Happy Friday! It’s the end of another week in the Emerald room 😊 We’ve had a lovely week, filled with adventure, learning and fun!

During group time today, our educators spoke to the children about Australia Day! Together we talked about Australian animals, the Australian and Aboriginal flags! We also read stories, like ‘Wombat Diary’ and sang songs about Kookaburras!

This morning the children were ready for yoga! We began by stretching our bodies up high to the sky and then touching our toes. We made animal poses with our bodies, like cow, frog and butterfly! We love our daily yoga routine, it’s a great way to encourage physical development and gross motor skills!

We talked a lot about the different colours in the Aboriginal flag and what they represent. The children used glue to stick small squares of red and black paper onto their flag and a big yellow circle in the middle!

The children enjoyed using paintbrushes to ‘dab, dab, dab’ the paint onto their paper to create an Australian wattle!

We’ve had so much fun playing with insects in the leaves, talking on the phone in the office and building houses with the wooden blocks!

Our big boys and girls start their journey in Aqua starting next week and we are so excited for them! Of course we will miss them terribly … but we’ll see you over the fence! 😊

It’s Thursday! What a lovely day we have had 😊

The children enjoyed their group time this morning! Together we read books and sang songs. We always have so much fun during our group time sessions, learning new things and expanding our vocabulary.

Yoga time! The children were very excited to participate in yoga today. They helped to set up the mats and take off their shoes and socks, ready to begin! The children followed along with our yoga songs and moved their bodies into different animal poses.

Today we painted jellyfish for our ‘Ocean project’! The children used paintbrushes and different colours to decorate their jellyfish!

We also decorated boomerangs for our Aboriginal display!

We have had a wonderful day matching Australian animals, dancing and building tall towers with the blocks 😊

Happy Wednesday! The children have had an excellent day playing together, exploring, painting and learning new things!

We enjoyed various group times with different educators today! We love it when Jasmine reads stories and sings with us 😊 What a fun way to enhance the children’s language and vocabulary.

The children really loved joining in with yoga this morning! We followed along with our yoga songs and moved our bodies to the music! Everyone did a great job at moving their bodies and working on their balance and coordination!

Today we used toilet rolls to stamp paint onto our paper! The children had lots of fun seeing what shapes they could make!

Today the children learnt about Aboriginal symbols by using sticks to draw in the sand! Together we looked at different Aboriginal symbols and their meanings and tried to draw them in the sand 😊

We have had such a wonderful day drawing pictures on the chalk boards, dancing and posting lolly sticks through holes in formula tins – a great way to enhance fine motor skills and depth perception! Thanks for a lovely Wednesday 😊

It’s Tuesday! The children have had a fabulous day playing together and exploring their space.

We sat down to join in with group time this morning! The children love to sit down together to chat to their educator and read stories! We also love to sing our favourite nursery rhymes and follow along to the actions 😊

Today the children had so much fun painting cute koalas! The children used their fine motor skills to manipulate the paintbrush to paint their paper. Then they stuck on eyes and a nose! It’s so much fun learning about all of Australia’s native animals through art activities!

We have has such a lovely day solving puzzles, dancing and joining in with lots of different activities throughout the day!

See you tomorrow 😊

Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room. The children have had a lovely day in the warm weather 😊

This morning began with group time – a chance for the educators to sit down and have meaningful conversations with the children about their weekends, the weather and the different books we read! What a fantastic way to promote speech, language and social development!

We had so much fun practicing yoga with MeiTing! This is such a great way to encourage big gross motor movements that exercise the whole body!

Today the children got to work learning all about the Australian flag! The children used their fine motor skills to paint their paper blue and stick on stars, to create their own Australian flag!

We practiced our fine motor skills more by playing with pegs and paper plates!

The children have had a marvellous Monday playing together with the cars, in the home corner and in the sand pit! We have read lots of books and danced too!

Our big boys and girls have spent the whole day in Aqua! We can’t wait to hear all about it 😊

Today we celebrated Amelia’s birthday! Everyone loved singing Happy Birthday to Amelia and watching as she blew out her candle! Hip Hip Hooray! 😊

Happy Friday! What a wonderful week we have had in the Emerald room! We have participated in lots of activities and learnt lots of new things!

Today we began with group time! We love to read together during this time and we share lots of conversations about all the pictures we can see 😊

Yoga! One of our favourite activities. The children enjoy stretching their bodies and working on gross motor skills to enhance their physical development, balance and coordination! What fun!

Today we had fun painting with pinecones! This was a different and sensory experience for the children. They had fun touching and exploring the pinecones with their fingers and hands.

The children have had a wonderful Friday today! Together we played with play dough, splashed in the water and danced our socks off!

In Aqua, the children worked on gross motor by playing with cones and climbing trees!

It’s Thursday! The weather is warm and the children have been enjoying the cool indoor areas and splashing in water outside or playing with the hose 😊

We have very much enjoyed our group times today. We read lots of stories together and sang so many songs – the children know lots of the words and always follow along with actions!

Today we explored ice! The children used hammers to smash the ice in the tray. We also felt the ice with our hands and fingers and talked about how cold it is – brrrr!

The children worked on their motor skills by creating beautiful paintings with a roller today!

We splished and splashed in the water with our jungle animals and played with the cars on the car mat. The children have enjoyed their Thursday with their friends and educators!

Over in Aqua, our big kids were having a blast painting pictures, washing animals and solving puzzles!

Happy Wednesday! We’ve had another warm day here in Emerald and the children have enjoyed playing outside and splashing in the water to cool down 😊

The children enjoyed fabulous group times with their educators! We laughed, sang songs, read books and played games together!

Today the children painted with their hands! What a wonderful way to explore paint. They used primary colours to decorate fluffy clouds with their fingers and hands!

We’ve been practicing our fine motor skills by drawing with crayons on paper and with chalk in the black tray! And the children have also enjoyed playing in the home corner, making food and dressing the babies!

In Aqua, the children helped Nelson and Donna sort coloured cones in the garden! They climbed some trees, drew some pictures and played with the babies! What a fun day 😊

It’s Tuesday! The children have had another lovely day! The sun is shining and we’ve enjoyed exploring the garden and playing with water!

This morning the children gathered round for group time! We had a lot of fun reading books and singing songs together 😊 This is a great way to encourage listening skills too!

Today the children enjoyed playing with play dough! Play dough is a fun and sensory activity that is great for developing fine motor skills. Today our play dough was mixed with rosemary to give it a lovely smell – another way to engage the children’s senses with play dough!

We did some arts and crafts today! The children enjoyed gluing and sticking tissue paper onto paper to create beautiful flowers!

We painted with sand …

And decorated a seahorse to continue our ‘under the sea’ project! What a fun day 😊

We have enjoyed water play, block play and dancing together!

And in Aqua, our big kids had a fabulous day exploring the garden and finger painting!

Happy Monday and welcome back to another week in the Emerald room! The children have had a lovely day playing in the sunshine together 😊

During group time, our educators love to engage the children in meaningful conversations about their weekend, their favourite things and they always talk about the books they read together! It’s a lovely way to promote speech and language!

We kicked off the day with yoga! The children love to participate with their friends and enjoy learning new animal poses and different ways to stretch their bodies! Yoga is a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle and promote physical development, balance and coordination!

Today the children had so much fun exploring a basket full of natural resources! Together we looked at leaves, flowers and other plants you find in the garden! We used glue to stick the leaves and create a beautiful nature crown!

We used loofahs to decorate fireworks on the Opera House …

And we had fun in the sand pit, home corner and dancing today!

The children transitioning to Aqua has so much fun exploring and they even stayed for lunch! 😊