Good afternoon, Magenta families,


We hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. Today in Magenta we had such a fun rainy day.


We had to spend most of the day exploring inside but we had lots to do.


Some of the children started their morning off by playing with magnets. They build houses by sharing and imagining their building skills. Noah and Elliot shared so nicely and gave each other smile while playing.


Zachary and Elliot enjoyed exploring the rocket ship which they both have shown a great interest since last week. On the other side, a small group enjoyed dancing for “Walking in the jungle” by holding their babies in their hands.


During learning centre time, we sat and welcomed everyone to the room by singing in different languages.


During show and tell, Poppy, Remi, Isla, Chloe, Alison, and Cassidy brought their special things from home, and they explained really well to their friends. Matilda, Sophia, Alice walker, and others came forward and asked some questions. Encouraging to ask questions helps them to build confidence and come forward to express themselves.


We also grouped together to do Bonkers Beat with Carolina where each and every child participated and showed their interest in balancing their hands on drums. Outside some of the children were busy in making play dough with Komalpreet. After afternoon tea, Durshi invited everyone to join on the mat to talk about the weekend.


What a fun day we had today in magenta. We hope, you will have a lovely evening.

Happy Friday Magenta families.

What another beautiful day we are having!

We celebrated William’s Birthday today and his big brother visited from Crimson to help celebrate. We sang Happy Birthday and gave William 3 claps for his 3rd Birthday!


Just a gentle reminder, please make sure your child has a hat labelled with the child’s name since we do not allow spare hats in Magenta room anymore due to health and safety concerns.

To start the morning off with, Violet, Sophia B, Alice, Charlie, Chloe, and Pasha joined Durshi for some dancing for their favourite songs.

After morning tea, we gathered on the mat for our regular group time with Komal. We read some books and discussed about the weather.

In Show and tell:

Sophie R: This is ten little fingers and 10 little toes. This is Liam’s book. My dad bought it.

Isla H: I brought some stickers. These are from the dentist. I brush my teeth at night. My dad forgot to brush this morning.

We heard three whistles during group time and Komal and Carolina said “Durshi is blowing the whistle for fire drills”. We all gathered outside on a mat and sat quietly until the drills were finished. Our teachers were very impressed the way we were sitting quietly today.

At learning centre time, we were invited to many activities. Alison and Isidori advanced their cutting skills while Chloe and Salvador enjoyed writing with chalk. Pasha, Isla, Sophie and Alice loved water colours.

Inside some of the children helped Durshi for sorting some paper work while some of the children had some relaxing time on the mat reading books.

What an awesome fun we had in Magenta room today.  Have a great weekend!

Good day Magenta families!

We had another fabulous day at Burns Bay Cottage with our Magenta friends! Today was lots of fun and we enjoyed heaps of different activities that aim to enhance all areas of development.

The morning weather was fabulous for us to play on our new deck area, and we started our day with lots of outside play. Most of the friends loved to play in the tent on the deck area. Charli, Alice, and Chelsea loved spending time in the tent with their doll friends.

Our group times are always very interactive and engaging! We all love to sing and read books together at group time. Today Durshi reminded about Magenta rules and how to be responsible for our belongings. We also refreshed our minds about the rules to follow inside and outside the room. Alison volunteered to show us how to keep shoes in the shoe rack. Then, we discussed about why we need to have our hats on before going outside. Also, we discussed why we shouldn’t share our hats.  We’ve been asked to remind our parents to pack our own hats in the bag. Then we read few stories together.

During the learning time, we did some craft activities using some recycled cardboard. Della liked writing with chalk while Henry decided to play at the office table. Some friends enjoyed cutting whilst some loved puzzles.

Afternoon was very busy playing with blocks, play dough and some sand play.

Throughout the day we loved joining in with painting, reading books, drawing and constructive play. It’s been a very fun day indeed! Looking forward to another exciting day tomorrow at Magenta.


Happy Wednesday everyone,

Today’s weather was a bit cold in morning, so we decided to start our day by doing some activities inside. Donna has set up a rocket ship on the mat where Henry, Chloe, Ethan and Thomas were so involved in exploring. Things like these develop child’s learning and social skills.

Later, it was nice sunny weather so Magenta explorers were excited to play outside, where Matilda and Charlie were enjoying the sun in their tent while reading some books. On the other side, Noah and Isla were engaged in building some blocks on the table.

While in yard, children were enjoying their boat experience while sitting together in the tub in which Amelia was being the captain of that boat while others were sitting behind. It was so much fun while watching doing such happy things.

During learning centre time, we had amazing experience while attending incursion which was based on Street Sense. During this, children learned about some safety measures to be used while on the road. As the lady named Lynda encourages children to join her where Jack and Matilda were sitting on the back seat of the car wearing their own seat belts and holding adults hands while walking on the street. She has entertained everyone with her amazing performance and involves children in her practical application. Moreover, she encourages some children to experience her rolling ball where Isla has experienced how we can roll a ball on one finger, she was delighted with that practical. At the end of the incursion, everyone get an experience of balancing a plate on a stick. All the children had so much fun while joining the street sense incursion.

During the afternoon, they enjoyed exploring the yard, home corner and the various activities around the room.

The Magenta children had so much fun today!


Good day Magenta families,

We had another wonderful day in the Magenta room! Today was lots of fun and we enjoyed heaps of different activities that aim to enhance all areas of learning and development. We started the day with a nice morning tea and then extended on social skills engaging in the diversity of free play activities. Today we were blessed with beautiful weather and most of us spent time learning outside with lots of gross motor skills.

This morning we had a musical gathering on the new deck area with lots of friends. Durshi asked us to follow the beat of the songs she played. Henry, Remi and Noah loved dancing to the beat while Alison, Isla, Alice, Poppy, Chloe, Chelsea, Eliza and Tilly were making music with the shakers.

