We started our day off with some inside activities. Some of these activities were play dough, puzzles, reading stories in book corner, and home corner imaginative play. After morning tea, we did group time with our teachers Alejandra and Aman. We encouraged children to share something about their weekend followed by reading stories.

Isla: “I went to the park”

Olivia: “I got tattoos”

Thomas: “I got a haircut”

Leo: “I slept with his daddy”

Alice: “I played in the park”

Georgia: “My mum kiss me in my bed”

Elise: “I went in holidays”

Levi: “I got a haircut and I ride the bike”

Henry: “I played in home with my Mum and Dad”

Charles: “I went to the beach”

Emmeline: “I got scared for the dark and jumped in daddy’s bed”

Elaria shared with us a beautiful pictures about her weekend in the zoo with her sister Sabana.

Olivia shared pictures of friends’ party. They were dancing and singing and had tattoos on their face and body.

The Magenta children enjoys playing games in the yard. So, Aman loved playing hide and seek, chasing game, obstacle course and kicking the ball.

During rest time, children did meditation with Alejandra and after that in the afternoon they had their free play where they chose activities according to their likings.

This morning we had a lovely start to of day with yoga. Stretching up high and bending down low made us all warmed up for the cold morning.

During the group time, children demonstrated age-appropriate concentrate ion and interacted thoughtfully to the open-ended questions.

Children were then engaged in planned activities-matching cards, puzzles decorating crowns were some of their favourites.

During show and tell time, Poppy shared the photos of dancing. She said, “this is my dancing class. I was doing funny clown dance. I like my dancing class.” Well done, Poppy!

We encourage children to share their photos or a special book with everyone. During the show n’ tell time, we scaffold children’s language and help them describe events in more details. We motivate them to use full sentences and maintain eye contact with everyone (the audience) while talking. Standing in front of the group without hesitation is a main purpose of this activity.

Outdoor free play was active and full of laughter.

Children enjoyed each other’s company and enjoyed their day.

It was very cold in the morning to play outside. So, we stayed indoors until we finished the morning tea. Then we enjoyed playin in the yard before startin gthe learning centre time.

During group time we discussed about Magenta room’s rules and responsibilities such as loking after our belongings, packing away toys, keeping a drink bottle in the locker, listening to each others etc. It was an interactive group time as all the children added their voicesa and ideas to the list of duties.

After the group time finished, we the children chose activity of their interest. Children were excited to see play dough on the table. Some of them decided to spent quality time interacting with the texture and making lovely things out of play dough. Whilst others played in the home corner, with puzzle and other activities that we extended from Queen’s birthday.

Children were engaged in handprinting Swan for Queen’s birthday. They made a lovley collage by adding eyes and beak for the swan.  Some of the children’s voices were recorded as below.

Isla- We are making swan for Queen’s birthday.

Charlotte- I saw Queen on Tv.

Olivia- It is for my mummy.

Emmeline- I have seen pink swan in cartoon on Tv.

Kavya- I saw black swan in movie.

Isabelle- I saw swan at Peppa pig’s house.

Thomas- I have seen swan on weekend.

Alice- seen swan on tv.

Leo- I have seen swan in book.

Edward- I have seen swan on grass.

It is great to see children communicating with each other during play time.


During lunch time, Charlotte was talking about healthy eating and after a while all children were engaged in conversation about healthy eating habits and healthy foods. The children have great understanding of their environment, experiences, and food they eat.

We had fun celebrating our friend Charlotte’s Birthday. Happy 4th Birthday Charlotte!! We hope you have the best day ! Have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow!:)

Welcome magenta families, it’s a beautiful day with the sun shining on us from the  early morning. The Magenta children created their buildings, homes and picnic spots for their parties. Some of the children were engaged in Legos play making rainbow houses and Lego buildings.

