We started our day with Ekta and Katherine in the group time. Emerald children love to sing morning song and say their names. Singing and listening to the story helps children to develop the early literacy and listening comprehension skill, they had a lot of fun in the group time!

Emerald children were very busy today; they did painting with sponge brush, dancing, riding the caterpillar rocker, block building, sandpit play and play with the different toys. Emerald children is developing the fine-motor, gross motor, language, cognitive and social skills day to day by participating in various learning experiences.

The spot light of today -Easter afternoon tea! Thank you for the parents who came and share the happiness with us. Children and parent engaged in the Easter egg hunt, balls game, face painting, play dough and Easter sensory tray etc. Even it was raining, but we still had a joyful afternoon!

Welcome back from the Easter Holiday! Hope you all had a great time with family and friends!

Today we have a new friend to join our Emerald Family!

Welcome to [drum roll……] Emily! We can’t wait for sharing happiness with you!

We started the group time with Ting Ting and Ekta, we sang a lot of songs and read stories. We learned to sit in a group, listening to the teacher; we talked about different animal names and counting!

In the learning center, we did Easter bunny art and craft; children put the glue on the Easter bunny and stuck the cotton balls on top. This learning experience promoted children’s fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination and extended the Easter celebration!

In the outdoor yard, the other children were busy with the Easter bunny marbles painting. The children moved their arms to manipulate the tray and observed the marbles ran on the Easter bunny. They were curious when they saw the marbles made the marks on the Easter bunny! This learning experience promoted children’s gross-motor skills, bimanual coordination, the concept of cause and effect and extended the Easter celebration!

On the other side, children had a lot of fun with the coloured sand painting; they were excited to see the yellow and green sand in the big tray. The Emerald children had an opportunity to show their creativity in this learning experience, some of them used the tree sticks as a painting brush, and some of them used their fingers! This learning experience promoted children’s sensory skills, creativity and learning with peers!

In the free-selected section, children were free to engage in different activities, such as holding the tea party in the home corner, playing toys with friends, interacting with Marshmallow and free drawing etc.

Happy Thursday! The children have enjoyed a lovely day participating in Easter crafts, an incursion and a surprise visit from the Easter bunny!

This morning the children had a great time during their group times. Together we discussed Easter, Easter eggs and the Easter bunny 😊 We are all excited for Easter this year!

What a fabulous day it was for yoga! We warmed up our bodies with lots of big, gross motor movements like skipping, jumping and stretching! The children have been enjoying hopping like bunnies and frogs during their yoga sessions recently – a great way to enhance balance and coordination.

Time for the incursion today! ‘Planet Tidy’ was a fun and interactive experience where the children learnt about recycling and keeping our planet tidy to keep our animals safe! We talked about saving water, electricity and putting rubbish in the bin! The presenter was joined by friendly puppets and sang fun songs that kept the children engaged and listening throughout 😊

Today the children had fun painting carrots for the Easter bunny and exploring paint with loofahs!

We had a wonderful day playing with water and sand, drawing pictures and meeting the Easter bunny! We hope you have a fantastic Easter weekend celebrating with family and friends 😊

It’s Wednesday! We’ve had another fun and exciting day in the Emerald room and the Easter arts and crafts are underway!

During group time, Robyn introduced the children to her new book ‘Spot’s First Easter’! The children love Spot books and couldn’t wait to go on a new adventure with him! Together they opened the doors and counted the Easter eggs that the Easter bunny had hidden!

Yoga time! We love keeping active and healthy with yoga 😊

With Easter around the corner and books about the Easter bunny, the children are very interested in rabbits! Today we decorated an Easter bunny with tissue paper!

We practiced our fine motor skills by decorating Easter eggs with cotton tips and drawing on orange paper that we will later turn into Easter baskets for collecting eggs!

With water play, sand play and role play, we’ve had a great day! 😊

Tuesday has arrived and we’ve been getting the children excited about Easter!

During group times, the children have been reading Easter books and singing lots of songs about rabbits – ‘Hop little bunnies’ is a favourite!

We kicked off our day with yoga! With all this talk of bunny rabbits, of course we had to move our bodies and create a bunny pose! The children had so much fun jumping up and down and hopping like bunnies to exercise their gross motor skills.