Our group times are always very interactive and engaging! We all love to sing and read books together. We started the morning group time with Kay today and split in to three groups with Kay, Durshi and Donna. Donna took her group to the Crimson yard to explore it which was an amazing experience.

During the learning time we did a painting activity with Kay. Durshi decided to talk to us about road safety and we discussed about how to be safe on the road. Then we make a traffic light using collage to lean the meaning of the colors on a traffic light.

We all loved joining in reading books, drawing and constructive play. It’s been a very fun day indeed! Looking forward to another exciting day tomorrow at BBC.



Welcome Magenta Families,


It was a warm sunny day so to start our morning we had a play outside. We loved the baby corner which was set up at the new deck area. Eliza, Tilly, Isla and Chelsea were very busy making their babies ready to go to the school in the morning. William and Charli were nicely helping their friends to feed the babies.

Durshi requested us to gather on the mat to take about fire drills. She said that the fire drills are happening today and explained us what a fire drill is and why do we have to do it. She said she is going to blow three whistles and we need to calmly walk to the evacuation point which is our Magenta yard.

After morning tea, we all gathered for group time with Komal. Then we heard Durshi’s whistle three times and Komal said it is time for us to go to the yard and sit quietly until the drills are over. We walked to the yard and Donna took our attendance. Then Donna read some storied for us.

We went back to the room after the drills and attended the learning centre time.  Most of us enjoyed play dough while some choose to practice cutting or drawing.

Some of us had lots of fun at the sandpit making sandcastles or driving their trucks around the sad pit area.

Another wonderful day! See you tomorrow.


Happy Friday Magenta families!

Today we have had a wonderful start to this beautiful day with lost of different activities. We were so excited to choose songs from the Ipad, dress up in our favourite dance gear and move to the music with our teachers. While some of us dance to our favourite tunes, others were busy playing at the car corner.

Just after morning tea, we were invited to group time with our teachers. Today, in group time we had two groups with Carolina, and Ximena. We revised days of the week and sang the weather song. In show and tell Molly, Isla and Pasha talked about the things they brought from home to show us.

In learning centre time, we were invited to many activities. Ashmita invited us for Yoga which helps to maintain the flexibility of our growing Bodies. Some loved playing with play dough. Some used tweezers to fill the chicks with cotton.


In free play we loved playing the yard and the sand pit area.


Another great week. Have a great weekend and see you all next week.

Welcome Magenta Families,

We started our day today with some outside pay in the yard. Elliot, Amelia and Theo were trying hard to keep the balance on the balancing beams while Chelsea, Violet and William were having a relaxing chat in the cubby house. We always love exploring our beautiful yard.

After morning tea. we all gathered on the mat for our group time with Durshi and discussed about the upcoming event Easter, followed by our regular discussion about Magenta Rules. Today we were split in to two groups with Komal and Durshi for group time.  We read few stories and did some action songs which we always actively participate.

At literacy learning time, we were invited for many actives with our teachers. Durshi invited us to make a chick with recycle egg cartons. Komal Invited us to make an Easter wreath. Recyclable materials are open-ended and provide more learning opportunities for us than some commercially made toys that may be used only in one way, limiting our creativity and imagination. Encouraging us to recycle and reuse everyday objects makes us aware of the need to protect our planet.

In show and tell:

Pasha: “I brought them from home, and they are fruits. One is a mango and the other one is a capsicum. I love to eat capsicum. I cannot eat this one because it’s not real”

Isla: “It’s an ooshi and my mum bought it because I wanted my mum to buy it for me. It is pink and it is a girl”

In the afternoon, we developed investigation and imaginative thinking skills through creating tunnels and birthday cakes in the sandpit. In self-selected actives, we enjoyed puzzles, colouring, dancing, home corner and drawing.

Another fun day and see you all tomorrow.

Happy Hump Day to all our magenta family, we hope you had a nice day on this rainy one.

Woo-hoo we got to lots of play on the new climbing frame today in-between rain showers. The children love risky play and are having so much fun exploring the frame and pushing many limits in their bodies.

Henry and Ethan had an awesome time using large blocks as telephones.

Amelia blew the party toy and enjoyed the loud noise it made, while Chloe enjoyed exploring the breathing ball.

Today the children enjoyed cutting activity with the dough using scissors. Also, we used the tweezer to transfer the balls from one bowl to another using our fingers to pinch the ball.

Inside the large room the children joined Komalpreet on the mat to do some dancing and then some yoga. Yoga is so good for the children to help them focus and get ready for the day ahead.

Creative experiences with different paint were set out on the table for the children to get busy and be creative.

We took a large group photo with Maya today as we will be sadly wishing her a goodbye tomorrow, she will be embarking on a new adventure in her pre-school school.

What a fun filled Wednesday; we hope you had a nice day also.


Happy Tuesday to all our Magenta families.

Today was a very full day of adventures. The children have enjoyed exploring all areas in the room, and especially the outdoor area as a new climbing frame arrived in the garden today. First, we are learning how to play with it safely, and then we will explore it.

Inside we were very busy bees with many different activities to explore.  Sea world was very popular at the moment, and the children love Rosanna’s set up. Theo and Noah especially enjoyed feeding the large fish creatures.

Learning centre time is full of different fine motor and hand and eye coordination activities. The droppers that Alice’s Mum brought are a big hit and the children are using different colours to change the many colours in the bowls. Some of the children enjoyed using knifes to cut up the dough.

We are also starting to explore counting out the right number of balls to match the number. Using thongs, the children transfer the balls into the tray.

What a fun filled Tuesday we had even on a rainy day.