Good afternoon magenta families, And welcome to another week here in the Magenta Room.
We had a great start to our day with some morning activities and some experiences. We also had a morning music group with musical instruments where we practiced our fast and slow tempos and talked about the rhythm of our songs using the xylophone and drum.
For learning centre time we continued on with our season discussion and chatted about the trees that have been blooming and lots of flowers are appearing. We also made some telescopes to search for the flowers that have begun to grow in our garden.
For our learning centre activities we did some painting of a cherry blossom tree where we made our hand print for the trunk and used a recycling bottle to create the look of the petals in the tree.
Nishka: My tree has beautiful pink flowers that the little birds will pick to take home.
Olivia: My pink tree is my favourite.
Isla: This pink tree can hang in the garden for the birds to look at
Elaria: My tree is going to hang in the window so the birds can look at my lovely tree I have made with pink paint.
Alice: This is my cherry blossom tree for spring and the flowers are high in the tree for the animals to smell beautiful.
We have also been separating our little seeds, getting them ready to grow in some more seed pots. So far where have sorted sunflower seeds, daisy seeds, common grass seeds and a few others. We are so excited to begin our lovely garden spring growing experiment.
Some of our other activities today were cubby house where we have been using our imagination as a place to hide from the thunderstorm and windy weather, we had small puzzles and connectable blocks concentrating on our fine motor skills, car mat, home corner where our cafe is baking bread and coffee for all our hard working friends, quiet reading mat for relaxation and large construction blocks outside where we are building our very own city.
What a lovely start to the week and see you all tomorrow,

Good afternoon our wonderful Magenta families.

We have had such a wonderful week and we have been so busy with our activities and experiences.

It was so lovely to see all the children playing so nicely with their friends and talking about their activities and what makes them happy in the Magenta Room.


Isla: I love my Tima and her wonderful stories,

Thomas : I love to play with my friends

Henry: I like to play in the sandpit

Amelia: I like to play in the cubby with my friends

Alice: I like to play in home corner with the pram and my dollies


Today was another relaxing and great start to our day, we had some outdoor dancing. This is such a great way to incorporate both music and movement into our day in a fun and exciting way.


We also talked about how exercise can keep our bodies healthy and make our lungs strong to keep growing as we get older.


At group time, the children enjoyed singing time with Tima. She used puppets to ask the children what animals they were and for them to make the sound.


With Komalpreet, the children read some stories about birds, flowers and Spring. Afterwards, the children were invited to do a spring collage using fine motor skills.


Some of our other activities today were farm house with farm animals

and farm a garden where we were growing our own vegetables and fruit trees, construction sand pit zone where we were building and digging using our diggers and trucks, cubby house with outdoor reading area where we could venture out and read before heading inside to our cubby house. We also had collage and painting, drawing table and both large and small puzzles to work on our concentration and problem solving.


What a fantastic day we have with lots of laughter and smiles,

We hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend and see you all on Monday 🙂


