Welcome to the Crimson Room

In the Crimson preschool room, we believe every child is entitled to a good education and this is fundamental to the success in laying the foundations to future learning.

We endeavour to foster a “love and desire” for learning through hands-on meaningful play-based activities. We value every child as an individual and therefore plan learning experiences with a balance of a “child-centred” approach vs “intentional teaching” where the educator draws upon a variety of appropriate strategies to enable the child to make sense of the world they live in.

The classroom and outdoor environment includes specific learning areas to promote imagination, creativity, language and literacy, cognitive and physical skills.  Children are encouraged to develop an inquisitive mind and foster the confidence to ask questions through discovery, exploration and problem solving.

In following the Early Years Learning Framework, each child is encouraged to develop positive social and emotional skills that promote a sense of belonging that enables him or her to communicate, share and cooperate to nurture and develop friendships.

We believe that in preparing for school, it is of vital important to promote children’s resilience, problem solving and social/emotional skills. Whilst we do plan structured learning experiences with a focus on developing fine motor/writing skills early literacy, numeracy and scientific concepts, the local schools encourage early childhood settings to facilitate resilience, independence and social readiness when preparing for commencing.

We recognise the importance of every parent as the key influence in a child’s life and value family input to help us as educators understand each child and help support his or her growth and development.