Thursday is here! We’ve had another busy day in the Emerald room and the children went on a very special adventure!

This morning the children enjoyed their group times with their educators! They enjoyed reading books, singing songs and talking about the incursion they were going on!

The incursion this morning – Wild Homes – was a lovely was to show the children where animals live! The children got to experience a hands on and interactive way of learning! Together we explored the the habitats such as a bear’s cave, cocoon, hollow of a tree, nest, kangaroo’s pouch, snail and turtle’s shells, long wavy grass!

We had such a lovely time!

In preparation for our Royal Tea Party tomorrow … the children have been practicing their fine motor skills by using felt tip pens to decorate a teapot!

We’ve had such a lovely day playing with the phones and keyboards, burying Robyn’s feet in the sand and reading books!

Today we also celebrated Sara’s Birthday! We all enjoyed singing Happy Birthday and sharing your Birthday with you!! Happy Birthday Sara 🙂

Don’t forget to dress up tomorrow and wear your fanciest outfit for our Royal Tea Party!

It’s Wednesday in the Emerald room and what a wonderful Wednesday we’ve had! The children have enjoyed their day, playing in the sunshine and participating in lots of activities!

We love group time! The children enjoy joining in with group time with their educators and friends! Together we read stories, sing songs and talk about the weather! The children have been really enjoying the story ‘Never Smile at a Crocodile’ … we also pair it with the song and have a little bit of a dance too! How fun 🙂

We had a lovely yoga session in the morning sun! We worked on our gross motor movements and perfected our animal poses! What a lovely way to enhance physical development, balance and coordination!

We’ve been very creative today! The children have decorated a skirt and top for our dancing room! The children love to put on a colourful skirt or dress when we dance and it was great to see them getting excited about decorating them!

The Queen’s Birthday celebration this Friday calls for one thing … more bunting! We’ve painted and decorated bunting by gluing and sticking, so today we practiced our fine motor skills by using crayons to draw on our bunting! We can’t wait to decorate the rooms!

The children have had a fabulous day playing with dinosaurs and leaves, exploring the sand pit and playing with the farm animals!

Thanks for a lovely day 🙂

Tuesday is here and we’ve been busy once again! The children have had a great day playing with each other and participating in lots of activities!

The children enjoyed their group times this morning with their educators! They read so many of their favourite story books and sang lots of nursery rhymes! Singing nursery rhymes is always a lovely way to engage children and encourage speech and language development!

The children had a wonderful yoga session this morning! We used our gross motor skills to stretch our bodies up high to the sky and down low to touch our toes! The girls had lots of fun doing this together, whilst holding hands! We worked on our favourite pose this week … the pig!

Continuing with our ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ project, the children loved decorating a leaf with green paper and then sticking on the caterpillar egg, just like in the book!

We also continued making a Zebra from our favourite ‘Cranky Bear’ book!

The decorations for the Queen’s Birthday this Friday are well underway! The children have enjoyed decorating more bunting today by gluing and sticking coloured paper onto their triangles! It’s going to look fantastic!

What a great day we’ve had, playing with trains, toy snakes and building in the sand pit on this chilly day!

See you tomorrow 🙂

Happy Monday … and Happy June! We are half way through 2020 already!

Today we have had a lovely day, filled with fun activities! We kicked off our Monday with different group times with our educators. During group time, we love to read books, sing songs and play games. All of which, are a fantastic way to engage children in social interactions and conversations!

We started our week right! With an energetic yoga session, where the children showed off their jumping skills and animal poses. Together, we warmed up our body with big gross motor movements and really practiced those animal poses to help develop balance and coordination!

Today, we continued with our ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ project and made a cocoon! The children worked together to scrunch up newspaper, paint it brown and stick on yarn! It looks amazing and the children all followed along with the story to further develop their understanding!

The children have been working hard on decorations for the Queen’s Birthday … today we have been making bunting!

The children enjoyed painting the ‘Cranky Bear’ so much, that we decided to make more characters from the book! Today the children used their fine motor skills to decorate the Zebra!

We’ve had a lot of fun today, playing and exploring together! The children have particularly enjoyed reading books!

See you for more fun and games tomorrow!

Friday is here again and we are at the end of another month! Where has this year gone!?

The children kicked off their day with group time with their educators! We read books and sang songs and the children all listened and participated fantastically! The children have really been enjoying the book ‘Owl Babies’ during group time and always ask to read it together.

Yoga was lots of fun, as always, and the children were great at helping pack the mats away after their session! Today, the children really wanted to show off their jumping and tree poses. What a fun way to engage our big, gross motor movements!

Because the children have been enjoying ‘Owl Babies’ … today we practiced our fine motor skills by playing with a bird house! The children were invited to push coloured pompoms through the small hole on the bird house and put the baby birds back in their nest!

Things got messy with the shaving foam this afternoon! We used the shaving foam in the big sensory tray to draw pictures in … and naturally we got carried away! Shaving foam is so much fun to play with! This type of sensory play is great for fine motor skills and cognitive development!

And the children all helped to clean up when we had finished!

This Friday has been lovely! We’ve built tall towers with wooden blocks and used coloured pens to create beautiful drawings!

Have a fabulous weekend and we’ll see you in June! 🙂

It’s Thursday in the Emerald room and we’ve had another eventful day! The children have had lots of fun with their friends and educators!

