.


Have a lovely evening everyone, see you tomorrow  🙂

Hello everybody, how quick the weekend went. Hope you all had a wonderful time with your family.

It is Monday and we are all ready to hit a new week. Early in the morning some of our babies were exploring, Isabella and Adaline were having lots of fun before their first nap.

Today we were excited to welcome a new family member, Eve. It was such a delight to have her for the very first time. Her friends were so interested in playing with her and getting to know her. It looks like Gabriel was greeting her and giving a heads up of what it is to be part of BBC.

Some of our babies were excited to play some music. Rose and Hugh were leading the band 😀 While having fun, they were also waiting patiently for their turn and sharing the instruments.

After a little free play, we had our traditional “dance time” with our babies, everyone is welcome to join, even teachers!

We split in to groups and enjoyed our group time with our lovely Cindy and Jasmine. Group times often become extended as our children are so engaged and want to keep listening to stories and singing songs. It’s a wonderful way to facilitate social skills and language development.

Some were practicing their motor skills whilst trying to fit as many pompons as they could into a little empty plastic bottle. This also facilitates patience and perseverance as it can be a challenge for our babies. They do focus and enjoy practicing again and again.

Once we are done with some activities, we do have more free play where our babies can enjoy exploring with their friends. For some of them, driving is a pretty serious deal! Oliver loves the cars and is going to be a good driver with all this practice J

Our babies had a wonderful time with us today, exploring cause and effect toys, shaking noise making toys and tapping pop up toys.

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

Have a nice day you all!

Oh, what a cold and frosty day was today? But that wouldn’t stop us to have fun.

We enjoyed our day exploring the indoors and outdoors including dancing.

With Jasmine, we polished our fine motor skills. We placed the pop-sticks into the tin holes. Children love this activity and feel very proud every time their pop-sticks goes into the tin. During this activity, we often name the colours and encourage them to repeat after us.

We also enjoyed playing in the home corner.

During the learning centre time, children enjoyed getting their feet into paint and loved doing feet printing on the cardboard. We named the colours and loved wriggling tiny toes.

Some of us also practiced brushing tooth using a pictre and toy tooth brush.

We practised drawing and mark making whilst polishing fine motor skills.

It was a wondeful day and hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Yet another beautiful day started with music and dancing. The children have been showing increasing awareness body balancing while dancing. They can spin around, jump as well as bounce themselves with confidence.

We enjoy playing with tricycles. We spent a lot of time playing on the push cars on the deck. We also loved pretend playing in the home corner.

Babies enjoyed their time playing with the sensory toys and are becoming familiar with their surroundings.

We also enjoyed playing with play dough. We used play dough cutters and animal figurines and sang songs related to those animals.

It was a wonderful start of the day in Emerald today with dancing together.

We danced on our favourite songs that included ‘wheels on the bus’, ‘sleepy bunnies’, ‘if you’re happy and you know it’, as well as ‘everybody clap’. We all warmed up for the day after dancing and moving our little bodies on our favourite music.

This was followed by attending the incursion- Street Sense. It was fun walking to the Crimson yard. We also got to see other parts of our child care. Before we sat for the incursion, we looked at chickens, walked into the big Crimson yard and played in the sand pit.

We then sat for the incursion. It was a fantastic to listen to and watch the story from a presenter who used so many colourful props as well as costumes. Towards teh end of the incursion, we also got to watch some circus tricks such as juggling balls and hoops as well as spinning plates. Some of us tried our hands on spinning the plate on a stick. Oh! that was so much fun!

What a beautiful sunny day for our babies. Starting the day with lots of fun games such as sliding. Millie, Stella and Oliver were giggling while learning and waiting patiently for their turn. Some rules such as “not pushing” and “wait for your turn” are part of our philosophies which can be learnt by children from their very early age, and what a fun way to do it but playing with their friends.

Cooper really rocked it on our obstacle course, well done Cooper!

We have a few new babies in our BBC family, and getting to know each other with fun games is so important to build relationships. They explore toys alongside each other, share smiles and laughs.

Nox and Hugo were developing their motor skills without even noticing it! Playing with geometrical shapes by trying to match the exact same shape on the lid! It can be challenging but they persevered with a little help and encouragement.

Everybody loves cars and bicycles, there are always so many of them enjoying riding them throughout the day! They even have they favourites by now. Whether riding or pretending to ride one is such an enjoyable time for them. This is also another fantastic way to encourage turn taking!

Some children played with the keyboards and did typing, engaging in pretend play.

Playing games is not the only thing we do, we also enjoy having group time. Sushmita sang some lovely songs, which our babies really enjoy. They always take part in this time, and can be very loud when they’re singing! We enjoy hearing them and singing with them, we sang, “Good Morning”, “Baba Black Sheep”, amongst many more of their favourite songs.

Our dance time in the morning was such a delight, and Sushmita did it again! You cannot see it there, but we all dance when it gets to “Dance Time”. Stomping, jumping, and skipping is part of our choreographies, which help our babies to practice their coordination while having a fun time.

Have a wonderful day everyone, we cannot wait to see you tomorrow again  🙂


It is Monday and we are all excited to see our little ones again.

No better way to start the day but to explore and greet friends. Forrest was ready to welcome everyone while playing with Bernice and singing “Row row row your boat”.

After a bit of free play, we all got ready to dance as per our morning routine. Nox and Raphael are great helpers and were helping their teachers to pack away toys and telling everybody it’s “dance time”. We love dancing to “Baby shark”, “Sleeping bunnies”, and “5 little monkeys” amongst others.  It’s such a fun time for everybody and a perfect way to develop their coordination and social skills.

After playing, dancing and having morning tea, we got ready for our traditional group time. Jasmine sang songs and did movements for every single toy! This time is so entertaining for children and is enjoyable. After each song everybody gets a turn with the toys, which help them to understand the concept of waiting for their turn and sharing with their friends.

Everybody is learning to wait so patiently, we are so proud of them!


Some children engaged in activities such as drawing and posting sticks with Jasmine. The aim of it was to insert the sticks through a little hole on a lid, which can be a bit of a challenge but is great for fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Look at Jason, Elise, Chloe and Eli, well done everybody J

Olivia was so curious and engaged in drawing with crayons, she definitely nailed it, look at her master piece 😀  We celebrate every single achievement with children, to encourage them and make them feel proud of themselves and their creations.

Between playing with connectors with Hugh, building blocks, answering phones with Ahaan and making cakes in the sandpit with Ella, Nox, Oliver, Hugo, among others, the day goes by full of fun and learning.

Last but not least, some children had a wonderful time riding cars and bicycles. Hugh, Stella, Nox and Raphael, just to mention some, really enjoyed this time of the day. Once they finished playing, they “parked” their cars and we went off for afternoon tea.


Have a wonderful evening everybody, hope we could see you tomorrow again, lots of fun awaits for all of us!


What a beautiful day we had today 😊 The children got to enjoy various activities planned for them.

We started with some familiar nursery rhymes and dancing. The children love to wiggle around and show off their moves. Dancing is a highly social and physical activity which can help improve social skills and enable them to communicate in a creative expressive way as they explore music and movement.

During our learning centre, the teachers prepared many fun activities. We started with group time, and our favourite books ‘The Very Cranky Bear’ and ‘Cows in the Kitchen’ whilst others enjoyed music with Jasmine.

We’ve done lots of drawing, rolling the playdough, exploring our creativity. Children loved pushing the straws through the holes.

It was great to see the children engaged in all sort of experiences, we had a picnic, ride the cars, used our walking skills and played in the sand pit.

The children were also invited to practice their yoga poses. Yoga has many benefits, some of which are, coordination, concentration, relaxation and flexibility.

Today we started by engaging in small group times. The children shared their ideas without hesitation. They have started responding to the open-ended questions during the group times. It absolutely amazing to see children learning something new each day.  We read our favourite stories, spoke about animals, sounds and place they live.

Exploring indoor and outdoor play spaces was fun and quite a happy moment for our little Emeralds!

Children also had an opportunity to polish their fine motor skills and problem-solving skills by pushing the balls through the holes on the box and getting them out of the box. Well done Emerald!

Our little ones had so much fun exploring. They showed off their sitting and crawling skills.

Also, children enjoyed playing in the sand pit and with the play dough. They are great ways of improving children’s sensory skills.

Wonderful day continued with effective involvement by children. We played with the ball, ride cars in the yard and played hide and seek in the cubby house.

We had a wonderful day as we began our small group times reading stories and singing songs. During this time, the children had fun learning new words and extending their attention span. They love to ask teachers to get their favourite story books out of the treasure bag wanting her to read them! This shows that children are learning to communicate their needs openly.

We started with our new project on “Nature”.  Children were engaged in painting their own trees with brushes. We also learnt how to brush our teeth in a fun way.

The cubbyhouse was very popular with the girls.

Inside, children enjoyed pretend play with Jasmine, where she showed us how to use cutlery, extending our fine motor skills.

With Manju, we sat to have some playdough fun. Play with playdough develops creative and imaginative possibilities for children. They make decisions and develop independence.


See you tomorrow! 😊