Thursday is here! A rainy day that turned into a lovely sunny afternoon! The children have enjoyed exploring the gardens and participating in Halloween craft.

We love to sit down for group time! Today the children loved reading books with Ekta, MeiTing and Robyn. We love to sing all of our favourite songs and engage in little conversations where we can listen to the children’s voices.

During yoga, the children stretched their bodies and exercised their gross motor skills.

Today we set to work colouring in a spooky witch and using glue to stick Halloween confetti onto the witch’s cauldron! We are so ready for Halloween now 😊 We hope to see everyone dressed up tomorrow!

We practiced our fine motor skills by drawing pictures and playing with play dough. We’ve had a lovely day exploring the farm animals and reading books together!

Happy Wednesday! We are getting closer to Halloween and the children are enjoying the Halloween themed activities that we have been doing over the last couple of weeks!

Today the children enjoyed group times with Affa, Ekta and Jasmine! Reading books together is a wonderful way to encourage speech and language. The children love to look at the pictures and talk about what they can see!

We’ve been busy with our arts and crafts today! The children loved painted spooky black cats with sponge paintbrushes.

We also painted beautiful butterflies for our bug project. We folded them in half and painted one side, then folded the butterfly together to see the symmetrical pattern print onto the other side 😊 The children loved this activity and were excited to see the patterns.

Today, we used our fine motor skills to snip the play dough up with scissors…

We enjoyed the Bonker’s Beat music programme, playing in the cars outside and exploring the garden, looking for bugs!

Tuesday is here! This week is shaping up to be a wet one, but we’ve got lots of wet weather activities planned to keep us busy 😊

The children settled down for group time with their educators. Together we talked about Halloween, read stories and sang all of our favourite songs. Our singings voices were on top form today!

We warmed up our bodies with yoga! The children were excited to get started and helped to set up their mats. They loved making themselves super tall like a big tree, and then really small like a little ball! We finished off our session with some stretches and butterfly poses!

Today the children decorated pumpkins for our Halloween bunting. They used their fine motor skills to draw on their pumpkins with coloured crayons. It’s lovely to hear the children’s voices with words like “pumpkin”, “Halloween”, “orange” and “drawing”!

We also decorated spooky bats with white paint and fun paintbrushes!

What a lovely day we have had – dancing, building towers and having tea parties in the home corner!

Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week – our last week of October with Halloween to look forward to at the end of the week … spooky! 😊

We had lots of lovely group times today. The children love to sit and talk about the weather and have lots to say when asked about their weekend! Today the children enjoyed playing with Cindy’s toy box, singings songs with Jasmine and reading books with Robyn!

The weather this week is a bit rainy and a bit chilly, so we warmed up our bodies today with a little yoga session! We exercised our gross motor skills with big movements like jumping and stretching up high like a tree. The girls have been working on their synchronised yoga too …

Our Halloween activity today was to make a spell by mixing lots of different things in our ‘cauldron’. The children used a basket, toys and their imagination to stir up their mixture just like in ‘Meg and Mog’. They chanted “bubble, bubble, bubble” and said “Abracadabra!” really loudly to cast their spell!

This was so much fun and really great for creativity and role playing!

Today we used blocks to press into our play dough to see what shapes they would make!

We’ve had a fabulous but rainy Monday!

Happy Friday! What a fantastic Friday we have had to end the week 😊 the sun was shining, and the children loved joining in with lots of activities!

It’s the last day of book week, but we have really enjoyed sharing your favourite books with everyone! We wish every day was dress up day!

Today the children enjoyed their group times with Affa, Jasmine, Rita and Robyn! Together we read so many books, sang lots of songs and played games too! It’s our favourite part of the day 😊

Jasmine showed us how yoga is really done this morning! We followed along with her yoga poses and exercised our gross motor skills. Everyone looks forward to yoga each morning and the children are always very helpful with collecting mats and taking shoes and socks off.

The children continued with their bug project today and painted lovely ladybirds! They used a circular block to stamp circles on their paper. It was so much fun and it is so much fun seeing the children learn so much about bugs!

We used our fine motor skills to scoop ping pong balls into egg cartons with spoons …

And we loved gluing and sticking too!

Today was lovely and warm! We’ve played with water in the afternoon, dug in the sand pit and solved lots of puzzles! Thanks for a fabulous week, have a wonderful weekend! 😊

Happy Thursday! We have had such a lovely day today. The children have played outside and participated in lots of fun activities!

