Today we started with pretend play. We cooked some delicious meals in our kitchen and served them to each other.

Our youngest ones explored the sensory baskets full of toys. We also made some beautiful friendships today. J

Brmmm Brmmmm… outside children enjoyed time with the cars and the road mat. They were rolling them over the mat. We also roll them down the balancing beam and watch how fast they go!

Children were also invited for a group time with Cindy and Bernice. It is great to see how the children sit and listen so well, looking at their teachers. Their attention spans are getting longer and longer as we continue providing group times.

We also explored the outdoor area, built towers with the blocks and made Easter chicks from our handprints.

During our free play we were catching and popping bubbles with Cindy.


Happy Easter and see you next week!


Welcome Crimson Families to another lovely Friday with children talking about diversity and harmony day celebration. The early morning started with music and dress up talking about different cultures and celebration of festivals. Children  were involved in interactive conversation with teachers about whole day leraning plans.

The News Time involved extending diversity topic. Kruti was special guest in crimson room, explaining about Holi celebration. Holi is one of the biggest celebration in Hindu religion. She explained the reason of Holi celebration is empowering positive power and elimination of  the evil  spirits. The day was full with colors where children share love and peace by exchanging colours in their cheeks and hands. Later the day involved playing balloons games where children started collecting balls from the mat. the competition got best out of children as they leaned  the proper eye hand coordination and developed skills of problem solving.

The learning centre was further followed with constructive play in the deck and sandpit through legos, magnets and sand. The constructive play involved children in investigation of problems, experimentation and social play.

A group of children were actively engaged in cooking food from the kitchen and distributing to other peers. The food was being distributed in sandpit, deck and indoor kitchen. Children used their mixing skills of vegetables, grains and rice to create  different cultural food.

The day went better in the yard while children explored new monkey bar, cubby house and filled guinea pigs and chicken with food and water for the weekend.

Have a Nice Weekend.




Good afternoon Magenta Families and hope your week is going well so far.
What a great Wednesday we are having. We have had so many wonderful activities and experiences today.
We started the day off with some yoga and body movement dancing to get our muscles and bodies stretched and ready for the day ahead.
For the morning we had both inside and outside self select activities and some of the activities were group puzzles fostering sharing and turn taking and opening a discussion on group work, whiteboard drawing in pairs to allow for sharing a small space and outside we had large jumping hops and drawing.

For group time we continued on with some of our spooky stories. Some of these were ” trick or treat” ” Where the wild things are” and ‘Spooky Night”.

For learning centre time we had bubble pumpkins where we used the colourd bubbles to make patterns on the pumpkins, black and white spooky creatures with glitter magic and we continued on with our night time bats with colourful wings so they can see in the night time.

Nishka: My pumpkin is all the Halloween colours, purple, orange and green. they are spooky Halloween colours.

Levi: My pumpkin is going to be the scariest with all the bubbles covering everywhere

Henry: My bat is flying high in the nights for Halloween trick and treat

Charlie: My bat is very cheeky because he has so many Halloween colours to see in the dark.

Isla: My creature is going to dress up as a ghost for Halloween but he’s not scary today , only for Halloween dress up and that’s ok because its just pretending.

Olivia: My spooky creature is so friendly with all the glitter on. it’s a magic creature that has come to play for Halloween.

Elaria: My pumpkin is special because it is a Halloween pumpkin. the pumpkin is usually just orange but at Halloween pumpkins can have a smiley face and lots of spooky colours on them.

Luca also spent the morning with our spooky spider explaining to us all that the spider had 8 legs and this is why trick o treating is easy for him because he can run very fast and is wearing his costume. Some of our other activities today were home corner that is currently a witches home where making potions and spooky drinks is very popular, block corner with large building blocks, drawing table with Halloween collage, outside playhouse which is turned into our trick o treating house and spooky playdough.

What a great Wednesday we have had and see you all tomorrow for another fun filled day.



Happy Wednesday to all our Aqua parents. We hope you had a fun filled Wednesday like we had at BBC today.

We started our morning off with some dancing. In Aqua the children love to dress up and put on let it go and many other songs to move their bodies to the beat of the music. dancing is a great way to develop large gross motor skills.

As the children are exploring Zoo animals this month, we have been setting up many activities related to them. Outside the children made a zoo with Liza, they found a big tub and placed the large zoo animals inside. They sat around it and spoke about the patterns on the zebra.

Children then had the opportunity to make a zebra using marbles and a box. They used fine motor control to make the marbles roll over the paper. They also repeated the colours black and white. We spoke about the stripes on the zebra.

Inside Donna set up a small zoo world. The children had the opportunity to explore the animals and look at the books provided. Nicholas was especially excited to explore and find the matching animals with the book. He found the giraffe that we made yesterday and the zebra that he explored today. Henry loved the Mummy and baby Kangaroos and enjoyed looking at the book ‘’What’s in your pocket’’.

Many of the children really enjoyed this activity and are super excited to make a zoo on the wall. Feel free to come and have a look at the children’s creativity when you have a moment.

Some of the children experienced free art today. We used balloons filled with Sand and made many dots with the paint. They really enjoyed the experience and made many beautiful pictures.

Iris and Sara enjoyed some story time together, its nice to see the children sitting and interacting with each other. They spoke about the pictures in their books.

We would like to take the time to wish our friend Nishka a big Happy Birthday. Today she turned 3 and brought some wonderful cupcakes to share. Thank you Nishka and we hope you have a wonderful day with your family.

Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room 😊 We’ve participated in lots of fun activities to kick off the week!

