Good Afternoon our wonderful Magenta families.

Today we have had a full day of experiences. This morning we started our day off with  a little discussion group about how today is the day that Santa will be arriving in our Magenta room. We then read the story “Santa is coming to town” and we talked about how we all need to use our kind manners for Santa when he arrives.

So after a little morning tea and a play in the garden it was time…… the children stopped in their tracks as they heard the Christmas bell” coming down the path way and their little voices calling out ….. “Santa is here” “Sant is here”. Like a flash they flew to the mat and sat awaiting Santa’s arrival.

Ëlaria: Santa is ringing the Christmas bell, I can here it

Thomas: Santa is coming everyone , look Santa.

One by one we sat with Santa and told him what we would like for Christmas and how happy we are that he came for a visit”

After we spent some time with Santa we then practiced our wrapping skills wrapping up some Christmas gifts we are taking home and can hang on our Christmas tree. We made some Christmas ornaments in our science class a few weeks ago and it was so much fun. After lunch we also tried our  Chocolate  ice cream we made in science and it was so delicious.

For the afternoon we are going to be playing lots of Christmas games as well and pin the Santa hat on Santa and get ready for tomorrows festive activates.

See you all tomorrow and hope you have a lovely evening.





Happy Tuesday Magenta Families and welcome to another hot day with us,

Today was a very special day for us as we celebrated Charlies big 4th Birthday. Thank you for spending the day with us Charlie and we are so happy and joyful to be sharing your special day with you. After we sang Happy birthday and gave Charlie 4 big claps Charlie showed us what he brought in, …. and it was some chocolate Santa elves to share with everyone to celebrate his 4th Birthday.  And that was so kind.

Happy Birthday Charlie and hope you have had a great day celebrating with us.

To start the day off we did some Christmas yoga and then took turns venturing over to the crimson yard for our visit and we explored our way through the activities and experiences.

Today we had a felt Christmas tree, magnetic building blocks, doll house was popular, kitchen, and drawing and craft, playdough, fire station and painting.

We also did some Christmas singing for our friends and talked about how many sleeps until Santa arrives.

What a fun and busy day we have had and see you all tomorrow for another fun filled day of activities and experiences.


Happy Monday Magenta Families and hope this week leading up to your Christmas break is a good one. We are looking forward to spending so  much time this week playing Christmas games and celebrating the upcoming holiday.

This morning we spent some time in Crimson as well as inside in the air conditioning hiding away from the heat.

Our Crimson visits are coming along nicely and we are having such a wonderful time exploring our way through our activities and experiences.  The children are all confidently exploring their learning spaces and moving around the room with ease.  Today we had gift box wrapping extending our fine motor skills, we had ginger bread playdough that smelt like cookies to practice our fine motor manipulations of pulling, pushing and scrunching the play dough getting our fingers working. Doll house, kitchen cooking, rocket ships, large sandpit play, garden obstacle course and climbing house.

We also had a little group time and talked about how the crimson room works and how we are all such wonderful learners and how exciting Crimson is going to be next year.

once the heat left the day we ventured our for some outside building and a little garden play in the cool afternoon air,

What a lovely day we have had and see you all tomorrow for another hot Tuesday,

and just a little reminder to bring you hats as the weather has been forecast to be a hot one for the next few days.

Happy Wednesday everyone and hope you are enjoying your week so far.

Today we have had a great relaxing morning tea with some activities and some morning yoga. We also spent some time over in the Crimson room in small groups for our transition experience and what a great time we are having. It’s so lovely to see all the smiling faces as they explore their new room and this is such a great time to strengthen friendships and we were so excited to spend the morning with lots of friendly faces.

For group activities today we did some painting and matching the letters of our names.

Some of our other activities today were mini sandpit and trucks, Christmas drawing and group collage with glitter and stickers, letter writing to Santa, playdough and magic sand as well as home corner which has turned into Santa’s toy shop and bakery where we have been baking lots of Christmas treats for all our friends.

What a great day we are having and can’t wait to see you all tomorrow.

Good afternoon Magenta families and welcome to this hot Tuesday.

Today to start off the day we chatted about how the sun is great for our planet to make the plants grow big and strong but we need to protect our skin from the sun rays and that’s why we put on sunscreen multiple times a day and always wear our hat outside. We also did some morning sun yoga with poses such as the drifting clouds, stretching sun rays and ball of sun. Its so great to add variety to our morning yoga routine and keep pour bodies strong and healthy.

For group time today we continued on with the children’s interest in Christmas and drawing our picture letters to Santa to tell him about the wonderful activities we like to do at Day care and who is in our family.

We also read the story ….. and chatted about what the word Christmas means to us.

Alannah: I think of reindeer and a Christmas tree.

Charlie: I think of Santa and his reindeer in the sky

Henry: Ad I think if lots of presents under the Christmas tree from Santa when you are fast asleep

Georgia: And Santa can fly on the roof and come down the chimney

Levi: and Santa has bells on his sleigh to make the Christmas jingle bells song

Some of our other activities today were home corner Santa shop where we are making so many wonderful toys to share with our friends. Christmas collage, playdough, Large group painting outdoors in the garden, mini sand pit and ;large building blocks where we built Santa’s sleigh.

What a great day and see you all tomorrow.

Good Moring Magenta Families and hope you are having a lovely start to you week.

