Happy Wednesday everyone. We have had a fun filled morning in Aqua today. The children had fun exploring all areas of the room.

Today Quinn was waiting for her friend to come to school. She sat with Donna at the door and decided to do some drawings while we waited. Donna drew Claire and Quinn and when Claire arrived, we showed her the picture. She was super excited and decided she wanted to colour the picture.

Iris and Alegria joined Karen for a story on the mat. They really enjoyed Dear Zoo book.

India told Donna she drew a picture for the fish.

Nicholas, Thomas, and Pasha made a great team today and built a big bridge and road for the cars to go on. They really enjoyed the work today and sat for at least 15 minutes playing.

Learning Centre time, the children divided into 3 groups to wish hello to everyone.

We also read some stories on the mat and the children really enjoyed Donna’s story about the 3 little pigs and the wolf. They helped her huff and puff to try blow the pigs house down. The children were so engaged.

A group of the children spoke about visiting the snow at the weekend, so to expand their family fun and interest today Karen made snow dough with them. Ohhh how the children enjoyed the activity. Nishka made a snowball, Claire decides she wanted to try to make a snowman and Quinn she liked the feel of the snow. What a fun activity.

With Liza the children joined her for some Yoga on the mat. The children listened to Liza’s instructing’s, and they watched her and completed the yoga pose.

Sand play as always was a hit today. Emmeline F and Annabel built a big birthday cake and Annabel said it was for the fish. Sweet to make the cake for him.

Our lovely new friend Alison enjoyed looking out the fence for the bus and shared the space with a new peer Ethan I.

What a fun filled day at Aqua, we hope you have a wonderful evening Aqua Family.