We started with group time with our favourite educators! Jasmine’s group time is full of fun and games and Rita’s group time has puppets and songs galore! We always have so much fun singing and communicating with each other, it’s the perfect way to begin our day!

Time to brush off those cobwebs and get stuck into a yoga session with Robyn! We stretched our bodies and got ready for the day in the most fun way … with animal poses! Yoga is great for gross motor development, balance and coordination and we have so much fun doing it!

We practiced our fine motor skills by painting with pegs and pom poms! We made beautiful artwork with lots of colours.

We’ve had some hot weather, so that means it’s summer, right? And summer means … ice cream! Today the children had fun using paint mixed with shaving foam and round blocks to stamp ice cream scoops onto their ice cream cone!

Such a fun Monday! We’ve explored the play dough, drew pictures and played with the cars in the garage. Thanks for a great day 😊


Welcome to the last day of the week ! Today we started our day preparing for our Christmas Concert followed by the group time. Children showed great learning skills as they demonstrate good memorisation of the lyrics. Well done guys!👏🏼 Similarly, in the group time, children listened to the stories facilitating their language and listening skills.

Jake enjoyed sitting together in two group times and listened to the song that was playing in the radio. It allows Jake to enhance his concentration as well as language skills.


In learning center, some children enjoyed manipulating play dough and interpret their imagination into 3D enhancing their cognitive development. Whilst, some children demonstrated great team work to rescue the dinosaurs from the ice by melting. This allows children to explore and investigate the science behind ice melting and also promote problem solving skills.


Some children got excited for Christmas and continued the craft by making Christmas tree exposing them to diversity of celebrations.


During free play, children engaged in self-selected activities such as sand play and tea parties. Some enjoyed sitting under our beautiful tent and discussed about weekends whilst some enjoyed showering off their excellent balancing skills. Isla pretended to become a great lifter and compared the weight of the cushion and the basket and declared that the basket-full of legos-  is heavier than cushion as children are great explorer to and develop the curiosities for investigations (DEEWR,2020).

The self selected activities allow children to reflect their self identity and is also respect for children’s sense of agency. Further it helps in enhancing children’s social development.


Have a good weekend dear friends and families☺️


We were excited to do some mirror art today with Gail. We used the mirror to complete our pictures that we had drawn on one half the paper. We also loved looking through Gail’s insect books that had moving pictures if you fluttered the pages.

Tom read us a story about how the two children are greedy initially but then learn how to be kind and generous towards those around him. We then drew pictures of the things that we like to do show our kindness towards our friends and family.

Amanda introduced us to Mandala inspired art. We loved using the bright coloured paint on the black paper to make our shapes and patterns!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend! See you next week.

Today, we began learning about Jackson Pollock and his “action painting” style. We used sticks from the yard and then did our own abstract painting on A3 size paper. We enjoyed using the flicking motions onto the paper and signed it with our handprints, similar to how Jackson Pollock signed his paintings.

We also enjoyed putting together a 100 piece puzzle that was a jungle theme. After we completed it, we had some dramatic play that we pretended to be gorillas, tigers, and a honey badger.

We did some bird themed counting and sorting today. We used feathers of different colours and pasted them on the paper. Next, we counted how many of each coloured feather there was and then how many there was all together.

With Gail, we continued working on making our caterpillar leaves. We also loved using the bubble beads to fill the eggs. There were also some insects in the birds’ nests for the birds to “eat.”

Arturo introduced some shape art. We made mosaic squares using scraps of paper and stickers. We then used textas to decorate our pictures.

Happy Birthday Sanjanaa! We hope you had the best day and thank you for bringing the delicious cakes!

Happy Friday everyone! On this cloudy day, the Aqua explorers started their day off with some cognitive experiences. They were excited about the different type of puzzles on the table and could not wait to have a turn with them. The children practiced their hand eye coordination skills with the magnetic puzzles as well as problem solving skills. Some of them used trial and error to put the puzzle back together while others utilised their problem-solving skills. At the home corner, the explorers were busy making breakfast for dolls and guests. They had so much fun pretending to cook!

Just before learning centre, the Aqua explorers were invited to three different group times. With Helena, the children revisited the weather and days of the week. They also read some of their favourite stories such as ‘Dirty Bertie’ and ‘Thelma the unicorn’. With Katherine, the children were invited to practise their singing. They enjoyed singing some of their favourite nursery rhymes. With Nelson, the children listed to felt board stories and enjoyed taking turns with the felt characters. Literacy experiences such as these encourages children to extend their cognitive and literacy skills.

At learning centre time, the Aqua explorers were invited to explore colour mixing with Katherine. They made butterflies with different colour food dye. With Liza, the children discussed healthy eating with Liza before making their own fruit baskets. The explorers were excited to name the fruits before pasting them on to the basket. Outside, the children practice their physical skills such as jumping, walking and running during gross motor experience. With our new teacher Ghazal, the children played a ball game where they had to roll the ball to peers.

The Aqua explorers had such a busy Friday today!


We did some lovely yoga this morning! We showed that we remembered so many of the poses!

With Gail, we continued learning about the tide and things related to the ocean. It was beautiful to see the creations we were making as we translated what we had learnt at group time to what we made.

With Arturo, we continued making lovely crowns and shields with Arturo. It was wonderful to see our friends be creative. We also did some gardening, enjoyed tent, and pushed one of the dolls on the swing.

We loved working on our Daddy and me pictures with Tima and our display.

We started learning about Henri Rousseau. We focused on his painting called “The Monkeys.” We used the leaves and other nature items that we had collected on Monday or from around the Crimson yard in order to recreate our own version of the painting we looked at! Each picture was truly unique.