This Moring we listened to some Christmas music for morning tea and did our Christmas yoga poses and chatted about how many sleeps it is until Santa arrives.

Today we also had a wonderful Merry Christmas incursion where we saw puppet show animals get ready for Santa and hang their stockings around their rooms. At the end of the puppet show we sang twinkle twinkle little star and some Christmas songs and then Santa came out and surprised us all. We each got to say hi to Santa and have a little group photo with him and let him know what we want for Christmas. What a great morning we had. Some of the songs we sang at the show were “Santa Clause is coming to town” “jingle bells” and we even got up and danced to the the Macarena””

Isla: Look Santa is here

Ellise: He has a big beard

Thomas: That Santa is going to talk about Christmas.

Isabella: Haha Santa is so friendly

Henry: He is wearing the Santa suit from the tv show.

Some of our other activities today were easel painting, book garden, building blocks where we are building Santa’s Sleigh, drawing, home corner both indoor and outdoors, connect-a-Blocks and Christmas playdough.

We have even started making our own Santa post box where we have been making a list and writing a letter to Santa to let him know how we are going in the Magenta Room and how Santa can find us on Christmas Eve. It’s so wonderful to see the Christmas Spirit twinkling in our Magenta Children’s eyes,

Have a lovely Evening and see you all tomorrow for another great day.

Happy Friday Magenta families and hope you have all enjoyed your week of wild Sydney weather.

We had a lovely week this week decorating our learning spaces for the festive season and we are so proud of all our artwork we are displaying around the room.

To start today off we did some morning Christmas yoga and practiced our Christmas poses such as the wobbly Christmas tree, the Christmas pudding, Balancing reindeer and the sparkly Christmas star.

For group time we read the story Christmas night and talked about how Santa visits when we are sleeping and how we can get ready for bed on Christmas eve.

For learning center time we continued on with our Christmas concert recording so feel free to dress you child up in festive attire for video.

Some of our other activities today were home corner we have turned into Santa’s workshop as well as baking Christmas cookies for all the girls and boys around the world, magnetic blocks building Santa’s sleigh, and a mini Santa exploration world.

Don’t forget your sun hats for next week as its forecast for sunshine on Monday and have a great weekend.

Good Afternoon Magenta families and hope you got home safely from yesterdays storm,

We had a lovely start to our day with some morning Christmas yoga and a group chat about sun safety now the summer months are upon us. We also have begun to chat about making sure we are drinking lots of water now the weather is hot and how we can loose alot of water from our bodies when we play.

Today we also sung our little hearts out with our Christmas songs and preparing for our Christmas concert songs. Today we sang Santa Koala, Jingle Bells and twinkle twinkle in Japanese.

We also ventured over to the Crimson room for our transition and what a great time we are having exploring our way through our activities and experiences. We are all feeling so welcomed by our kind Crimson teachers and there are so many friendly faces wanting to play with us and share their room activities.

Some of our other activities today were playdough, drawing, Christmas collage to work on our fine motor skills and spark a Christmas conversations and language, mini magnet blocks, large building blocks, sand tray, mini explorations trays with rice and Christmas toys as well as making Christmas decorations to continue decorating our tree and learning spaces.

What a great day we have had,

Have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow for another day filled with laughter and learning.

Hi magenta families and welcome to Wednesday

Today we had a great start to our day setting up our room and welcoming our friends as they arrive. It’s so wonderful to see all the wonderful friendships the children have made and as they welcome everyone with such sweet smiles on their faces.

Today Justin and Shane arrived with their science activities and today we made delicious chocolate ice cream. We watched as they showed us the ingredients and then we helped add them to the mixing bowl and watched as the machine stirred up all the ingredients. We chatted about how a liquid can change to a solid when it cools down and freezes and we also talked about how we will be putting this ice cream into the freezer to freeze over night.

We also chopped up some chocolate to add in some crunch with Tima helping us.

Some of our other activities today were Christmas tree making, sand activities, a venture over to Crimson for transition, home corner, outdoor garden group games to promote turn taking and Christmas concert dancing and singing.

What a great day we have had, hope you all get home safely from the storm that is predicted for this evening and see you all tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday Magenta Families and welcome to another fun filled day of learning here in Magenta.

Today we started the morning off with some classical Christmas instrumental music and talked about how the music made us feel.

Alannah: I feel like Christmas is coming soon

Elaria: And the happy music is making my heart want to dance.

Saige: and I can dance like this to the Christmas music ( Got up form the morning tea table and started dancing ) see I can be a Christmas dancing tree. Haha,

Tima: Christmas music makes my heart full of love and joy to share with all my Magenta children.

Emmeline. L : And my Christmas hat can make everyone smile because it is so happy for Christmas.

Today we have also started recording our Christmas songs on the iPad so feel free to send your child in their Christmas singing outfit this week and next, as we are recording them throughout the days.

Some of our other activities today were Christmas drawing, play dough, show and tell with all our special treasures, colour counters making patterns, home corner, building blocks and garden activities.

We also headed over to Crimson for our transition and what a wonderful time we are having exploring the Crimson room and garden and seeking out all new and wonderful activities and experiences.  We sat on the mat and talked about what happens in the big Crimson room and how we can feel happy and excited to be in our new room and then spent some time engaging in the Crimson activities and learning spaces.

Have a lovely evening everyone and see you all tomorrow.