Good Afternoon our wonderful Magenta families. What a lovely Thursday we have had.
We started the day of with some yoga and took advantage of the cool morning air and practiced our yoga poses. Today the monkey, lion, crocodile and hippo were the most requested poses. We are getting so good at our yoga poses and our muscles are growing big and strong. Yoga is such a wonderful opportunity for physical strength and development but it is also a wonderful opportunity for small discussion groups that foster and build confidence within our spoken and listening language. It’s also great for turn taking as we listen to what our friends have to say and wait for our turn to share our wonderful information.
Some of our other activities today were play dough where we made some of our creatures from our story books. Construction sand pit, mermaid and under the sea ocean drawing, garden sensory rice activity, and large construction corner where we made a zoo filled with animals and flowers that are growing in the warm weather. Our farm house was also back today as the children have been requesting it lately, together the children helped their teaches to collect what we needed and set it up under the shade of our bottle brush tree.
Luca: I can bring the cow and the duckie he lives on the farm
Leo: the horse lives on the farm and the mummy horse can take care of the baby horse.
Thomas: My batman can help take care of the horses and give them some dinner
We also had a spring time parade where we showed off our spring dresses and clothes, and chatted about the colours we were all wearing.
Amelia: I am wearing my Rainbow dress today. The rainbow is the same in the sky rainbow.
Isla: My dress is yellow like the sunshine in the sky, but not on a cloudy day because clouds are white
Olivia: My dress has flowers on it like the flowers in the garden story book
Molly: my dress has a unicorn and he is very friendly
Alice: My dress is blue and I like my little flowers. They are all the places on my dress. It’s beautiful.
During group time we read our stories and sung our group time language songs, We are learning a new song called “ The seasons of the year” and we are getting so clover pronouncing the new words.
We also read the story the big hungry bear who goes looking for delicious strawberries that grow in the sunshine, We had small activities such as puzzles, colour matching and sorting in our group time groups.
What a busy day we have had, and we can’t wait to see you all again tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday everyone. And welcome to the middle of the week.
What lovely weather we are having these days and we have been taking full advantage of it by setting up a whole garden filled with experiences and activities.
This morning was our routine of morning yoga where we talked about keeping our bodies healthy with fresh fruits and vegetables and stretching our muscles and concentrating on filling our lungs with fresh air to fill our bodies with energy.
Some of our other outdoor activities were sandpit tray with diggers and construction. Luca brought in a digger that even made some digger sounds and reversing beeps. We all laughed as Luca showed us how to drive the sand into the construction site with the beeping of the trucks. We also had a super hero den where the topic of discussion was how to protect kindi from the approaching storm.
Leo: Quick, we need to save kindi before the rain is coming across the sky.
Isaac: The rain is coming, quickly get the umbrella for Tima and Natasha so we can hide from the thunder crashes.
Thomas: I can get my gum boots and stomp in the puddles to scare away the thunder and lightning.
For group time we read some of our favourite stories and continued our talk about taking care of our room.
For learning centre time we have begun to use some of our nature table resources we have been collecting and today we made our own bottle brush collage.
Isla: My bottle brush tree is for the birds to eat the flowers for their afternoon tea.
Elaria: My bottle brush tree is so tall it is growing up to the top of the sky and the lorikeets are going to build their nest in the tree.
We also had magic sand that keeps its form after you create the shape as-long as you hold it in your hand carefully. Today we made some Egyptian pyramids and had a look at our house book that describes all the different types of places people live in throughout the world.
Some of our other activities today were home corner where we have been taking care of the babies and feeding them their lunch and giving them baths, small puzzles and small blocks to extend our fine motor sills, reading corner for relaxation throughout the day and both collage and drawing to create our masterpieces of artwork.
What a lovely day we have had and we can’t wait for another fun filled day tomorrow,

Good Afternoon Magenta families and welcome to our Tuesday here in the Magenta room.
Today we started our day off with some morning tea of jam and vegemite crackers and chatted about our families and friends. We also had a drawing table with letter shapes where we were finding the starting letter of our name.
Emmeline: My letter is E, it sounds like Emmeline
Alannah: My letter is A for Alannah and Alligator and apple
Georgia: My letter is Georgia, I like my name
Alice: My name is Alice and that is A sound.
We also had some morning yoga outside in the morning sunshine and a little play in the cubby house.
For group time both Alice and Thomas brought in some books for us to read and we practiced our listening skills. We also chatted about how it is kind to listen to one another and show that we are excited about what our friends can tell us.
We also read the story “there’s a hippopotamus on our caravan roof eating cake”. This is a story about a family who go on holiday to the beach. We also used the story in our learning centre activities and made two little ocean worlds and put both mermaids and ocean animals such as whales and dolphins.. etc inside to swim in the waves.

Levi” Look out the whale is jumping in the waves, he is splashing everywhere….