This morning the children enjoyed their group times! Today with Ekta, the children read their favourite stories and sang lots of their favourite nursery rhymes! The children all do a fantastic job of singing along and following along with the actions!

During yoga, we worked on our tree pose! The children always look forward to yoga and are excited to join in each day! It’s always such a fun way to enhance physical development, balance and coordination!

The Queen’s Birthday is coming up soon, so the children got to work on a fabulous crown with lots of jewels! They had lots of fun working on their fine motor skills by gluing and sticking coloured paper!

We always chat about the weather during our group times, so today we made beautiful and fluffy clouds! The children love the feel of cotton wool on their hands and against their cheeks!

Today has been a lovely day, we’ve explored the gardens, the sand pit and read lots of books!

See you tomorrow 🙂

Happy Wednesday from all of us in Emerald! We’ve had another lovely day, with plenty of exciting activities and games to play!

This morning the children enjoyed group times with their educators! We love reading books, singing songs and playing games in the morning. It’s a lovely way to allow the children to feel safe and secure in their community, whilst promoting listening and language skills!

We had a lot of fun together this morning during our yoga session! The children did a fantastic job at showing off the animal poses that they have been learning and today everyone’s favourite pose was the pig in the mud! We all had so much fun being little muddy pigs together in the mud!

We love making collages in Emerald! Today the children made a fantastic collage of a mitten! Coming into the colder months we encourage the children to stay warm by wearing different clothes, like jackets and hats! Using arts and crafts is a great way to help the children understand!

Today the children have been using their fine motor skills to practice their drawing on the clip boards! We enjoyed playing with play dough and reading books!


Thanks for a lovely day 🙂

Tuesday is here and we’ve had a very busy day with lots of fun activities!

This morning the children enjoyed group time with their educators! We’ve been focusing on the Very Hungry Caterpillar and the children always love to read the story! Together we sang our favourite nursery rhymes and talked about the weather! It was a rainy day today!

Now with our new roof, we can do yoga even in the rain! The children were excited to participate in yoga today! They listened and followed along for a long time and had so much fun moving their bodies this morning! We practiced our animal poses and worked on our gross motor movements! Well done everyone!

To continue with our Hungry Caterpillar project, today the children made a lovely collage of a green and red caterpillar! They used their fine motor skills to glue and stick down the coloured paper!

On a rainy day … we painted a rainy day! The children loved using a spiky brush to dab, dab, dab the blue paint on the paper with an umbrella shape underneath! When the children had finished, we removed the umbrella to see our beautiful artwork!

We’ve been so creative today! One of our favourite books is the Cranky Bear and today the children did a fantastic job at painting him brown! The children also did a very good impression of a bear. They love to “roar” along with the story!

The children have had a lovely day! We played in the sand pit with the animals, built tall towers with the blocks and had a great time pushing trains along a track!

See you tomorrow! 🙂


It’s Monday! Welcome back to the start of a brand-new week! We have all kinds of activities planned and lots of fun to be had!

This morning the children enjoyed participating in group time! We love group time in Emerald room and will have many group times throughout the day. Today we have been reading books, singing songs, talking about the weather and playing games!

It’s been another chilly day today … and what better way to get warmed up than … yoga!! The children are always excited to collect a mat and sit down to take off their shoes! Today we worked on our tree poses and pretended to be slithering snakes on the floor! Yoga is always a fun and energetic way to promote physical development, balance and coordination. Great job everyone!

Today the children made play dough with MeiTing! But not just any play dough … this play dough was green and red, just like the very hungry caterpillar!! Together the children mixed the ingredients needed for play dough and then had a great time using their fine motor skills to roll, poke and squeeze the dough! What fun 🙂

The children have become increasingly interested in the building work in the car park and love to watch the ‘diggers’! Today we added water to make the sand wet and more fun for digging and building castles! The children loved using the diggers in the sand, just like in the car park! We even buried Robyn’s feet!

The children have had a wonderful time today, eating ‘lunch’ in the home corner, playing with the play dough and balancing bean bags on their heads!

Thank you for a lovely start to the week! See you tomorrow 🙂


It’s Friday again! We’ve had a fantastic Friday, full of adventures and fun!

The children enjoyed group time with their educators! Together they read stories, sang songs and played games. The children have been reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ over the past few weeks and have been excited to participate in lots of caterpillar themed activities! Today they loved feeding pompoms to their caterpillars that they made!

Yoga this morning was loads of fun! The children all did such a fabulous job showing off their animal poses and amazing listening skills as they followed Robyn through their yoga session! We love our daily dose of yoga as it gets our bodies warmed up in the cold weather and promotes physical development!

But somehow … Robyn always ends up getting squashed!


The children enjoyed the sensory paint bags and leaf cut outs today. They used their fingers to push the paint around in the bags and create different patterns. This was a fun and different way to explore paint!

Marshmallow was in for a treat today! The children had some delicious, green lettuce to feed her! The children love to care for Marshmallow! Today we fed her up with lettuce and filled up her water bottle … and don’t forget all those cuddles she gets too!

Today the children have enjoyed playing with the play dough, building towers and exploring the yard! Now we have a lovely new roof, we can play outside even when it rains!

Have a great weekend! 🙂