We had show and tell in group time where Isabelle, Edward, Leonardo, Georgia, Elise, came up with their toys, book or drawing to share with friends and their teacher. Isabelle had an amazing book ‘Bluey, let’s play outside’, Leo brought his dragon toy, Georgia and Elise brought drawing made by their sister with her name letters on the top. Edward brought his book about ‘ MAGIC BUS’ in the ocean which also talks about protecting the ocean and appropriate disposal of unwanted material in the ocean.

The room was organized with different activities such as creating ocean play dough with ocean animals to follow up last weeks experience about protecting the ocean. The activity involved exploring sea animals in their natural habitat through ocean colour play dough. The children were involved in associative pay where they were communicating with each other about ocean animals habitat. They kept interacting with each other about the structure, size and colour. In the other table children were engaged in collage where they were using their imagination to create their own cupcakes.

After learning time, the children were encouraged to go outside for gross motor skills and physical movements. Some of the children were engaged in playing soccer whereas some children stayed quiet playing in the cubby house and Legos again. Through transition songs, the children were gathered for another group time, and they were excited to see it was shepherds pie for lunch. At group time we talked about healthy eating habits and how it can affect us. Children were continuously communicating with each other about what can we eat on daily basis and what can we eat on occasionally.

Have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow.

15th June 2021


Happy Tuesday Magenta Families and welcome back from your long weekend. Hope you have a lovely relaxing time and are refreshed to begin your week.

This morning we started our morning off with a lovely morning tea o assorted crackers and fresh fruit and with the children we continued on with our discussion about how important it is to wash your hands before every meal.

Some of our morning activities were building with the blocks, imaginative play with dress ups and soft music to move to, large obstacle course and car mat play.

During learning centre time we made some cupcakes with Tima for our High Tea Party and all the children were very excited waiting for the part this afternoon.

Whilst making the cupcakes we had a little informal group discussion about who he party was for .

Tima asked the Question “ Do you know who the queen is?”  She is the mummy of a princess.

Isla said “ I am a princess”

Isabella “ I am a princess too”

Isabelle “Tima, I am princess and my grandpa sometimes makes cupcakes for us but sometimes he puts too much sugar in them but i love him”

Olivia” Tima did you know my sisters birthday is today and she is a princess too”

With Alejandra the children made a lovely crown to wear at this afternoon’s party.

Have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow.

Happy Friday!

What a lovely Friday we have had here in the Magenta Group!

We had a lovely start to our morning doing some aerobics to warm up our bodies, before heading out for a play in the garden once the morning cool had lifted.

The children have started to discuss the cold weather and we had on informal chat about keeping warm during the cold winter months.

During learning centre time we started group time with a game of ‘WHO IS IT?’, where the children had to identify the picture card held by the another player.

At one table, children were invited to paint dried leaves with bright colours. They were very attracted by the green, yellow, and brown leaves. We talked about leaves in different forms and investigated them by touching with their hands and observing how fragile they are once they are brown.

Some other activities the children today were: playing with magnets, dinosaurs, playing in Home Corner, reading books, playing football.

After lunch we gathered some children for meditation and relaxation of our bodies for few minutes.

See you all on Tuesday – the children are invited to dress up as we celebrate the Queen’s Birthday with ‘High Tea’.                                                                    

We hope you have a lovely long weekend and stay warm.


Good afternoon families and welcome to another cold winter day here in the Magenta room. This morning we started our day off with some inside activities to hide away from the cold some of these activities were play dough, puzzles, reading stories in book corner, rocket ship activities and home corner imaginative play.

After morning tea we put on our coats and jackets and went outside to feel the cool air and talk about how the winter air feels on our faces and hands.

During learning centre time we made a poster to celebrate the ocean day-that we started to talk about on Tuesday. We made ocean play activities and reflected upon how we can take care of our ocean and the animals.

Today we read the story “ The things I love the most” and we reflected through a group discussion on what we love in our hearts.