Luis: Here comes the shark he is going to jump in the ocean and splash water everywhere

Some of our other activities today were car mat, balancing beam and obstacle course, cubby house, digger in the sand pit and home corner where we were taking care of the babies feeding them and taking them for little walks around our room.
What a fun day we have had, see you all again tomorrow.

Good Afternoon Magenta families and welcome to another week with us here in the Magenta room. We hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for a fun filled week ahead

Today we had a relaxing start to our day with some morning drawing and craft activities as well as a delicious morning tea filled with laughter and chatting with our friends.
For group time Tima read us the story about the Magpie at the end of the street who loves to sing to her baby eggs in the nest.
Emmeline also brought in a wonderful picture of her bike that she goes riding with mummy and daddy. She is so proud of her bike and was filled with joy as she shared the image with her friends.
Emmeline: This is my bike. I go riding with mummy and daddy. I can ride really fast and I am brave on my bike.
Today for learning centre time we made our own pizzas for lunch. We talked about how it is important to wash our hands before touching food and then we chatted about the ingredients we use. On our pizza’s today we added some zucchini, capsicum, cheese, fresh tomato and some tomato paste. What a delicious lunch we made together. it was so yummy.
Isla: My pizza is going in the oven with tomato and cheese on it

Emmeline: My pizza is so delicious and when it is cooked I can eat it

Elise: I can put everything on my pizza, zucchini and tomato.

Thomas: This is the best pizza I am making.

Levi: I can put vegetables and cheese on mine.

Henry: My pizza has tomato and cheese and a little piece of zucchini. yummy

Georgia: My pizza has lots of the ingredients. The best is the cheese on top

Some of our other activities today were car mat, constructing building site, cubby house, home corner, reading mat area, painting, play dough where we made some kookaburra wings, and puzzles.

What a great day we have had and can’t wait to see you all tomorrow,

Happy Friday our wonderful Magenta families,

We hope you have all had a lovely week and are ready for the weekend ahead.

Today we started our day off with some activities and experiences such as drawing and painting where we finished off some of our garden and spring drawings that have been happening throughout this week.

We have also begun to organise them to be displayed on our walls, look out for them in the coming week to see what amazing artists we are becoming. Displaying children’s artwork encourages conversations between children to reflect and open a dialogue about their work. It also creates an atmosphere of confidence and instils self esteem, we are so proud of each and every Magenta artist.

We also had some morning tea and listened to some morning yoga and some morning tea and listened to some of Tima’s music on her music player, some of the songs we sang along to.

For group time we read the story ‘Waddle Giggle Gaggle!’ by Pamela Allen and ‘Kookaburras love to laugh’, by Laura and Philips Bunting.

For learning centre time:

Play dough fun! Some of us gathered around the table where an educator was making some play dough flowers with leaves, stems and flowers. The educator then encouraged us to roll out our playdough and make a playdough flower. The educator also showed us how to make it and then we all did our best to follow whilst adding our own ideas and thoughts to the design.

The children had lots of fun making a collage with Komal.

Some of our other activities today were building construction, reading, car mat, sensory tables, garden cubby house, home corner and magnets tails.

We hope you all a lovely afternoon and enjoy you weekend 😊


Good Afternoon and Happy Thursday magenta families,  and what a lovely relaxing Thursday we have had,

We started the day off with some yoga and a small reading group where we read some of our favorite stories ” There’s a hippopotamus on our roof eating cake” and had a little discussion group about what experiences and activities we have organized for today. We also sang some of our favorite songs such as ” you are my sunshine” and ABC.
During yoga we chatted about some of our favorite poses and why they are good for our growing bodies. currently the Lion, Monkey and snake are a most requested yoga poses.

Some of our activities today were large block construction where we built some tall buildings for us to go to work in. we had our sensory ocean / mangrove world, car mat where we practiced our fast and slow driving, and a painting and drawing table where we created our very own art masterpieces.

