Today, we began learning about Jackson Pollock and his “action painting” style. We used sticks from the yard and then did our own abstract painting on A3 size paper. We enjoyed using the flicking motions onto the paper and signed it with our handprints, similar to how Jackson Pollock signed his paintings.

We also enjoyed putting together a 100 piece puzzle that was a jungle theme. After we completed it, we had some dramatic play that we pretended to be gorillas, tigers, and a honey badger.

We did some bird themed counting and sorting today. We used feathers of different colours and pasted them on the paper. Next, we counted how many of each coloured feather there was and then how many there was all together.

With Gail, we continued working on making our caterpillar leaves. We also loved using the bubble beads to fill the eggs. There were also some insects in the birds’ nests for the birds to “eat.”

Arturo introduced some shape art. We made mosaic squares using scraps of paper and stickers. We then used textas to decorate our pictures.

Happy Birthday Sanjanaa! We hope you had the best day and thank you for bringing the delicious cakes!

Happy Friday everyone! On this cloudy day, the Aqua explorers started their day off with some cognitive experiences. They were excited about the different type of puzzles on the table and could not wait to have a turn with them. The children practiced their hand eye coordination skills with the magnetic puzzles as well as problem solving skills. Some of them used trial and error to put the puzzle back together while others utilised their problem-solving skills. At the home corner, the explorers were busy making breakfast for dolls and guests. They had so much fun pretending to cook!

Just before learning centre, the Aqua explorers were invited to three different group times. With Helena, the children revisited the weather and days of the week. They also read some of their favourite stories such as ‘Dirty Bertie’ and ‘Thelma the unicorn’. With Katherine, the children were invited to practise their singing. They enjoyed singing some of their favourite nursery rhymes. With Nelson, the children listed to felt board stories and enjoyed taking turns with the felt characters. Literacy experiences such as these encourages children to extend their cognitive and literacy skills.

At learning centre time, the Aqua explorers were invited to explore colour mixing with Katherine. They made butterflies with different colour food dye. With Liza, the children discussed healthy eating with Liza before making their own fruit baskets. The explorers were excited to name the fruits before pasting them on to the basket. Outside, the children practice their physical skills such as jumping, walking and running during gross motor experience. With our new teacher Ghazal, the children played a ball game where they had to roll the ball to peers.

The Aqua explorers had such a busy Friday today!


We did some lovely yoga this morning! We showed that we remembered so many of the poses!

With Gail, we continued learning about the tide and things related to the ocean. It was beautiful to see the creations we were making as we translated what we had learnt at group time to what we made.

With Arturo, we continued making lovely crowns and shields with Arturo. It was wonderful to see our friends be creative. We also did some gardening, enjoyed tent, and pushed one of the dolls on the swing.

We loved working on our Daddy and me pictures with Tima and our display.

We started learning about Henri Rousseau. We focused on his painting called “The Monkeys.” We used the leaves and other nature items that we had collected on Monday or from around the Crimson yard in order to recreate our own version of the painting we looked at! Each picture was truly unique.

Today, we had a winter theme going on with Sony and Tima. After we talked about how cold it was this weekend, we were invited to make some winter trees with Sony and a snowflake with Tima. We also talked about that it is almost Spring so we can start saying goodbye to Winter with some of these lovely crafts.

We were very excited to see some children’s gardening gloves in the yard. We did some planting with soil in the yard and placed some plants into a bag to observe over the next few days.

We loved seeing the bugs in the sand tray! We used our imaginations as we dug tunnels and homes for them to live in.

We also liked searching for seeds in different fruits with Arturo.

We enjoyed the sunshine as we played in the yard and the sandpit!

Today, we were talking about healthy food with Amanda. We learnt about how different food help our bodies based on its colour like red food is good for our hearts, blue food is good for our brains, yellow food is good for helping with cuts, etc. We then drew our favourite fruits and said how it helps our body.

During Learning Centre today, we did some basic subtraction. We drew items, counted them, then would erase some and would count the remaining items. We pretended we were eating food at a party!

Tima invited us to draw important people in our lives and in society. We used the people cut outs and drew faces and clothes on it. This was a great way to talk about people who are doctors, nurses, engineers, etc. We also did painting with letters of our names!

Arturo invited us to make more shields and have another party in the castle! He also had a special visitor come land on his head! It was a rainbow lorikeet!

Uranus was the planet Amanda and Sony focused on today. We continued learning about the different rotation it has relative to the other planets! Sony invited us to paint a Uranus and then add a pipe cleaner to it to represent its ring. Amanda invited us to cut and decorate a Uranus as we looked at a picture of it. We then made a ring out using the glitter.

Gail invited us to chose a planet and imagine what it would like through a telescope! We also looked at how to write the different names of the planets and had the chance to try and print the names.

In 59, we had a great time playing miniature golf. We took turns as we tried to hit the ball into the different cut out shapes. The ring toss was also set up, which helped work on our hand eye coordination! We also set up a marble run inside that had our marbles all over the room!

We were busy on the deck as well! We loved painting with water colours. We also used the wooden blocks to make some fun race tracks.

The music corner was popular today, as was the sandpit!


We have continued to be excited to check out what is going on in the parking lot! We looked at the blueprints of the car park and then did some of our own drawings of it in 59 on the big white board.

Tima encouraged our cutting skills as cut out a variety of shapes. We talked about the characteristics of the shapes as we pasted them onto a new piece of paper.


Shoko invited us to work on our numeracy skills. We pasted the shapes that we liked in order to match the number on the sheet. This combined our fine motor skills as we improved our number awareness.

Sony invited us to make some universe pictures using marbles. We showed our fine motor skills as we rolled the marbles back and forth on the sheets. This represented the planets going around the sun.

Today was an exciting day for the children during Science. We learnt how to make lava water bottles! We talked about how water doesn’t mix with oil as well as doing step by step to complete this project. We have a lovely lava bottle to take home this evening!

We loved our morning group time with Tima. Our favourite book was the 5 Little Green Men. We listened to the story and sang along with the actions.

We enjoyed making planet paintings with Gail today using a sieve and painting. It was fun to see the splattering of the paint on the paper.

With Amanda, we continued talking about Mars. We drew pictures of Mars and its two moons! We also enjoyed building with the marble run.

Tima also lead a talking circle today. We used the talking sticks that we had made as we shared our ideas!

We continued working hard on learning about Space. Today, we had a great time putting up our big Sun in 59. We also did an astronaut’s bootcamp in the yard. It’s wonderful to see our children challenging their gross motor skills.

Gail was challenging our understanding of space as well! We had some space explosions in the sandpit. We continued to look at new space puzzles and books. We have shown our independence as we choose from a variety of activities on the deck.

Sony showed us pictures of different planets and then we made our own pictures. It was great to hear our explanations of what our planets were made of!

We have also enjoyed being in the yard! We were playing with the music mat, reading books in the Cubbie House, and being on the play equipment.

The galaxy Playdough was also a hit!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

It was a lovely day outside! We loved being on the deck and enjoying our time in the sandpit.

We listened to some Aboriginal stories with Tima and Sony. Sony then invited us to decorate a fish. We showed our unique preferences as we finished off our fish.

Tima was teaching us about Yarning circles. We made our own talking sticks and then practised sitting in a circle and talking when we had the talking stick.

Amanda invited us to make our own individual pictures of Mercury after we looked at real photos of it! We were sure to add a lot of craters as Mercury has no atmosphere to protect itself from meteors. We also continued to enjoy using our galaxy playdough and we used the star cookie cutters.

We want to welcome back Joshua today! It was lovely to see your smiling face and seeing you so engaged with activities!