Welcome to another busy and fun week in Emerald!

Today our little ones had the opportunity to enjoy many fun and educational activities.

As usual, we started with dancing. The children enjoyed moving their little bodies along to familiar tunes. They also included props for ‘Wheels on the bus’.

Later, during the learning centre, they were invited to sit on the mat with their peers and teachers to sing and read their favourite books.

Using simple yoga breathing, poses, and relaxation techniques as a part of the children’s daily life, can help plant the seeds for a lifetime of health and wellness. Yoga can support your child’s development in five ways: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. So, here in nursery we are encouraging our little ones to join in with yoga sessions every day.

As a part of the upcoming Australia Day activities, the children were busy making an Aboriginal flag. They were encouraged to do a collage with red, yellow and black paper.

In the other yard, as a part of Aboriginal culture, the children were enjoying painting with the sticks as well as making patterns in the sand with the sticks.

Our youngest ones were exploring our nursery room, where they were playing with the different toys, poking and rolling playdough, making sandcastles and making sounds with the dinosaurs.

It is so beautiful to see children so engaged in activities as well as having a fun.


Please could you send a lovely family photo to burnsbaycottageeelc@gmail.com with a little bit of information about your family’s background and culture for our new Family Wall World Map Display!

We can’t wait to learn more about you!

Many thanks,

The Emerald Team

Happy Friday!

Today during our free play, we were singing ‘Five little monkeys jumping on the bed’ and jumping on the walking beam. We had lot of fun but also, we were learning how to follow the instructions and count to five. 😊

We read some stories with Bernice and Belma and sang songs with Jasmine and Cindy.

We continued to explore Australian culture by talking about Australian animals and decorating some of them.

Children play make-believe because it has fun, but did you know that imaginative play is also a vital component of normal child development and should be encouraged? Imaginative play, or make-believe as it is sometimes referred to, occurs when a child role-plays experiences of interest, such as playing ‘doctors’ with their toys as they did today. Imaginative play has so many benefits such as: it fosters creativity, it boosts problem solving skills and self-regulation skills. Today, the children had the opportunity to check up their dollies. 😊

In the other yard, the children were invited to explore shaving foam in the big tub. It is a great sensory activity for little ones. We also practiced our fine motor skills by carrying the plastic balls in the scoop and making some marks on the colourful papers.

Have a good weekend everyone! 😊

Happy Thursday! We have had another busy day of learning in the Emerald room 😊

The children have had so much fun using their fine motor skills to scrunch the tissue paper to decorate a turtle today! They enjoyed talking about the different colours they could see as they stuck them down on the turtle’s shell!

We got stuck into our yoga session today! The children were super enthusiastic and excited to set up the mats and help each other with their shoes and socks! We jumped and stretched and moved our bodies with BIG gross motor movements to enhance our physical development.

The children got creative with a water bottle today! They used the bottom of the bottle as a flower stamp. The children decorated their paper with lots of beautiful, yellow flowers.

Bonker’s Beat is a music programme that we implement in the Emerald room and we use musical instruments like shakers, bells and drums to create music and sing along to songs. Today, the children used old formula tins and beaters to drum along to their favourite nursery rhymes!

We have very much enjoyed our day of fun activities and learning 😊

Wednesday is here and the children have had another fantastic day joining in with various activities that aim to support their learning journeys!

Our day began with group time, one of our favourite times of the day! Today, the children sat down with Robyn to talk about the Alphabet, recognise the children’s letters and spot the different animals and objects that start with their letter! We read our favourite book about baby owls and the children loved using the mummy owl hand puppet to help tell the story!

Jasmine sat down with the children to explore light and shadows! She used a colourful torch to light up the wall and she made fun animal shapes with her hands to make the shadows! The children were very excited and wanted to make their own shapes in front of the torch 😊

We have been enjoying our daily yoga sessions this week! Today the children used their gross motor skills, balance and coordination to create animal poses with their bodies. We worked on cow, frog, dolphin, butterfly and happy baby pose!

With Australia Day next week, the children enjoyed matching the Australian animal counter with the matching card! Together we talked about the different animals, their names and that they are all native to Australia!

We also used our handprints to create an Aboriginal Flag with red, black and yellow!

What a day we have had! Everyone has enjoyed different free play activities like blocks, drawing and sand play, as well as dancing! 😊

This morning, the children have started with their favourite song and dance, ‘Baby Shark’. The children like to sing and repeat actions after their teacher.

The babies are learning so much about the world around them that it’s hard to sit still! However, they love group time, and they always sit for their favourite song or story. Today during the group time, they had an opportunity to hear many stories such as ‘Where is the Green Sheep?’ and ‘The Very Cranky Bear’. Reading encourages children to make connections between the ‘heard’ word and the meaning ‘behind’ the word. With Cindy we had a chance to hear songs in Mandarin while introducing props with it.

Australia Day is next week so we are continuing with different activities. Today we painted Australian animals. The children had a chance to use different tools such as a sponge, paint brushes and even fingers. 😊

With Afroz, the children were invited to match the cards with different types of animals. Matching games improve language, concentration and memory. To learn new words, we have to remember each sound segment, put them together and remember what they look like for future use.

Playdough! What a beautiful and useful tool. Our little ones helped Bernice to make the playdough and play with it afterwards.  Playdough encourages creativity, develops fine motor skills and promotes playtime.

The children are always benefitting from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves. Doing yoga, children exercise, play, connect more deeply with the inner self, and develop an intimate relationship with the natural world that surrounds them. Yoga brings that marvellous inner light that all children have to the surface. Today, they showed again how much they enjoy in practicing yoga poses. Well done babies! 😊

Later, we explored the sand, added some tools to make it even more fun, played with blocks and spent some time reading the books.

What a beautiful and sunny start of the week!

The children have enjoyed beautiful and warm weather today with their peers. They were invited to participate in all sorts of activities.

Dancing is very popular in nursery room, so why not start our day with it. Our little ones wiggled their bodies along to nursery rhymes. Dancing is a great way to improve social skills, language and gross motor skills.

Emerald’s learning centre always starts with the group time. The children showed off their great listening skills by sitting nicely on the mat and listening to their teachers.

Today, Jasmine prepared a great activity for our little ones. They practiced their fine motor skills by twisting the lids on the box. Other children were invited to build the tower with the wooden blocks.

Australia Day is approaching so we are doing lot of activities related to it. Today we made our very own kangaroo from cardboard. Once it was made, the children took the chalk and drew onto it.

As it was warm today, the children got to enjoy water play. Water play helps to develop and strengthen children’s gross and fine motor skills as well as balance and coordination.

Nox and Leon had a great time in the sand pit whilst other children joined group for drawing and playdough.

Today we welcomed a new friend, Jason. He is settling well into his new environment by exploring and meeting his teachers and peers.

Happy Friday! Today has been a lovely way to end the week 😊 A warm day with lots of fun activities to join in with!

During group time, the children sat down with Afroz, Jasmine and Belma to listen to stories, read books and play games! Everyone wants to be a part of Jasmine’s group time as they love to spend time with her and share meaningful interactions with her!


Today, we exercised our gross motor skills in a different way! The children used their gross motor skills to reach up high and post coloured balls through the tube to and watched it come out the other end! The children loved to work out how the balls move and used the balance beam to roll the balls down. Together, we talked about the different colours and expanded our vocabulary too!

The play dough has been a big hit this week and the children have loved to manipulate and mould the dough into different shapes and pretended it was food! We made ice creams, cookies, pizzas and so much more!

We have been doing some shape recognition and shape matching today! The children sat down to look at the different shapes and matched them on the paper. We’ve been talking about circles, triangles, squares and other basic shapes for the children to start to recognise and they can add the words to their growing vocabularies!

We have enjoyed our day with some water play, cooking, sand play and block play 😊

Thursday is here! The children enjoyed their morning outside and spent the afternoon hiding from the rain!

They have participated in different group times throughout the day with different educators and different activities! With Cindy, the children love to explore her treasure chest of toys! Together, they make up fun songs and talk about lots of things!

With Afroz, the children love to read books and explore stories on her felt board! They love to watch the familiar nursery rhymes or stories come to life with felt visual aids!

Continuing with our Australian animal project, the children painting a platypus! They used brown paint and black paper to stick on its bill and webbed feet! What a funny little animal 😊

We had lots of fun talking about shapes today! The children played a fun shape matching game too! Shapes are a fun way to introduce the children to early mathematics and mathematical language!

Today the children used a rolling pin with the playdough to make pretend cookies! We rolled them, cut them and pretended to put them in the oven to bake! Then the children made pretend eating noises – delicious!

We have had a super day even in the rain! The children always enjoy the sandpit, rain or shine, and had fun making cakes for each other and counting them out!

It’s Wednesday! The children have had a lovely day and have enjoyed participating in lots of different activities throughout the day 😊

We like to begin each day with group time! A chance to sit down in a small group and share meaningful conversations and interactions with each other. The children love to read books with their educators and sing songs too!

With Australia Day fast approaching, the children have been learning about animals that are native to Australia and today we talked a lot about kangaroos! The children loved sitting down to join in with a painting activity to decorate a kangaroo!

We have also been learning about our Australian flag! Today the children were given the tools to create their own flags using blue paint, red pieces of paper and white stars!

The children had so much fun playing with our blue playdough today! They used their hands and fingers to mould and manipulate the dough. They explored it by poking, pressing and squeezing it and they enjoyed using different shaped cutters to make shapes!

We gave Marshmallow some lovely cuddles today and talked about the different food that she likes to eat!

What a lovely day! The children have enjoyed showing off their construction skills by building tall towers and digging in the sandpit 😊

What a lovely day we had today. It is so beautiful to see the children so settled and engaged.

What a better way to start our day then with yoga. The Emerald children love practicing yoga poses. Yoga in children develops flexibility, encourages postural control and increases body awareness.

During the learning centre, the children were invited to sit for a group time with their teachers. We read books, sang songs, and played with the props.

Australia Day is approaching, and the children were introduced to the Australian flag and boomerangs. Lots of painting and sticking was happening today as we are preparing for this day. Some of them used paintbrushes, some sticks and some just fingers. 😊

The children have also continued to create beautiful firework displays to celebrate the New Year with paint and glitter!

No matter what we use, chalk or crayon, on the paper or cardboard, drawing is very popular with the children. And while drawing may seem like play, it really does help build different skills.

While children are drawing, they are also improving their motor skills by learning how to grasp a writing utensil. Changing between markers, crayons, chalk and other pens or pencils helps little ones to control objects of different lengths and widths.

Today was a very warm day so the children got to enjoy water and sand play, two natural resources for sensory play. Lots of splashing was happening and building with the sand.  😊

See you all tomorrow! 😊