For group time we looked at some visual images of gardens and plants growing from seeds into tall trees and garden plants and discussed what seeds were from different plants. We also discussed about making our very own scare-crow to keep the birds away from out little seedlings that are trying to grow.

We also had our farm house in full swing as we imagined we were getting ready to pick our fruit from the trees and make some delicious dinner.

Amelia: I am going to pick some delicious apples for my dinner

Nishka: I am going to pick strawberries,

Isabella: and I am going to put all the fruit in my basket and make a fruit pie

We hope you all had a lovely Thursday,

Hi Magenta families, and welcome to Wednesday the middle of the week. Hope your week so far is going well.
Today we started our day off with some self select activities to add to the already set up room to encouraging ownership of our room and our toys .It’s wonderful to see how the children have been welcoming their friends as they arrive and asking ” would you like to play with me” We also had a morning tea of cheese toast and a selection of fresh fruit. Again the morning tea topic of discussion was fruit and where it grows in the garden.
We also had some morning yoga and continued on with our discussion about healthy bodies and minds. We chatted about how healthy it is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables but also to take time in the day for meditation and to sit quietly and listen to the sounds of nature and think about what makes us happy.
Thomas: my sammy makes me happy
Isaac: my family, mummy, daddy make me happy in my heart
Isla: playing with my daddy and mummy makes me happy every day, and playing with Tima too.
During group time we chatted about how we can take care of our room and how we play in our learning spaces in the appropriate way, Some of the ideas we came up with were…
Leo: running is for outside and walking is for inside
Isaac: Inside we use our tiny tiny quiet voices and outside we can talk loudly
Alannah: but not shouting, because that’s not friendly to shout loudly at people or teaches
Elise: and no running so you don’t crash into toys
Isla: when you finish playing you pack it away,
Amelia: and you can ask a teacher to help you pack away
What wonderful ideas we are coming up with. Allowing children to help set age appropriate learning space boundaries and expectations helps them connect within their learning and use this as a tool to encourage self regulating behavior.
Some of our other activities today were home corner where we made some delicious lunch for us all to eat, lego we counted out the number of blocks and colours in the towers we were building, reading area where we chatted about our favorite stories, drawing table, playdough, outdoor games.
What a wonderful day,

Good afternoon Magenta families and welcome to this partly rainy Tuesday. For the morning we took advantage of the morning sunshine and had had a little nature walk around our garden talking about the clouds we could see in the sky and the different colours of dark and light clouds, what plants were growing and what birds we could see in the tree tops. We then did some morning yoga and an informal discussion about how to keep our bodies strong and healthy by using them for exercise to make our bones and muscles strong and healthy.
For group time today we continued on with our discussions about the season changing to spring. we also chatted about the painting activity we were going to be making and how we can paint slowly and take our time with our activities. We looked at an image of a flower and all the parts of a flower such as the petals, stem, roots and seeds and we will be moving this concept over into our painting activity.
For learning centre we continued on with our sensory activities and with our rice activity. The children counted out how many spoons it takes to fill their containers and then added their flowers and nature to their containers… this is a great activity as it extends their hand / eye coordination and promotes slow and controlled movements balancing a spoon of rice and pouring it into a small container.
Elise: My spoon has 100 rice on it to put into my flower pot.
Georgia: I need 5 spoon fills to get my rice to the top of my flower pot
Isla: I can try and not spill the little rice but they are very slippery on my spoon. haha, they are so tricky and jumping into my flower pot.
We also had a turn at painting our own flower and garden scene.
Some of our other activities today were home corner where our bakery still in full swing making delicious baked treats and smoothies, reading area where we have been discussing and talking about the images we see in our story books, puzzle and fine motor table, exploration table, drawing table, colour sorting activity, painting and play dough table where we have been exploring the tactile objects of nature such as flowers, leaves and pine cones.
Hope you all have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow