Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room 😊 Where has the time gone? It’s almost October … It’s basically Christmas!

We sat down this morning to engage the children in meaningful conversations about their weekend, the weather and to read some of our favourite books together. Robyn’s new book about poo is quickly becoming a favourite … and the children enjoyed singing ‘Brown Bear’ with Sandra and using the visual aids for each animal!

Time to get ready for the week with our daily yoga session! The children were excited to get started and couldn’t wait to help Bernice set up the mats. They showed off their gross motor skills by practicing animal poses and stretching!

Today we ventured to the abandoned Aqua yard on a bug hunt, armed with our magnifying glasses, tweezers and other bug catching equipment! The children searched high and low looking for creepy crawlies! We captured incy wincy himself and popped him into our observation tank to have a good look at him! Did you know that spiders have 8 legs and 8 eyes!? The children enjoyed their time searching for bugs and learning more about their habitats.

We used our fine motor skills to decorate a wobbly jellyfish with tissue paper and googly eyes!

The children have had a lovely day exploring the sensory tray with plants and bugs, free painting with their hands, building train tracks and digging in the sand pit! 😊

Happy Friday! The sun is shining, and the weather is warm! We are encouraging children to wear their hats and put on sunscreen each day! Today the children spent their day outside participating in lots of outdoor activities!

But first, group time! We love to sit down with our Emerald children and listen to their little voices! Robyn introduced the children to a new book all about poo! Everyone was very interested in learning more about where poo goes and what different animal poo looks like! Did you know that wombats poo in cubes!?

Another sensory tray? Of course! Sensory trays are extremely beneficial for fine motor skills and sensory development 😊

Ekta ran the children through an obstacle course in the garden with the tyres and the children threw balls through the hoop that encouraged the children’s gross motor skills

Bubbles! We have a new bubble wand that spins and creates loads of bubbles for the children to pop!

And then we enjoyed an old-fashioned game of grip ball! The children loved using their throwing skills to throw the ball to each other and catch it on the Velcro! They had to use their big muscles to pull it off again too!

In the afternoon, our littlest children enjoyed painting with ice cubes to cool down!

Thanks for a lovely week 😊


It’s Thursday 😊 The children are enjoying the week of activities and experiences so far! Let’s see what they got up to today!

Group time! The children enjoyed their morning group time with Bernice, where they read Spot books and played with the Spot puppet! The children love to wave hello and give Spot a cuddle. These social interactions are so fun and can teach the children about empathy.

Time for yoga! A chance for the children to move their bodies and participate in daily exercise to promote a healthy lifestyle. Today we practiced being butterflies together!

The children enjoyed a sensory tray experience with dinosaurs! Everyone got stuck in and loved getting messy with foam, sand and other sensory materials. They used their hands to explore the different textures.

We have had a lovely day dancing, playing with playdough and farm animals, role playing with the doll’s house and pretending to be doctors! We enjoyed some water play in the afternoon to cool down 😊

Wednesday is here and the children have had a very busy day once again! A fun day, filled with activities and learning experiences 😊

During group time, the children sat down with their educators to read books and sing together. We always have such a fun time together and we are learning a lot from the meaningful conversations we have!

Let’s move our bodies in our yoga session! The children were excited to join in with Ekta today and show off their moves. Together they stretched their arms up high to be tall trees and flapped their wings like butterflies!

Now Spring has arrived, the children are becoming curious about nature! Today they used their fine motor skills to glue and stick to decorate a tree!

The children participated in a bug experience with toy bugs and sand! They had fun naming the bugs together and had to give them a bath afterwards to clean them up!

This afternoon we made playdough. The children decided that we should make it orange and helped Afroz to add the ingredients and mix them up!

The children have had a lovely day exploring the environment and joining in with a group painting experience!😊

Happy Tuesday! The children have been busy participating in lots of different activities and learning experiences 😊

Our group times were so much fun this morning, the children were engaged for a long period of time whilst reading books and singing songs together!

Time for yoga! An opportunity to move and stretch our bodies into fun animal poses.

Today the children continued with their ‘Technology’ project by making their own phones! The children know that phones are used to communicate with people, but we also sometimes use them to play their favourite songs for dancing!

The children had lots of fun joining in with a group drawing activity where they decorated a very big caterpillar!

We celebrated the Mid-Autumn or Mooncake festival today by making a beautiful piece of artwork where we turned our footprints into pictures of rabbits worshiping the moon! Everyone enjoyed the tickling sensation on their feet! 😊

In the afternoon, the children had fun dancing together, playing on the slide and free painting with blocks in a boomerang shape. We also have a new doll’s house that kept everyone busy for a while!

Thanks for a lovely day!

It’s Monday! We hope you enjoyed your weekend and stayed safe 😊 The children have enjoyed their day being artistic, playing together and learning more about bugs!