Charlotte: “ It’s a colourful box where I can keep all my stuff from my birthday and everybody can keep their stuff too in the box and they can take it out when they go home”

Charles ” I like drawing”

Emmeline: “ its my daddy with a love heart”

Leo: “I love my eyes, nose, mouth and my face”

Olivia:” I like to draw a rainbow”

Isabella:” I like colour for rainbow and drawing a rainbow”

Kavya:”I love to play with my mummy, sister and brother”

Alice:’I like running faster and faster”

Isla: I like to go to Charlotte’s birthday party”

Edward: “I love running on the race track”

Thomas:”I love “love heart”

Listening to children’s awesome conversations and extending their knowledge about the world they live in, we enjoyed rest of the afternoon with lots of fun!

It was a cold morning where children started their day by playing in the yard with different toys and equipment. They were involved in gross motor skills and learn about sharing toys and taking turns as well.

During group time, children learnt about opposite words like big and small, heavy, and light which demonstrated their mathematical skills.

Moreover, Sony extended their learning about how to make our ocean and importance of keeping it clean. Children used tongs to take out the plastic rubbish from the ocean (blue water from tubs) which showed their fine motor skills. She also talked about how littering in the ocean is affecting our environment and sea animals as well.

Magenta group had their Science with Justin today where they learnt about mixing colours in the milk with Shane and Justin.

During the day the children were engaged playing with magnets, in the home corner, reading books, playing football. After lunchtime we did meditation and relaxation of body for few minutes.

All children were exploring in different learning experiences set up indoor and outdoor in the afternoon. They were sharing their toys and learning how to be involved in social play. Overall, all children had fun playing with different learning experiences.

Today was Sony’s last day so Magenta group had a small warm chocolate and marshmallow party. Magenta Group children will dearly miss Sony!

Happy Tuesday!

The children enjoyed dancing and singing songs with their educators this morning. During group time, children sang their good morning songs in different languages, and explored letter recognition by looking at the alphabet chart.  As today is ‘World Ocean Day’, we read stories about the ocean and had a discussion about how to keep the ocean clean, how having rubbish in the ocean and not looking after the ocean has an adverse effect on the environment, and, which crea tures live in the ocean.

During learning centre time, the children made an ‘Ocean’ artwork, by using blue paint and some transparent red paper, to represent how the ocean is impacted by garbage and how harmful it is for sea creatures and human beings.

Alejandra continued her snowman project with some children. She helped them write their first letter of their names.

In the afternoon, some children did meditation and we talked about why we need rest and the importance of relaxation. We then engaged in gross motor games and practiced turn taking. The games also involve collaboration with each other and balancing body movement.

During free play, the children explored magnets, farm animals, books, making funny faces with potato heads, cooking meals for their friends in the Home Corner. All the children were busy exploring different learning experiences, expressing their interests, sharing toys and resources, and learning how to be involved in social play.

We had a lovely day, and are looking forward to tomorrow!

Happy Monday! We hope you all had a nice weekend.

Our morning started by warming up our bodies; we danced to ‘Frozen’ as requested by the children, then went outside to do some running and jumping. During group time, the children sang ‘Good Morning’, and read some books with Tima. They started learning about letters by writing down the first letters of their names on the white board. They also shared about how they spent their weekend:

Isla: “I went to the doctor”.

Edward: “I went to the park and had hot chocolate”.

Elaria: “I went to beach with my family”.

Levi: “I got a new Paw Patrol hat and went to house. I played whole day and night with my best friend Luca”.

Georgia and Elise: “we went to Isla’s house for play”.

Louis: “I played with my train set with my mummy”.

Alannah:  I went to beach with my family too”.

Leo: “I went on a big slide with my mummy and my brother Massimo”

Addison: “I was at home play inside… Teddy is my friend”.

During learning centre time, the children continued making their snowman with Alejandra, as we talk about Winter and what the change in season means.

Tima read a book named as ’The Things I love the Most’, and the children shared the things they love about themselves.

In the afternoon, some children did meditation, and after that, we went outside and played hide and seek in the yard. During free play, the children chose what they would like to do, including, playing with balls, drawing, playing in the kitchen corner, reading books, making cakes out of play dough, building with Lego, and solving puzzles.

We had a great day today!

See you tomorrow!