Aqua Daily Diary 22/10/19

It is another beautiful day today and the children have been outside exploring.

Today Donna set up another water play and the children worked at the car wash and cleaned the cars. We sang the song working at the car wash inn. It was lots of fun. There is many benefits of playing with water, it will help the children develop eye-hand coordination, math and science concepts. And also develop social and emotional growth.

The children played on the bikes, in the sandpit, drew pictures and climbed on the trees. Outside there was a lot going on as the children enjoyed exploring, Grace and Zachary used their fine motor skills to do some threading. Oscar, Harvey and Julyanna worked hard at the office.

Lots of Halloween activities happening, the children listened to different Halloween stories. They spoke about what there costume will be. With Donna the children got creative and made their own spiders. Tima’s group made funny pumpkin hats, while Gail’s group used their coordination skills to scoop and pour Halloween rice and also they used mathematic skills with Julie and Gail when counting the pumpkins and spiders on the paper.

It was a fun day and we are loving the warm weather, but please remember to bring a labelled hat for your child daily.