We’ve really been enjoying book week! It has been so much fun to learn about everyone’s favourite books and characters! We have very much enjoyed the dressing up too 😊 Our daily group times provide us with perfect opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations with the children. We learn so much about them and their little personalities every day!

Our yoga session really warmed us up for the day…

The children had lots of fun gluing and sticking to decorate their ants today. They have really been enjoying the bug project and are getting so good at identifying different insects!

We painted lovely blue starfish for our sea animal project…

Today we completed our last spooky animal to put into Meg and Mog’s cauldron – the spider! We used our hands to make handprints that look like spiders! We had so much fun feeling the paint in our hands.

What a fun day we have had learning more about Halloween, reading books, gluing and sticking and playing together! 😊

It’s Wednesday already! We are halfway through another fun week, but there’s no stopping us!

Today the children brought in more books to share during group time and enjoyed dressing up too! MeiTing had so much fun reading ‘Thelma the Unicorn’ and Robyn loved reading ‘Old MacDonald’s Farm’ and ‘Frozen’ (Alegria dressed up as Elsa)! And of course, we read ‘The Gruffalo’ … it’s one of our favourite books and Maddie made a fantastic Gruffalo too – very scary!

Yoga is a perfect opportunity for the children to exercise their gross motor skills and practice their balance and coordination. We love joining in with yoga daily!

Today the children continued to decorate animals that Meg (from the book ‘Meg and Mog’) puts into her cauldron. The children used their fine motor skills to glue and stick black tissue paper onto their bats!

We had so much fun playing with shaving foam and sea animals in the big tray outside! It’s great to get so messy and enjoy the sensory experience!

The children pushed small world insects into the play dough to create fun fossils!

And we spent most of our day dancing!

See you tomorrow 😊

Happy Tuesday! Today was a little bit rainy, but we sang some songs and soon the rain had gone!

Today the children had so much fun during group time with their educators. This week is book week and the children have been brought in some of their favourite books for us to read! There has even been a few dress ups!

We have really enjoyed sharing our books with everyone today 😊

In our yoga session this morning, the children had lots of fun jumping up and down and showing the new teachers their animal poses! We practiced our downward dog and really stretched our bodies.

Today for our Meg and Mog art and craft, the children painted wiggly worms to put in the cauldron. The children love pointing out their beautiful artwork on the walls!

We used our fine motor skills to paint green sheep and cover them in cotton balls, and we loved to draw sharks whilst we sang the baby shark song …

What a lovely day we have had cutting play dough with scissors, dancing in tutus and playing in cardboard boxes!

Welcome back, it’s Monday! We hope you all had a lovely weekend and everyone is excited for the week ahead of us!

Today the children enjoyed group times with Cindy, Jasmine and Robyn, where they read books, played games and talked all about their weekends! Today we read our favourite Halloween book ‘Meg and Mog’ as we have some activities based around the book this week and thought we should refresh our memories!

It’s so lovely to hear the children’s voices and learn what they get up to on the weekends!

Time to shake off the weekend and get ready for our day with a spot of yoga! The children were excited to get started and helped each other with their shoes and socks 😊 We exercised our gross motor skills with animal poses, jumping and stretching!

We’ve been working on our ‘Meg and Mog’ display today! Meg puts lots of things into her cauldron to cast her spell … so today we painted beetles! The children used their fine motor skills and increased their vocabulary with words like ‘beetle’, ‘cauldron’ and ‘witch’!

Don’t forget to check out our spooky Halloween displays in the front yard!

The children have enjoyed their Monday playing with their friends and educators! We danced our little socks off throughout the day and built birthday cakes in the sand!

See you tomorrow!

Happy Friday! It has been a little bit rainy today, but we still made the most of our day with lots of fun activities and games with our educators!

During group time, the children couldn’t wait to sit down and read MeiTing’s book all about insects and bugs! We really love this book! There is so much to look at and talk about together 😊

On this rainy day the children were excited to set up the yoga mats and take off their shoes and socks. We kicked off yoga with big gross motor movements that really stretched our bodies!

We’ve discovered a new yoga pose! It’s a bird – but the children might need an adults help …

Today the children looked at beetles! We used small world bug toys to show the children what the beetle looks like. Then we gave the children paper and pencils to make their own sketch of a beetle!

We continued with our Halloween toilet roll monsters! The children used their fine motor skills to hold the rolls and manipulate the paintbrush to paint their toilet rolls green!

The children have had a lovely Friday in the Emerald room! We read books, played with play dough and scissors and lined up all of our blocks!

Have a great weekend 😊