We kicked off our week with group time! A favourite time of the day for our little ones, where they like to read books and sing songs together. Today we read ‘The Very Hungry Bear’ and sang songs about frogs and caterpillars!

The children enjoyed stretching their bodies and moving around during our yoga session. We practiced our animal poses and created different shapes with our bodies. Everyone loves the meditation part of our session where we take some time to relax and do our ‘happy baby’ pose!

Today the children had a look in our Animal Encyclopaedia and talked about bugs! We looked at spiders and beetles together before decorating our own beetle whilst using a small world beetle toy for reference.

We have been extending the children’s learning from Book week back in August, where the theme ‘Old World, New World, Other World’ has inspired our learning experiences. This week the children are looking at the theme of ‘New World’! We have interpreted this to mean new technologies and today the children had fun making their own laptops!

What a lovely day! We have had fun playing musical instruments, dancing and cooling off with some water play in the afternoon 😊

Happy Friday everyone! We’ve had a slightly more quiet day today … but the children enjoyed their relaxed day with their educators.

Of course, we’ve continued with our daily routine beginning with group time and yoga! During group time the children sat and listened to stories and sang songs together. They had a great time watching the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ on the iPad. They love the book and this was a little bit different for their learning and interpretation.

We shook off the cobwebs with yoga, moving our bodies and enhancing our gross motor skills!

Speaking of cobwebs … today the children learnt all about spiders! We read our Animal Encyclopaedia and looked at images of spiders! Together, we counted their legs and eyes – 8 is so many! The children were invited to decorate their own spider with black paint and googly eyes! What fun 🙂

Thank you for a lovely Friday little ones! We read all the books in our library today!

It’s Thursday, the weather is warm and the children have been busy learning about bugs!

During group time, the children sat down with their educators to read books and sing songs. Today the children showed an interest in ‘The Gruffalo’ and songs like ‘If You’re Happy and You Know it”!

We couldn’t skip our daily yoga session! Today we brought the mats into the big yard and set up to move our bodies along to our yoga music. Pretending to be animals and creating poses with our bodies is so much fun!

The children were invited to get creative with paints in the sensory tray! The tray was surrounded with native Australian flowers and plants for inspiration! We had fun getting messy and creative! 😊

Let’s go on a bug hunt! The children had lots of fun exploring the board that Robyn had made at home with the opening from packets of wipes! The children used their fine motor skills to open and close the lids and discover what was hiding underneath 😊 We talked about the different bugs and insects that they found.

Rita continued to make beautiful lanterns decorated with petals and leaves for the Mid-Autumn/Mooncake festival celebrated in China.

What a day! Stay safe 😊

Happy Wednesday day! The weather is a bit brighter today and the children were able to run around in the big yard 😊

We love group time! We always have so much fun together when we play games, sing songs and have conversations.

Time for yoga! The children are improving each day and all this exercise is doing great things for our  gross motor development, balance and coordination.

As an extension of our Spring project, the children have been exploring bugs! During group time they read the ‘Animal Encyclopaedia’ and learnt a lot about different insects and bugs. Today the children enjoyed playing at the sensory table with leaves, play dough and small world bugs! Their educator helped them to identify the bugs and they used them to make marks in the play dough 😊

We made lanterns out of toilet rolls and decorated them with petals and leaves. In China at this time of year, there is a Mid-Autumn or Mooncake festival where people celebrate by gathering together, worshiping the moon, lighting paper lanterns and eating mooncakes! The children loved sharing Rita’s culture with her to create something so lovely 😊

The children had fun today at the free drawing tables and free painting! Thank you for another fun day!

Tuesday is here! The children were very excited to join in with the activities today 😊

During group time, the children sat down with their educators to read their favourite books and sing all of their favourite songs together! We have also been singing our Alphabet song and using the Alphabet mat as a visual aid, finding the letters of our first names! The children are doing a fantastic job at recognising their own letters and are starting to recognise their friend’s letters too!

Time for yoga! The children know and love our yoga routine … starting with setting up the mats and helping each other take off our shoes and socks and put them on the shoe rack! We show off our yoga moves to each other whilst listening to and following along to our special yoga songs, before relaxing in ‘happy baby’ pose for some meditation to end the session!

The children had a fantastic time today on their nature walk! A few of our Emerald children went on an adventure through the Crimson yard to see what fun things they could find. Everyone had so much fun exploring the yard, finding the chickens and climbing on the equipment. They filled their baskets with leaves, flowers and bark to bring back to the Emerald room to show everyone 😊

Today we used our lovely vase of flowers as paintbrushes to create some lovely Spring artwork. The children had fun looking at the bright pink flowers and using pink paint to dip them into. This was a fun and different way to paint!

The children enjoyed making a Spaceship with coloured paper, digging in the sand pit and playing with wooden blocks! What a day 😊