Today the children were invited to paint and decorate their own Easter bunnies with brown paint and cotton tails! Everyone was very excited to join in 😊

Bunny ears! They are so cute and fluffy – today the children had a lovely time decorating their own bunny ears! The children practiced their fine motor skills and pencil grips during this fun activity!

We had a terrific Tuesday together with lots of fun activities planned and free play too!

Happy Monday and welcome back to a new week in the Emerald room! Today we are celebrating Holi, also known as the ‘festival of colours’! The children participated in various activities last week and today that have helped them to understand more about the world around them!

During our group times, the children talked about colours with their educators! We read books and enjoyed singing songs together 😊

As part of our Holi celebration, the educators played with coloured powder and shared some with the children! We enjoyed looking at the different colours together.

The children had lots of fun making colourful artwork for Holi using balloons and bright colours!

We have started our Easter crafts and we decorated Easter eggs using coloured paper and shapes!

The children had a lovely Monday playing with water, foam, sand and bubbles! 😊

Friday is here! What a fantastic Friday we have had to end such a fun week! Holi is this weekend and we have enjoyed celebrating the ‘Festival of Colours’ together by participating in different activities!

During our group time, our educators talked to the children about Holi and where in the world people celebrate! We discussed all the different colours that we might see in a Holi Festival, read our favourite books and sang lots of songs!

Time for our daily yoga session! We have been practicing the yoga alphabet, it includes poses like Cat, Dog and Forward bend! The children are enjoying moving their bodies in different ways 😊

For Holi, the children had lots of fun painting colourful pictures using bright colours!

We explored coloured sand in the tray. This was fun and sensory!

We have had a lovely Friday spent splashing in water, exploring foam with sea animals and dinosaurs and finally finishing off our group rainbow collage!

Today is Chelsea’s Birthday! We had so much fun celebrating her birthday together and sharing cupcakes  😊 We hope you had a fabulous day!

It’s Thursday! We are having such a lovely week and the children are learning so much about different cultures, diversity and inclusion!

The children have enjoyed group time with different educators today where they have read books about countries around the world and Australia! We are enjoying introducing the children to different countries and languages too 😊

Ready for yoga? The children are always ready for yoga! They love to help set up the mats in a circle and take their shoes and socks off. Today we hopped like frogs on our mats and practiced other explosive movements like jumping – this is a great way to enhance gross motor skills.

Our rainbow is coming together nicely! The children have been having lots of fun gluing and sticking the different coloured tissue paper onto the big rainbow! Together we talk about all the colours of the rainbow and what colours we are still missing 😊

We have had a lovely day digging in the sand pit to make cakes, building towers with the blocks and promoting fine motor skills by drawing!

Welcome to Wednesday! We have had a wonderful day today 😊 The children enjoyed the weather outside and participated in different activities!

We have been loving group time this week – the children have been having meaningful conversations with their educators about the world in which they live, different nationalities, cultures and languages!

The children move their bodies in our yoga session. Today we focused on downward dog – one of our favourites!!

Everyone loved joining in with sensory play in the big tray. We played with frogs, slime, water, sand and cotton balls and we sang ‘5 Little Speckled Frogs’ as we explored the different materials and textures in the tray – what fun!

We continued with our group rainbow project, adding the colour red…

The children had a lot of fun painting together…

And we had a great time using our gross motor skills and colour recognition as we played with the rainbow parachute!

What a fun day we have had exploring the yard and playing with ducks in the water!

Tuesday is here! We had such a fun day today and the children have enjoyed learning about the world and broadening their understanding through activities and arts and crafts this Harmony week! 😊

In group time the children have loved listening to different languages from our educators. It’s lovely to explore where our children are from. We’ve had lots of fun reading books about different places in the world, as well as other inclusive books like ’10 Little Fingers and 10 Little Toes’

Yoga time! We love warming up our bodies with yoga movements on these rainy days, it’s a perfect way to enhance physical development.

Today the children were invited to join in with arts and crafts! We made the Earth! Some children painted the Earth by pushing paint around in a zip-lock bag, and others used paintbrushes! We all had a great time learning about where we live together 😊

What a terrific Tuesday! The children enjoyed the sandpit, drawing, reading books and gluing and sticking to make a fabulous group project – a rainbow!